An example to show you how to read these last few posts…

You must have patience to get to the good stuff in my last few posts – and you have to read carefully..

In the first of those, I gave you a bunch of stuff that you may not have known about physics, and science, and then religion – that would really surprise a lot of people.  You just have to have the patience to read it carefully – then you would probably be all ‘wow, we didn’t ever think of this’…

In the next few, I outlined numerous ways that if you just payed close attention to what I was saying and doing – you would realize how to solve problems, identify the real underlying problems, apply the correct solution, how to find answers behind news stories and statistics and studies for yourselves, how to find the truth – and finally, how to answer all of these problems.

Now in light of some ‘new discoveries’, I have to change and revise the statements on my other blog ‘‘.  The fact is, the way I have it will fail, just like parceons would.  The reason is because we must eliminate the ‘money problem’, and so now in that blog I show you the very foundation you could build on to make money not mean something so ‘holy’ anymore…

Now to get on with the topic of this article:  I will prove to you, that you only see what you want to see.  Because of your prior conditioning on subjects, your beliefs, and what you were told and trained to believe, feel, and think – it is indeed like I said – you all do not know which way is truly ‘up’.  The reality is, there is no ‘up’, there is only perception…

Which perception is the ‘right one’?  The right perception, I will get to later.  I once thought if you looked at everything from every possible angle, that you would find one right perception for each topic.  I later in life learned that there is always only one right perception – it’s a personal choice – to see it as though you, yourself, are looking at things through the eyes of god himself…


Story 1:

I am the father of a daughter, and a son.  I am the husband to a wonderful wife.  We’ve shared many memories together.  I love them dearly, and that love is returned to me.  I can’t imagine where I would be in life had I not met my wife, the love of my life, and had my two kids.  My children mean the world to me – I would do anything for them.  All during their childhood, I taught them to be good people, and stand up for others when others were weak.  I taught them to be strong not only physically – but mentally and spiritually.  We attended the local church every week.  I did what every father would do – I wanted a good world for my kids, and good things for them.

Just yesterday, my darlings watched in horror as I was brutally murdered – I suffered to death for what seemed like a lifetime.  My heart was beating out of my chest, and beat very strangely.  My lungs were on fire.  I could feel burning in my arms, legs, all over my body.  My stomach and chest felt like it was going to explode.  The pain was unbearable.  I thought to myself – what a horrible way to die, how will I ever see my beloved family again?  If only I could go back in time, and prevent this from happening.  I don’t want revenge, but I can’t believe people would do this to me.  I was a good actor.  I was a good musician.  I was a celebrity.  I served in the navy.  I served in local food banks, homeless shelters, pastoral services, and the local government advisory.  How could people treat me like such an animal?

What do you see?  Do you feel sorry for this man?  He left behind two kids, a widow, and they watched his agonizing death.  He was a good husband, a good father, and did good things for the community.  He was friends to many.  He worked hard.  He did a lot of things right.

Do you feel any remorse?  Do you care?  Would you let this person in your heaven, if there is one?

Now, I left out the part that he, just once in his life, raped and killed a woman.  The woman was pregnant.  His agonizing death was due to a new form of lethal injection, and it is to be used on everyone in the foreseeable future.  Every year, we find out factually that 1/10th of all people killed by lethal injection are actually innocent – they actually did not commit the crime.  That makes those who convicted the person murderers as well, it means the real guilty party is still free and got away with it, and it means no justice, revenge, or any form of that was actually served.  We just killed some random guy that we tortured into signing a confession, nothing more.  One murder, then another, but no actual justice….

I ask you again – what do you see?  Do you feel sorry for this man?  Do you see hatred?  Do you see anger?  Are you disgusted?  Do you feel he deserves it?

Would you let this person in your heaven?

All I added was that he was found by jury convicted as a rapist and a murderer – did that only once in his life.  Why has your vision changed so dramatically?  I say it again – he left behind two wonderful kids, a loving widow, and they watched his agonizing death.  He was a good husband, a good father, and did good things for the community.  He was friends to many.  He worked hard.  He fought for good things.  He did a lot of things right…

But he did one thing, just one – very wrong.  Yet, you say he deserves to be tortured not only in this life to death, but he deserves to be tortured for an eternity – billions of years are not even a blink of the eye compared to how long this man will suffer that same, agonizing, immensely painful death every second of every day and night of every year, etc.  You couldn’t handle it even for 1 hour without going insane.  He deserves all that?  Really?

Now I am god and you are the family of the woman who was raped and died, and I say to you – ‘who are you, to judge.  I saved this man.’  You say ‘but he was a rapist, and a murderer – he doesn’t deserve to be in heaven.  He deserves hell’  I say again to you ‘You do not understand what kind of horror you speak of – correct yourself quickly.  I had to forgive you of 125,654,028 crimes.  I only had to forgive this man of 1,393.’  You then say ‘but my sins were much less than his – I was never convicted of any crime’.

I say again to you ‘you are referring to the crimes of the flesh.  I am referring to crimes against heaven and of the spirit.’  Then you say ‘I don’t understand, this was a horrible person’.  I say again to you ‘I found him to be a loving father, a caring husband, a good friend, and a good servant.  Just like you, he did bad things.  But unlike you, for every bad thing he did he also did numerous good things.  We value him here’.

You say again – ‘but this isn’t fair – he took our sister from us!  We cannot accept this!  We do not forgive, cannot forgive this person’.  I say to you ‘where you have failed to forgive, I have done so for you.  It is a gift I give to all men.  I will hear nothing further – or it is you who will be deserving of the hell-fire.’

Now, there is no real error in the above paragraphs, except for the shallowness of god’s depiction.  But this is likely how the family of ‘the victim’ sees it – to them, he is only a rapist and a murderer.  Deserves all torture.  To god, nobody deserves torture, and he was a good husband, a good father, and a loving, kind person, generally speaking.  It comes down to what you choose to see, and also what you choose to overlook.

When a very similar story was told recently in the news, I saw indeed all you people saw was a rapist and a murderer.  You overlooked every bad thing you did in your entire life, and even while saying horrible things like the idea of just offing these people all with bats, guns, or worse methods of killing – and you justify your hatred for this man.  You think you are right.  In reality, it is you who are also wrong, and it was exactly the executed man who learned how to see it correctly.  Nobody deserves death.  Anybody can change.  Sometimes, we do stupid things.  None of us are deserving of heaven, actually.

But, for absolute certainty, none of you deserve torture.  It is those who are tortured that I feel the most remorse for, and those who advocate it who I feel the least for.

I know many of you don’t like to think in terms of a god or a heavenly being, but if you want to see the ‘right angle’ or the ‘right perception’, I have to use this sort of stuff to display it to you – it’s the perfect example.  That’s why I always refer to it…

Now I will refer to the bible.  I will do this a few times, so you get the idea.

Story 2:  Scripture.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish, and tyranny of evil men.  Blessed is he who in the name of good has the strength to shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness – for he is truly his brother’s keeper, and finder of lost children.  And I will strike down upon you with great vengeance, and furious anger, all those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.  And you will know My Name Is the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon thee…

None of you are righteous.  None of you deserve the kingdom.  All of you are sinners.  Heaven is a gift from God – you do not deserve it.  Satan is god’s enemy, if you have wisdom, his number is 666 – the number of man.  You can only be saved by the grace of god.  Blessed is he who comes to know the father – peace in suffering, light in darkness, good over evil, and love of all men over hatred of enemies.  I tell you now – unless you believe, you will be judged.  All of you will be burned.  When you look to the end, do you value your death so that you seek it?  When you ask why are you not saved, I will say to you ‘I did not know you’, that is why you are to be judged.  Nobody can escape judgement.  Do not tell a lie, and do not call your brothers fools, doing so will put you in danger of the hell-fire.

None of you can be saved.  There will be gnashing of teeth, fire, and brimstone.  All of you will be condemned to burn.  I will baptise you in fire, and of the holy spirit.  All of you will face the fires.  All of you will be tested, in the spirit, in a deep furnace.  Your spirit will burn.  There is no salvation for you, save the grace of god.  Can you count the blades of grass in this field?  That is not even close to how many times you will be forgiven.  Treat others as you would treat yourselves.  We are all equals in heaven – did it not say you would become sons and daughters of the living one?  Blessed is he who knows goodness and righteousness, and is meek and humble – he will inherit heaven.

I say it to you now, as Joe to the letter to Corinthians – there will be no homosexual, nor demon or satanic person, nor murderer, nor idolator, nor infedel, or beast who will be in heaven.  Some of you will be slaves to heaven and hell.  Sinners will be condemned to hell.  You will never be forgiven, if you disobey god, you sin against him.  You cannot escape judgement and death…  You are all, hereby, condemned.  You will all burn.  You will all suffer forever.  Fear god.  Fear him with all your might – and pray – for how much did you sin?  And so too how greatly will you suffer eternal torment by satan and demons in the fiery pits of hell!!

And Jesus spoke, and said to Thomas ‘People think I came here to save them.  I came to spread fire, war, and death.  For every house, it will be father against son, brother against brother.’  And Jesus was asked ‘how are any of us to be saved?’  He said ‘By the grace of God, and his greatness, you are all saved.’  At Jesus’ birth, an angel came and said ‘Do not be afraid – for unto you a king is born – a savior.  And through him, all sins will be forgiven’.

(end of story)

What did you see?  Should you be a god-fearing man?  Doesn’t this story seem scary?  It’s all pretty much the same kind of stuff you’ve been teaching each-other for thousands of years, and yup, it’s basically all in the bible, and the bible is the word of god.  I would say yes – if you have ears to hear, you’d better listen!  God is a tyrannical, cruel, and extremely pissed god and you are sinners in the hands of a very angry god – I would be terrified!  You had better not sin!  Billions of years of torture of satan and hell is unbearable – even for a few short moments…

The above paragraph is actually incorrect.  The way you should see it, if you really knew god, is you have no reason to be afraid.  Fear is actually a wicked thing.  Did you miss it in the bible – to the man Jesus gave one gift, who was too afraid to exchange it, he said ‘thou wicked.  I will give it to the one I gave ten gifts to…’  Fear is actually a negative thing.  But man only knows how to control himself through fear – he doesn’t generally know how to control himself by understanding the difference between good and evil, understanding why to be good and that everything needs good things to sustain and survive and prosper, and further to consistently become what is good – just like the ‘father’.  Jesus only did what is good, and he said he always pleases god.  He said god is only good, and he alone is the only great – even after Jesus was called a great being himself.  He denied himself, gave credit to his father….

Let me now tell the same story, only now with edits to allow you to see the real message.  This is how you are to read the bible.  You have to ignore what isn’t correct, what is bad, and accept what is good.  You see, some statements overturn others, some are from god, others from man.  God is only that which is good.  There is no evil in him.  He does only what is good.  If you think you are condemned for your sins – I am sorry – you are sorely mistaken. 

Story 2 (scripture highlighted)

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish, and tyranny of evil men.  Blessed is he who in the name of good has the strength to shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness – for he is truly his brother’s keeper, and finder of lost children.  And I will strike down upon you with great vengeance, and furious anger, all those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.  And you will know My Name Is the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon thee…

None of you are righteous.  None of you deserve the kingdom.  All of you are sinners.  Heaven is a gift from God – you do not deserve it.  Satan is god’s enemy, if you have wisdom, his number is 666 – the number of man.  You can only be saved by the grace of god.  Blessed is he who comes to know the fatherpeace in suffering, light in darkness, good over evil, and love of all men over hatred of enemies.  I tell you now – unless you believe, you will be judged.  All of you will be burned.  When you look to the end, do you value your death so that you seek it?  When you ask why are you not saved, I will say to you ‘I did not know you’, that is why you are to be judged.  Nobody can escape judgement.  Do not tell a lie, and do not call your brothers fools, doing so will put you in danger of the hell-fire.

None of you can be saved.  There will be gnashing of teeth, fire, and brimstone.  All of you will be condemned to burnI will baptise you in fire, and of the holy spirit.  All of you will face the fires.  All of you will be tested, in the spirit, in a deep furnace.  Your spirit will burn.  There is no salvation for you, save the grace of god.  Can you count the blades of grass in this field?  That is not even close to how many times you will be forgiven.  Treat others as you would treat yourselves.  We are all equals in heaven – did it not say you would become sons and daughters of the living one?  Blessed is he who knows goodness and righteousness, and is meek and humble – he will inherit heaven. 

I say it to you now, as Joe to the letter to Corinthians – there will be no homosexual, nor demon or satanic person, nor murderer, nor idolator, nor infedel, or beast who will be in heaven.  Some of you will be slaves to heaven and hell.  Sinners will be condemned to hell.  You will never be forgiven, if you disobey god, you sin against him.  You cannot escape judgement and death…  You are all, hereby, condemned.  You will all burn.  You will all suffer forever.  Fear god.  Fear him with all your might – and pray – for how much did you sin?  And so too how greatly will you suffer eternal torment by satan and demons in the fiery pits of hell!! 

Note::  Why did I strike this whole paragraph out?  Because it isn’t the word of Jesus – Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is not Jesus’ words.  Neither is Revelation, etc…

And Jesus spoke, and said to Thomas ‘People think I came here to save them.  I came to spread fire, war, and death.  For every house, it will be father against son, brother against brother.’  And Jesus was asked ‘how are any of us to be saved?’  He said ‘By the grace of God, and his greatness, you are all saved.’  At Jesus’ birth, an angel came and said ‘Do not be afraid – for unto you a king is born – a savior.  And through him, all sins will be forgiven’.

Now, reading only what is bold and not what is striked through – is this now a scary god?  Do you see the truth now?  The first time you were terrified of hell, judgement, and god.  The first time you were scared of your sins.  Now when you read, you realize now that you have made the choice – to listen to good over evil – the reality of Jesus.  You no longer have any reason to fear God or Jesus – you only have reason to fear yourself.  You know what is to happen.  Yes – heaven is a gift to you.  Will you all make it?  Well, it looks like that depends on yourselves, not any of the rest of us..

I want you to immediately consider this – if you think what I just did is ridiculous – why do you think so many people are becoming ‘atheist’ or ‘agnostic’?  It’s not necessarily because of science.  If you look closely – it’s because there are some serious problems with all of your religions, and what you believe, and these people are turning against those beliefs – because to them it just isn’t right.

Consider this – you’ll say ‘this is blasphemy’, or ‘whatever’, or ‘this isn’t right – you can’t just ignore things in the bible’, and then go on to say ‘hell is real’, ‘satan is real’, ‘Jesus taught us about hell’, and ‘God made a hell, and made satan’, and ‘God made man in his own image – therefore God is both good and evil.’, and ‘this guy’s damned for believing this’, and some of you will even venture out so far as to say I am satan himself, because I’m appearing to you like a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ and ‘the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince everyone he isn’t real’.

Consider what you are saying ‘God is evil’.  ‘To say god is only good, and to read the bible as such, is blasphemy and isn’t right’, ‘we believe in satan and hell – it’s the truth’.  Consider what you are believing.  Your notion of a god rules out of fear, terror, and infinite punishment for any crime, and it would appear that the only people he saves is not those who were ‘good’ or ‘righteous’, but only those who he ‘liked’.  If your sins don’t really matter, is there any level of sin that we should then say is deserving of hell?  Then what makes you saved aside from the notion that you are ‘part of the club’.

Consider what you say when you argue against me that there actually is a hell, and a satan, and demons and devils, you are saying this ‘I believe in hell, I believe in satan, I believe in devils’.  That is, I’m afraid, exactly what your mind is doing.  Consider that should you say ‘you are damned or you blasphemed’ – that is what it actually means to judge, judgement doesn’t mean simply passing judgement – it means condemning or forgiving someone.  Consider what you are saying when you condemn someone to something you, yourself, could not imagine or take without losing the whole of your mind even for a single hour, yet you say they deserver that for at least 30 billion years…

Consider what you say if you argue that God created a satan to punish the wicked – you are saying satan is actually not an enemy of god, but rather his employee.  Consider what you are doing when you torture people – you are doing the same things as demons.  Consider what you say, consider what you are really doing, when you try to formulate an argument against this.  Consider if you say god isn’t real, and this is a fairy-tale age-old story made up by men to ‘deal with death’.  You are saying you don’t believe in life, you feel vanity in life, and you are afraid of it.

Consider what you are saying if you say ‘I want to go to heaven because I want to live forever or I deserve to live forever..’  Is that really the reason, the only reason, you are willing to believe in a ‘god’ or any ‘religion’?  Consider what you are thinking, why you are thinking these things.  Has your life really been so wonderful, or have you done so much good for mankind, that you need eternal life, or deserve it?  I think most of you should be happy in thinking and teaching that there isn’t a hell, hope for a good god and a good heaven – because, and only because, you were all incapable of making this place a good place, and instead made it easy for most people in it to live an absolute nightmare.  Rather, you should consider heaven, if you still hope it exists, as a gift to live in peace, to have good things, to live a good life for once.  And that is, indeed, what Jesus did say…

Indeed, this is just what you all believe and think – and it’s horribly wrong.  If you think I am lying to you – the truth is, you’ve been lying to not only me but yourselves, your children, and everyone around you.

The only reason I’m telling you this now is just so you don’t come to me with excuses for what you did later.  There is exactly no excusing yourselves, and I am done trying to ‘save all of you’, when all you ever did for me was ‘punish’, ‘kill’, etc.  Your blindness is profound, your satan you make powerful, your ignorance of god not amusing….

And as you denied me, Jesus, God, and every brother or sister that was ever sent here to ‘collect the fruit of your works’, well, I think since the earth is drawing to a close because of your own incompetence not with god, but with yourselves and each-other, I may as well ‘fill the trough for you’, only instead of you being ‘thirsty’, the reality today is you no longer want to drink – you’re too busy drinking in the sand…

Now, if you think it was wrong what I did with the bible, consider that I showed you something:  The ‘chief scribes hid the keys to knowledge – and they don’t even look out of fear.’  The keys are to get humble, learn to be good, and know that god and Jesus are good, and apply that to Jesus, the bible, and everything else.  The fact is – I did not teach you of any evil – I just taught you the ways of the Father, and still you are denying it, and continuing to profess evil…

Do you see now why, in the end, he might say ‘but we prophesized in your name.  And I will say to them, I did not know you’…  What, exactly are you preaching?  What exactly, did I just correct for you?  Do you see the ‘difference’ between my notion of ‘god the father’ and ‘i am’ and the depth of it all – vs. your notion of ‘god’, who you say is ‘evil and creates evil places and evil people’, and who rules out of ‘terror, fear, forced control, and infinite punishment for finite crimes’?

The truth is clear – my exact understanding and notion of god reverses everything you ‘thought you knew’..  Does ‘evil’ matter in my god’s eyes?  No – he can make it impossible.  But I don’t think you can just do and get away with whatever you want and still enter heaven without even so much as a fine ‘lesson’ first.  Is my god all-knowing?  Yes.  Not only does he make a place for you to practice and learn, but he has no need to destroy, punish, or kill anyone – in his heaven, he makes all form of evil impossible – and good the only possibility.  What’s more is this – if you knew better, you very well could make this place a heaven yourselves…

But you won’t do that.  And the reason is because so many of you are blind and wicked.  And not just with what you fear.  Consider just that – I can tell you every secret I here possess, and it would be profound – but unless I give you a reason to listen, you will balk at me blindly, and mock me – when the truth is I just told you something and you should very well listen if you knew better.  The only reason you listen to things is because you fear it – no matter how untrue they are, or no matter how much it doesn’t make sense.

And this whole religion battle, terrorist stuff, etc. just proves me exactly right.  Gave full power to your governments and rich just by the mere threat of nothing more than people, who you blindly let into your own country, who can make a bomb.  Well, if you are so incompetent, I guess that threat is never going to go away, but you can be sure that the real fear is going to come from your new ‘rulers’, who, when you were at first in full power over your own nations as a people, are certainly now your ‘rulers’ instead of your ‘servants’…

What else do I know you do?  You ignore god still, and worship those who, just have a lot of numbers or papers, or a lot of people know their name, or they are just a tv star, or a music star, or an actor – all of you blindly put money, gold, metals, oil, material wealth and personal ‘gain’ all on a ‘holy pedestal’, when in reality – none of it means anything to the real ‘Father’.  In fact, it proves to him that you don’t know what you are doing…

You may not be able to go back into the past and change things you did – but yup – you can make it right again – all of it.  You can choose to undo tomorrow what you did yesterday simply by performing an equally positive act that corrects the past acts you did.  And I do think that’s the type of stuff you’ll have to do with the holy spirit – only you won’t be told what to do.  I would have liked the idea that you might be given a guide to help, but I don’t think you’ll even get that.  Considering that a lot of you will be confused and wrapped up in it, I decided to tell you all of this now – even if just one person listens, it was worth it.

Consider this – Jesus said you all were forgiven.  But it depended on your ‘children’s children’ about whether or not you would be saved as a whole.  Did any one of you consider to ‘forgive Jesus’?  Did any one of you consider to ‘save him from hell or death’?  No.  You didn’t.  Always  thinking only of yourselves…

What is interesting is this – given what Jesus said, and the fact that they force you to do with his teachings just what they must do with you, your ‘judgement’, your ‘sins’, and all of your ‘good deeds’ – I would suggest as a token of good measure that we learn to overcome most of our ‘darknesses’ ourselves right here in this life and in this time – rather than in the moment when that final moment arrives – especially if when that moment arrives you are busy with negative thought, negative feelings, and completely blinded by your own darkness…

What is more profound is this – when you actually, fully understand the meanings behind what Jesus was saying – there is no way possible a man 2,000 years ago – given what we now know today – could have said anything close to what he said.  Further all of it is very much still applicable today.  What’s more is, with physics and what we know about the universe – it is exactly much more probable, likely, and plausible that a God exists just in the manner that Jesus described him – than that none of it is real, there is no god, there is no way life in any manner can persist beyond this reality.  Even what he described as the essence, the reason, and the foundations of this existence – was confirmed by Einstein and his theories.

What’s even more profound – is nobody except Jesus has ever said anything close to as big and complete as what he did say, and why he said it, and why he chose to say only what he did say – only the things that were important for you to find out and come to know.

The reality is simple:  The actual teachings of Jesus, the real nature of the ‘living God’ that he always described, the nature of this reality, and the descriptions of the next – all of it is staring at you right in the face.  It’s as if yes – God is staring at you right in the face every day, in every way – and once you realize it you know it.  And once you not only realize who God is, but What He Is, you exactly have no reason to fear God, heaven, hell, satan, the concepts of evil or punishment or demons or anything else – given God’s ways, and his nature – none of it matters anymore.  You have a fully trustworthy, worship-worthy, great and wonderful God that will never, ever deny you or turn his back on you…

It’s just you have to learn the lessons first.  Once you learn them, and walk the walk, that’s it – nothing more is required.  Further, it seems that what people learn and go through in this life defines distinct roles in the next.  It’s all very interesting to think about it, once you know the nature of a real god, such as what Jesus described…

What’s on the other side of this life?  Should you really be scared of it?  God is love.  God is kindness.  God is peace.  God is truth.  God is righteous.  God is only good.  God does no evil.

Do you see it now?  How is heaven a heaven if there also exists a satan, a hell, demons, and eternal torture in it?  Can you all actually live in peace?  What if you still were sinners after you entered heaven?  Would it be void of all ‘darkness’ – sins, wickedness, sickness, death, bad things?  Jesus said god will wipe away all your tears, and every bad thing will simply cease to exist.  That is the exact truth!

The truth is, heaven is only a good place.  Man created a satan, and demons, and hell – and it manifests itself in the spirit.  But it too, just like this reality, is only an illusion.

As brothers in heaven – it is Exactly that darkness that we will take vengeance on, and that darkness that we will destroy!  Not any men, or woman, or child.

But as Jesus said ‘Blessed is he who consumes the Lion, and the lion becomes man.  But wretched is he who is consumed by the lion, and the lion still becomes man..’  What does that mean?  In Jesus’ words, he usually refers to ‘the lion’ as satan, or a powerful man.  In this case, it means satan.  This is what it actually says: “Blessed is he who overcomes evil, and has the strength to stand before God, in the light.  He spreads what is good, and shepherds the weak into the light.  Wretched is he who is overcome by darkness, evil, fear, sin – in that sin they become death, and spread that death, and that death becomes real as well…”

You see?  Man created darkness of his own doing.  But death is just that!  It is only death, and death is not alive!  Come to know the living one, come to walk in the light.  I do not know how it will go when you pass through the baptism of the holy spirit, but I do know it will make you overcome all your darkness..  Better that you all get an idea now, and start to overcome now, and the less work you’ll have to do, or have to endure, to enter into heaven!

Why do I say to do this?  Because I have come to know the meanings behind Jesus’ sayings as he meant them.  Does it mean I won’t die?  Certainly not.  In case you’re wondering, I’ll give you the answer to that part too…

The first thing it says in a collection of sayings about Jesus – what he wanted you to find about yourself (that’s what is important – who you are, what you are, and where you came from) – he says this:  “anyone who finds the meanings behind my sayings will not taste death”…

What does that mean?  It’s simply a test – why are you reading it?  The first reaction from most people was a mad-rush to figure out all the meanings – thinking that if they find out, they will never die.  Is that how to look at it?  Here’s what you were supposed to do with that first saying, and it’s real simple:  say “I am not concerned with death.  I place no value in it.  My interest is life.  My interest is only in finding that which I need to understand how to live, how to spread good things, and come to know God.”

You see?  It’s just like ‘drinking from Jesus’ mouth’, or rather, the holy cup.  Why do you drink?  That’s the  first question:  “when you ask, I am not ready to tell.  But now that I am ready – why do you not ask?”  The reason he would not be ready to tell you is simply because you are not ready to take it in – you haven’t reached that point.  When you understand this very first topic – humility – you start to see more.  When you start to see more, even more is revealed.  Until finally you look at it all and you think to yourself – why didn’t I see all this from the start?  It’s right here in front of me – not just with words on paper but all over the earth and the stars – staring at me right in the face this whole time, and yet I did not realize what was in plain sight, yet was hidden from me.

Then you might ask – what does it mean, to say “Is the number of man.  And the beast was, and yet wasn’t, and is, and yet is not”.  It’s the same as I have been telling you.  Even someone who considers themselves ‘in bed with satan’ is not really accomplishing anything.  What does it mean to ‘go against god’?  It’s like lying to yourself, only you make what is actually something that isn’t real, seemingly real.  It’s like seeing a mirage in the desert.  It’s like a delusion.  It isn’t real – only to you, you make it seem real….

When you deny God, you deny yourself life, and when you go against god and his ways, you fall to death.  There is nothing else that happens.  God is life.  God is everything that is good – he has made it what he is in whole.  Can you kill such a being?  No.  He will never fall to death.  He may even allow such adversaries to think they have defeated him, only to give it to someone else to suddenly pop out of nowhere with temporary gifts – just to put on a nice display of real power – and defeat all darkness and become a light to the world…

When you have endless ways to do the same thing, and arrive at the same outcome, and fully understand everything, it really doesn’t matter what some ‘fall to evil’ does or where it goes from there.  The fact is clear – you know everything about what those same people do not.  The problem isn’t you, it’s those people.  But the people don’t understand what is really going on, so you don’t exactly hold them at fault.  When they shake off ‘their wine’, and ‘come to understand’, we’re back where we started – with god, and ‘blessed are they who make their stand at the beginning…’

And nobody before me ever had people like me in mind when they fought wars and shed blood – so don’t even go there.  But just as I had to make a choice with God and Jesus – it is exactly because in doing so, you see what you were previously blind to.  You see what they see – what they choose to see in you…

Where you see death, starvation, sickness, poverty, and condemnation – we exactly, as brothers and children of the living one, the one who said himself “I AM” and “I am the truth, the way, and the light”, we see the abundance of life, an abundance of nourishment, healing and health, great wealth, and salvation – even during those exact moments and those exact times!

It is not that God has to be like you, or that He needs to agree with you – it’s exactly that YOU Must Come To Know Him, and Follow His Ways, and Agree with Him – not the other way around.  This place will teach you this – and like I said – better to err on the side of caution and start doing this now before the end, without knowing what is to come – even if there actually is no God – this will only lead you to peace with everyone on earth!  It really is the best way forward…

This world of man is only serving to teach you the difference of the Knowledge Of Good and Evil, to teach you when to fight, what to fight for, and why you are fighting.  It teaches you what to like and dislike, what to love, and why.  It teaches you so many things that if you all just payed attention for long enough – I see no reason why any of you would fail the baptism of the Holy Spirit…

But no – I cannot say for certain that everyone will be saved.  But I can say for certain, even for those of us that are not saved – there is no suffering for you.  There is no torture.  There is no evil place you will go.  Even if you are burned in fire, and your spirit ceases, you will return to the dust of heaven and the spirit of God.  Only, that isn’t even the end for you!  The truth is, this universe and everything in it repeats itself infinite times – just like the notion of reincarnation – you will be human again and get endless more chances – even if you fail this time!

I guess you have to ask yourselves – is this true?  To answer that, I’ll leave you with your own arguments for and against for thought…

For the side that was for a ‘god’, did you really, truly know the ‘living god’?  No.  You instead concentrated on things he did not require you to believe, things you did to yourselves – like the notion of hell or satan.  These things are lies, false – nothing more.  You see, to you, it is true (and yet it is), but really, in god’s world and in his eyes, they are not true at all, and further don’t even exist.  (and yet isn’t)…

And for those of you who denied that a ‘god’ exists.  Have you disproven any notion related to a ‘real god’?  No.  You just refer to books and sayings that you say are contradictory.  Does that disprove anything I here possess and I in this time know?  Actually, your ‘scientific evidence’ just made me realize I was getting closer and closer.  When I then ‘knew the living one’, everything became perfectly clear – I removed a huge beam from my eye, in knowing that the real ‘satan’, who is ‘god’s enemy’, was nothing more than my ‘own darkness’…

Once I knew that, I knew how to get you all to ‘overcome’ yourselves, and also on your behalf myself…  What’s more is this – is my ‘living god’ ‘omnipotent’?  Yes.  Is my ‘god’ all-knowing?  Yes.  Is my god ‘all-powerful’?  Yes.  Is my god wise?  Yes.  Is my god very good, the only deserving of worship, the only one to follow?  Yes, yes, yes…  Is ‘your god’ or even ‘your satan’ anywhere close to any of these things?  No – and people have been pointing it out to you ever since.

The reality is clear – yes, you can consider even Jesus’ teachings to be encoded – a lot like encryption.  But unlike encryption, they use statements to blind you from seeing the real message.  If you are a negative thinker, and so have a dark mind – you will never realize the truth.  That’s the genius behind it all – to understand this, you not only have to be a really good person, but you have to know the ways of the Father.  That’s they ‘decryption key’ to the bible, and everything Jesus taught.  You have to become righteous first, and the reality is, you are blind, you are surrounded by darkness, the inequities of the selfish and tyranny of evil men – and that is still very, very true today.

Choose who you want to hate and who you want to love.  In the end, this will exactly prove not only what you are, but who you are.  Are you a ‘child of god the father’, or are you ‘thou satan’?  Indeed, by the end, the more we make this perfectly clear to you, the clearer you make it for everyone to see who the ‘tares’ are.  And believe me, by then nobody will question any kind of ‘judgement from Jesus’ – especially when we know there is no actual ‘suffering place’, and especially when you all make a very clear, and very unwise, choice in life and for yourselves.

Now, choose!

Good day!

Why you shouldn’t trust the media (a lottery example). And the fact that you’re all brainwashed-stupid..

Why am I picking on the lottery?  Because ever since I got into playing scratcher tickets at a gas station as a kid, it didn’t take much to realize they are even more rigged than a casino…

[Edit] You know what – I’m going to move this part of the explanation to the very start – just so you don’t go “too long; didn’t read; lol” or get too upset at what I’m saying here…

Please don’t just read quickly, impatiently, or skim over my last 4 posts here.  If you do so, you’ll miss a lot of important details, and as such you won’t learn anything.  The point isn’t only to get what’s at face-value, but to learn what the real problems are behind anything.  It’s more about how to think, who to follow, what to believe in, how to solve problems, and how to find the best answers and devise strategy.  If you don’t find any of that in these last 4 posts (I try to do this numerous ways), then you’ve missed the actual message entirely.  The real message is just that – I am showing you ways to do this as I have done, and also showing you just how correct it is.  Know how to think for yourselves.  Know who to follow.  Realize what is going on around you.  Realize what is going on within you.  Pay attention to detail.  Find out how to solve problems…

I’ll flat-out tell you the problem-solving part.  The idea is to correctly identify the real problems – all of them.  I’ve given you multiple, multiple examples here.  When you see all the problems around you, consider what are the answers that alleviates all of these problems?  Then you will see that I am absolutely correct – the best way forward is for all of you to start working together instead of in competition, and the best way to bring that about is to move on to a better form of economic and political society, like ‘participatory societies’, for example.  Know where nations have failed in the past.  Know where you fail.  Know why problems exist – and how to make them impossible.  Know how to promote good things, and good behavior.  Know how to bring about peace in the world – and lead the world in that direction.

The fact is, I not only tell you a lot of ‘real problems’, but I also gave you one big answer in another blog that you can try out and move to in order to immediately ‘correct the course of a nation’, and ‘implement a better form of society’ – one that you can freely change and adapt, one that does not cut you off from the world.  You have to change your perceptions.  You have to realize human nature, and realize that using the same methods – if it fails over and over in the past – it will fail again in the future.  When you do find one such answer that solves the vast majority of your problems, the next step is finding a way to implement it.

As you implement it, make sure you can adapt it and reverse what you change – if those things do fail.  Try new things, new ideas.  It’s new because it hasn’t been done this way before.  It’s new because it fits the present and the future.  The reason I used ‘participatory economics’ as an example is because it lays a good foundation to build on – it’s just like a resource-based economy, except where a resource-based economy gets chaotic and impossible with human nature, participatory economies do not – and I proceeded to show you just how much you could build on it, as an example.  It is a form of society that would immediately solve most of your economic challenges, and political ones.  It’s a better way.  You may hear a lot ‘republics is the way to go’, or ‘capitalism is the best way’.

First you mis-understand how such a society would work, because all of your lives you were taught ‘competition’ instead of ‘collaboration’.  You were taught ‘fight’ and ‘win’ and ‘against your opponents’ and ‘team vs team’ instead of working together, understanding one another, and doing what’s right.  Those are some pretty clear differences between these forms of societies.  Then you might realize – you would literally have to pay off your debts before implementation, because of only one lingering problem – trade.  Some of you would quit there, but I would not.  You are almost there!  The more societies that do this, the less of a problem trade is – even IF all you use is ‘vouchers’.  Keep in mind, there are two easy ways to trade that I can think of immediately – one is to trade products for other products – just like original ‘trade’.  Another is to sell products to other nations in exchange for their ‘currency’, then turn around and use that currency to obtain other nation’s goods and products.  It’s just that simple.  There are also numerous other ways.  So no, there are actually no problems with ‘participatory economics/societies’ – you just need to work out the details and understand how it all works in the best possible ways…

Tell me – if the best form of political system is one in which even with as much foresight and brilliance as the founding of the US – if that becomes completely irrelevant and corrupted in only 400 years – is that really the best way you can think of?  If an economic system in which you accept for a fact that you are ‘all screwed in the long run’ – is that really the best economic system you can think of?  Clearly, you are mis-leading yourselves, and are blind to what you were trained to think, and to me, you utter complete nonsense out of your lips….

If you really, really pay attention to my last 4 posts, you’ll see there’s a lot of strategy involved.  Once you realize the strategy, you’ll see it.  A lot of the time, for those paying attention as I wrote and revised – at one time the message looked a certain way.  Upon revision and clarification, you started to see what I was really saying.  Then you realize I’m showing you strategy – adapting to the situation, clarifying points, adapting my message, and being ‘unpredictable’.  By the time I am done, if you understand my mind after reading these 4 posts – you will no longer need me to tell you anything – you should already be able to do these things on your own.

(Unless you just don’t get it – if that’s the case, be a follower.  A lot of you will say ‘this is dumb’ or ‘this will not work’.  The reality is – you find one way you think something won’t work, then throw it all away.  That’s what is dumb.  You don’t think for yourselves, and you’re just looking for any reason to dismiss all of this information…  This is meant for those who want to lead their nations to a better tomorrow.  It isn’t meant for those that can’t understand the real message)

For example, physics.  What was I doing?  I had numerous theories, some of which are already being explored by physicists, others of which never occurred to them at all, but they should now be able to understand and test.  Am I wrong to do this, and because it is my ‘opinion’ – does that mean it doesn’t matter?  I’m not a physicist, after all.

I told you the answer already – you are all like angry painters, you’re missing some very fine details that would not only enhance your own understanding, but the understanding of everything else should you realize what you just did.  The best and worst ideas come from people who have very little information on the subject.  It’s because some of these people see only pieces of information, and draw invalid conclusions; while others see pieces of the information and draw creative conclusions that the trained minds never considered – because those trained minds were trained to see things only one way – with only one correct answer, every time.  That’s why it’s called ‘training’ – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question things and think for yourselves.

But what I did was simple, and is the reason that post is so long.  I had to use numerous examples, numerous observations, until I could see that everyone should be able to understand why I drew the conclusions that I did.  If you jump straight to the conclusion, you missed all the observations and information that led me there.  If you read only observation, you might miss the conclusions – and therefore you would not understand.  Either way, you mis-read my blog, and reached the wrong conclusions about what I said, and further missed the entire points….

Then I did this numerous other times – remember – most of you are an angry painter.  You see pieces to the puzzle, and as they are, they don’t look to have any importance or meaning.  But instead of getting other pieces (more related information and observation), you just throw those pieces away.  This never allows you to see the whole picture as it should start to take shape, form, and become plainly visible.

I do this numerous times, for example – autism.  It’s not sufficient to say ‘autism is growing rapidly, so we need to detect it earlier and diagnose it earlier’.  What did you see with that statement?  They went from a single observation – autism diagnoses is growing rapidly – and leapt to a single conclusion – we need to diagnose it early to limit impact.  See how incorrect and incoherent the answer to that ‘problem’ is?  It doesn’t stop autism, it doesn’t prevent autism – we didn’t identify the real problems behind it.  Then, we applied the absolute worst answer possible, because we don’t solve problems correctly.

So then later, I showed you some more observations that could explain the rise in autism diagnoses.  I just showed you what should be very easy to see – first, I would assume, looking at other MDs and other fields, that a lot of this can be explained by mis-diagnoses.  That one ‘proof’ can be found in numerous study about american doctors and medical diagnoses, which leads you to think ‘should we really be throwing out the idea of malpractice with all this mis-diagnoses going on?  That gives bad doctors free rides to do absolutely anything they want – as if they are gods’.  Then that should also lead you to think – ‘there are some serious problems with healthcare in america.’  and ‘many MDs are guessing and just prescribing medication instead of following appropriate procedure.’

If you really want to know for a fact if your kid has autism, you have to do probably a CT scan of the brain.  Autistic brains develop abnormally in one segment of the brain very distinctly.  If that is found, then that is irrefutable evidence that your kid either does not have or does not yet have autism, or is actually developing an autistic brain.

Then you further realize – if so many kids do have autism, what is the cause of it?  Then I point out – most of you are getting absolutely hammered drunk or using drugs before you ever realize that you’ve been pregnant for as much as a month or two.  That’s some very important times of your child’s development in the womb.  Drinking is known to be the major contributor to all birth defects, and autism is actually a birth defect – not so much a ‘genetic defect’ – the ‘genetics’ of it is usually the causality of their development early on as a fetus….

Now that we’ve identified the majority of the problems behind autism, we can apply some of this knowledge in other areas, say, other brain defects like mental illness.  What are we noticing?  We must, as parents, realize that mental illnesses are the worst diseases any person can ever have.  It is imperative that they do not drink, do drugs, or use mind-altering medications, like ADHD treatments or autism treatments, unless absolutely necessary.  The reason is because it’s a precaution – if your kid only has a slight attention problem – do you really care?  Most of you won’t even read all of this – and you’re supposed to be ‘normal’.  You can’t even spend 3 hours to read my last 4 posts, because you think it is boring, aren’t paying attention to detail, are missing points, and therefore I might as well diagnose all of you with ADHD, and hand you your mind-altering prescriptions…

The reason it’s important to protect the brain is because the scope, type, and severity of mental illness is drastically limited the later it develops.  Once you’ve reached a certain age, what might have been schizophrenia might now only be anxiety/depression, or PTSD, etc.  If you tamper with the brain’s development, not only are you risking it to develop abnormally or permanently alter the chemistry of the brain, but you are emphasizing that causality.  If it were up to me, I would legalize and standardize marijuana so as to make sure it is clean (not ‘laced with other drugs’), I would raise the ‘drug/drinking’ age to 26 minimum, and heavily enforce it.

Then I would turn to the medical field.  Malpractice/misdiagnosis no longer means ‘lawsuit’.  It means ‘jailtime’.  Then, I make every doctor, surgeon, etc. to adhere to expert standards, always stay up-to-date with the latest information, study, and research, and oversee it all.  This not only means smarter, more appropriate doctors, but also makes it easier to regulate.

So you see, you don’t just stop at observation A, which leads you to ask several questions, and jump to ‘solution A’.  Instead, you look for further observations that answer each question.  When you have few or little other questions to answer, this leads you to ‘answers B, C, D…x’, which are more correct, leads to the best results, and is much better than ‘solution A’, which you should now see is a completely incoherent and mis-understood answer to a very generic problem or question..

Then apply that to strategy, only now, your strategy needs to adapt, change to situations.  The idea behind all of this is to look at everything from every possible angle, keeping an open mind (The way I mean open mindedness is NOT to just accept everything, but rather TO CONSIDER everything), and then drawing the correct conclusions.  But you have to realize, that usually there is only one correct ‘angle’ to see anything.  Once you have that ‘angle’, you are mostly correct in all related observation than anyone else – not only did you make all observations, but you applied the correct way to ‘see the big picture’.

The same is true of religion.  I gave you the ‘keys to knowledge’.  If you took that, and read all of Jesus’ sayings, you would realize he very much seemed to want you to deny some things he was saying, and when nothing any longer contradicts itself, you will realize just how amazing of a message it really was, and how profound his statements were at his time.  There is almost no way possible that a man living with the available information in 0Ad could have said what he did say.  That’s why he said you would be troubled – because then you start asking a lot, a lot of questions – namely – who was/is this man?

Then just like I said, you have the same choice to make.  You realize it doesn’t matter who he was, what mattered is exactly that now you fully understand all the ‘secret meanings behind his sayings’.  This makes your mind immensely strong.  Exactly – it was all keys to true knowledge.  Then you find comfort in God.  Then you find peace with yourselves.

Now that I’ve explained what I am doing in these last 4 posts, there’s something else you need to understand – just like Jesus must do with you – I am trying to get you to realize with what I am saying, in these last two posts.  You have to get past the anger, the rage, the insult – to see the true message.  If you are offended, you have to get over that to see what I am trying to say – and it is actually good, even though it’s like I am lecturing you and spanking you like baby.  You have to get past your own emotion, and see the truth behind it all.  That is the last lesson I wanted to show you.

Then when you turn to strategy, the first thing to do is know your opponent.  Know what moves they are going to make.  Is it any wonder none of you can find ‘’ in any search engine, and they are the one single news outlet for any and all information related to the NSA that is not ‘threatening to the government’?  The fact about all of this ‘spying’ is this – they have yet to prove to me a single – one single – actual, major terrorist plot that they have ‘foiled’.  And if they did, why don’t we know about it?  Telling you that a ‘plot has been averted’ does not give away your methods.  Further, everybody since 1970 could already assume the government was tracking all phone calls, all electronic data, etc. – so let me ask you this – why don’t actual ‘terrorists’ use these methods?  It is exactly because they already know doing so will get them ‘caught’.  In effect, the government is insane and leading themselves on a wild goose-chase against their own citizens, who are now turning their attention to government corruption…

Now, I’ve been involved in many things – but nobody wants to listen to me.  That’s why I’m showing you how to do this, because my time here is rapidly getting limited.  Once you understand, you might find people who can do what I can, see things as I see – see straight to the real issues and the real, best answers.  Devise strategies that do not fail.  If they are about saving lives, creating better societies and protecting the environment – justice – it is exactly those people who you should realize you should follow.  What are they doing?  What are they fighting for?  Are they lying?  Are they ‘bad people’?  Etc.

When you understand me, you’ll realize that I am exactly right with each point I make.  When you understand the gravity of the situation, it should rock you – things that were right in front of you – you did not see.  Once you are thinking correctly, and believing correctly, and following the correct ways, you should be able to lead this world to peace.  For those of you who continue to deny me, and continue to lead others towards a path of destruction – so too will I treat you the same in the end, directly to God.

There is a problem in the world today.  It’s called a lack of understanding.  It’s called a belief in things that are very wrong and negative.  Once I strip you of your evil ways, you will no longer have the excuse ‘I was blind’ or ‘I didn’t know’.  But that doesn’t make you guilty – even still.  If you understand me correctly – you will realize I not only showed you how to save your own people, but the entire world as well, and on top of that, I showed you how to save your own souls – if there is a real afterlife.  Keep in mind, I already showed you that science doesn’t disprove the notion of a God, but in order to know what to expect, there are some things you must realize about that subject.  And since you are here in this life, I would urge you to do the right things and make the right choices in this life as well – and not defer everything to an afterlife in which you may not be allowed to take part in….

If you’re from a western nation, I’m trying to get you over something – it’s called your own ‘darkness’, and it was not only taught to you, but you reinforced it all of your life.  Stop watching tv for a while and read all of my last 5 posts..

In the last two posts, plus the 5th one back, I blast a lot of people.  Is it me ‘getting on my soap-box’?  No.  Actually I am trying to get you to see some important things.

First, you have to get past your hatred, your fear, your rage, your lusts, your greed, etc. to see this real message.  I cuss a lot.  I piss you off.  It’s for a reason.  When you read through this one post, realize what I am doing is trying to get you to see past the surface – and realize that the real message was staring at you right in the face, and you could not see it, and it is a good message.  I am trying to teach you a real fine point everywhere….

Once you see I have actually given you a good message, you can plainly ‘laugh off’ the parts where I’m being negative or hateful.  That’s a good reaction to what I am saying below.  You’ll realize that because you were blinding yourselves, you did not realize what I was actually saying.  If you really want to see for yourselves, copy and paste this entire post into a word processor.  Go down, and revise and erase every negative thing in the message – but do not touch what is not bad, hateful, or negative.  Once you are done, go back and read it – and you’ll see it is actually a good message with painfully obvious explanation – what’s right in front of you, but you did not see….

The same is true of all of your religions.  What did I say in my last post?  I put all of us, in one situation, on the cross, and said ‘Now, Choose!’.  Why did I say that?  Because you have to do this very same thing with all religion….

You have to keep in mind, it was written by different people, at different times, towards or in response to specific groups.  Not every phrase in the bible was Jesus’ actual words, and on top of that, if you notice that every ‘story’ about the shepard and the sheep is ‘different’ – which one is true?  When you know the reality – equality, fairness, justice, compassion, etc. – you’ll know exactly which translation is correct – and that ‘story metaphor’ should now be plainly obvious to you.

Now when you read the bible, and don’t understand – keep in mind what Jesus and other ‘prophets’ were saying:  God is good.  God is the truth.  If you follow only those lines, then any way you translate Jesus’ teachings are actually one correct way…

When you strip out all the evil, all the bad stuff, all the hate and negativity in the bible, you see the ‘real message’ – and it is worthy of believing in.  You people did not need to leave your religions, you just needed a little clarification, is all.

For example:  a lot of you use the excuse to hate gay people openly ‘It clearly states in the bible that gay people will not be in heaven, and the bible is god’s word, and it is the truth’…

Let me now say this to you.  Jesus gave you only one commandment – to correct your own ten.  He said ‘treat others as you would treat yourselves’.  So let’s do this with ‘homosexuals’.  Did they choose to be attracted to the same sex?  No – that’s just the way they were born, or perhaps the way they became after numerous sexual assaults.  Most of you, when you say you are ‘straight’ and you ‘hate gays’, are actually partly gay yourselves – I do not understand how so many of you can still be turned on when there is a man in the room – especially if that other man right next to you is having sex with the same girl in the butt as you are in her vagina…

That tells me one thing:  you just feel you need someone to hate, so that you can feel like ‘your above or superior to others’.  Verily, this is not the way heaven works.  This is not the way of my Father.  This was not the way of Jesus, and it was not the way Jesus taught you to follow…

Jesus would exactly say these things in response to you (I say exact, but the truth is he would probably confuse you in the process just to make you think for once):

“I told you so as you do to others, the same you have done to me…” (Imagine Jesus is the gay person – just like he said he would see it – do you now ‘condemn’, ‘judge’, ‘hate’, and ‘ridicule’?)

“who are you to judge, when I clearly told you not to – verily, it is you who will face judgement instead of the homosexual you hated.”

“For all those who were homosexuals, and looked down upon, I will make you straight, and as equals to the rest of us”

“Woe to the man who is blinded by hatred that he does not forgive his neighbor, and instead proceeds to condemn and kill.  No brother of mine seeks to kill.  These people did nothing to you.  For every time you hated and failed to forgive, how much more will we have to forgive you – and make you overcome what you did not in yourselves during life?”

Now I say this:  because you hated, and killed, and tortured, and threatened, and used the name of God to do so – it is exactly you – not the homosexual – that we will struggle to profess to our Father.  Just like I am trying to show you how to do in the bible, the exact same we must do with all of you – ignore the evil you did, and try to profess to the Father the good things you did.  But the Father is not blind, and knows you much better than we do.  He will put you to the ultimate test, in the end…

That test is, according to Jesus, the test of the holy spirit.  As you go through, it is the exact duty of the holy spirit to rid you of your darknesses – your own evils – and allow you to overcome them.  Should you fail – you die in your sins.  After understanding my posts here, and understanding what is to come, you really do not have any excuse – nor anyone to blame – except yourselves…

Jesus himself said none of you would understand this part – you would all think you are condemned.  But it is actually the final test, and failure to overcome means death.  So if you hate homosexuals, the holy spirit may taunt you as one, it may go along with your hatred, but it will show you what you are doing – if you do not overcome it, and realize what is right in front of you – there is no longer any ‘forgiveness’ – you failed to forgive not only others, but also yourself.  That’s not blind – that’s a clear choice of evil over good, of death over life, and bad over good.

What I am trying to get you to do is choose good over evil, life over death – before it is too late.  When you realize what it is I am teaching, you will know what are the real problems, what aren’t actually problems, and what the correct answers are…

Who is the ‘bad person’ in the ‘hating gays bit’ like was recently displayed by ‘duck dynasty stars’?  It is exactly the people who chose to hate, that made a direct choice to kill rather than save life – and you will have to answer that not only to the Father, while we try to ignore the evil you did, but also to yourselves and the holy spirit.  For the gay person, we have little to do – if they did not do much evil, all we have to do is make them straight and give them a ‘companion’.  For those of you that hated these people – there is a lot we have to do, a lot we have to choose to ignore, and a very serious test that we have to put you through.  If we do not, and let you into heaven the way you are – we introduce to heaven your blindness, your hatred, your wrath, your anger, your fears, etc. – and verily I tell you now, there is no way heaven will allow it…

Again, what is the obvious ‘problems’ behind things like ‘mental illness’ and its relationship to ‘mass-murder’?  There’s been a lot of mass-murderings, on a similar scale, by people who could not be identified as ‘mentally ill’ – and let me tell you – they are trying to blame every single one on mental illness.  But what you ignore is that gun violence is on the rise everywhere in your own nation.  So what is the real problem?  The real problem is hopelessness.  Poverty.  Loss of opportunity.  Turning to drugs.  Failure to get appropriate access to medication and other medical care.  Failure to identify when to act – how to act, and that when you ‘prevent a crime’ – keep in mind no crime has been committed.

You thought we should ‘enact gun control’ and ‘silently kill off all mentally insane’.  That neither gets rid of the problem, and it also does not solve the problem.  For one, the ‘send them to an island trick to die’ does not stop people from becoming mentally ill.  Every time I have spoken to anyone who has received psychiatric attention, their stories are all similar:  trauma.  social duress.  hopelessness.  bad relationships with who should be close people.  stress.  followed up most times with drug abuse – even if it is just marijuana or alcohol.

Second, these people are already not supposed to have access to guns.  The fact that you fail to keep them safe from guns means further ‘gun control’ will do nothing to stop people from using guns in violence.  Third, combining all mass shootings in the last 10 years doesn’t even come close to the total ‘murders with a firearm’ that happened this year alone.  Yet you ignore these ‘normal acts of murder’ and then turn around and justify the deaths of millions of family members, community workers, and good people doing what they are supposed to be doing because of the acts of very few – and applying to that a ‘stereotype’.

When you see the real problems behind gun violence, and the real problems behind criminal intent, you’ll realize just what needs to be done.  But I won’t discuss that – because I’m trying to teach you how to do it.  It does me no good to just show you things – you’re going to have to learn how to do this on your own.

Same with ‘terrorism’.  You are all so distracted that you’re failing to notice the real problems.  Not only are we walking right into various ‘traps’, and making our own nations bankrupt and weak, but you are also setting yourselves up for an absolute slaughter, and opening yourselves up to actual terrorism because all of your concentration is on the wrong people, and further you are wading through endless information that actually has no meaning that can be applied to ‘anti-terrorism’.  The fact you can’t name a single, real ‘foiled terrorist plot’ tells volumes…

Same with the economic troubles.  If you look at these balance sheets, and at unemployment – it leads you to blindly think that we are ‘getting better’.  And yet you fail to realize that only 58% of the actual working-class (very trimmed down to disclude even students) are actually working.  You fail to realize that the younger generation has a mountain of student debt – and no job that goes with their field of study.  You fail to realize that we are bankrupt.  You fail to realize that all of these ‘billionaires’ are the exact reason for the economic lifestyles we are ending up with, and the exact reason for all of this poverty…

I gave you two options – one, revolt and implement a better society.  Or two – fix capitalism and do what you can to prevent the accumulation of riches, thereby ensuring that there is a well-off middle and lower class – which will do its part to not only reduce recession and depression cycles – but limit their longevity and impact.

The reason I am telling you these things now is exactly because I ran out of time.  According to google, this website may not be accessible by google searches at all.  Or yahoo searches, for that matter.  You are going to have to spread it around yourselves.

Now what did I see out of Thailand?  They failed to listen to me, and instead listened to ‘anonymous’.  Now, when the government said ‘we have arrested all leaders’ – they meant it.  Anonymous members are not important anymore.  You are always either leading or following, even if you think you are ‘leaderless’.  Now that the best ‘leaders’ are locked up, we can be sure that anonymous is no longer a ‘threat to the government’ – and nobody will report it – just like ‘occupy’.  DOA…

Thailand listened to them and ‘instead of voting, we will take ourselves off of the ballot in protest.  We don’t feel voting will make a difference..’  You know what they just did?  They exactly took who they wanted out of power, and then turned around and didn’t vote at all, and further put everyone they did not like in power.  Now what will happen is this – all those people following that ‘party’ will be made example of, and just like ‘occupy and anonymous’, they are now DOA.  They did exactly what the rest of their government wanted – they took themselves out of office, out of power, and now they can strike with impunity.  When these people go back to protest, it will no longer be tolerated, and their only hope is to literally ‘pray that those we took out of power somehow resolve the situation’.  Or further ‘pray that the rest of our people join us’.  That’s not a good strategy, especially when protesting alone almost toppled the regime.  Good luck now, Thailand.

Now, proceed to read this post, and remember the objective is to see what is plainly before you, instead of getting wrapped up in hatred, fear, and anger.  Then think for yourselves.  Think of what the real problems are, then what the best answers are.  When you have the best answers, start sifting through them.  Implement, revise, etc.  Try and fail.  Experiment.  Adapt.  Overcome.  That is as simple as I can make it…

Onwards, we march!!

Think about it – how many scratchers and lottery tickets do you see people endlessly buy at gas stations?  A whole shit-ton.  Do you ever see anyone coming in the gas station with any scratcher or lottery ticket claiming a bigger payout than just a few dollars?  I never have.  Do you really think that when they win they just ‘do it in secret?’  No – the maximum payout for a scratcher is ~1,000 dollars and the max payout of pick 3 is $600…

You may be able to see easily how scratchers are rigged.  You scratch the ticket – even if it is a winning ticket, you can ‘fuck up’.  But it doesn’t stop there – oh no – they print these things so they only pay out a certain amount according to the ticket roll.  It’s completely rigged.

So maybe you ‘wise up and only play the lottery?  I mean, after all, we see these guys draw numbers out of a completely random machine on tv – we know that isn’t rigged – it’s completely random!’  Nope.  It’s a complete rip-off…

How do I know?  Because I could tell, just by the statistics of winning and the sheer volume of tickets sold, that pick-3 is completely a fraud.

Here’s how:  In pick-3, your exact chances of winning any ‘exact match’ is 10^3.  (10*10*10=1/1000).  That means if you play the pick-3 enough, say, 2000 times, you should generally at least win at some point.  If you play it 3 times more than that, according to random probability, you should almost definitely win (your exact probability of picking 3 numbers out of 0-9 is 10 numbers.  This means your exact chance of winning is called ’10 pick 3′, or 10^3, or 1/1,000.  If you play 6,000 times, you should definitely win.)

Given that a pick-3 ticket only gives you 2 drawings per ticket, you would have to play 3,000 tickets to almost definitely win out of random probability.  In reality, you should win multiple times this way.  But that’s 3,000 tickets, and you would have to play 100 tickets/day to win every year.

But it doesn’t stop there – fuck oh no – imagine that in every state, there are millions of these idiots playing every day.  How many ‘win the jackpot of $600′?  No state ever reports these figures.  Why?  Probably because every day most players lose.  How the fuck can that be?  If the odds of ‘winning’ only with pick-3 are 1/1,000, and at least a million pick-3 tickets are sold in every state, there should be at least, on average, 1,000 winners every day!

Even with a ‘fraudulant system’, if it was truly randomized, the odds of losers to winners, and the fact that you only win about $600 out of pick-3 – that’s only $6,000 dollars out of $1,000,000 dollars that the ‘state’ has to pay out every day.  So how come you never hear about anyone winning the lottery?  The reality is, people should be winning the lottery all the time – almost every day – but never do.

Let’s look at the ‘big lottery’…  I mean, even Forbes has said ‘playing the lottery is a good investment’  Are you all really that god-damn dumb?!

Mega Millions.  Keep in mind, I found numerous different ‘ways to play’ and constantly updated ‘rules’ -  so I’m not exactly sure how this is played currently…

How to play:  You pick five number 1-75, and one number 1-15.  That’s ’75 pick 5′ and ’14 pick 1′.  In other words, that comes out to 75^5*14.  (75*75*75*75*75*14).  The exact odds of winning, assuming a completely randomized system, is 1/33,222,656,250.   1 in fucking 33 billion!  (That’s ‘if’ the way you win is to exactly match all balls)

In reality, your odds are much better than that – because they allow you to ‘win’ in any order of ‘white ball’s.  That changes it to the following (I have to now look it up online) – that’s saying ’75 pick 5, order doesn’t matter’, which changes the equasion to n = 75, r = 5, order important = no, repetitions = yes.  n = 74, r = 5, etc. = 22,537,515 * 14 (last ‘ball’) = ~1/315,525,210.  They say the odds are 1/258,890,850, that’s close, so we’ll take their word for it…

Even though they never give out exact numbers, we were able to ‘glean’ out of the internet that when winnings are high, one report said they sold 26,000,000 tickets an hour.  In a 24-hour day, that’s 624,000,000 tickets!  In actuality, if everyone were to play that way every day, there should be, on average, 2.4 ‘jackpot winners’ every single day – on average!

So how does this number ‘swell so high’.  One reason may be that it isn’t actually random…

Just because you see a bunch of damn balls bouncing around in a machine doesn’t mean they can’t ‘rig’ those balls or the machine so it chooses certain numbers – it makes it even easier for the machine if the numbers’ order isn’t important.  Adding to that the fact that you have to run all of your ‘chosen or randomized numbers’ through a ‘machine’ first, you might notice that every day, every ticket is ‘known’ by the people operating the game – they know every possible combination every day, and if it’s rigged, unless every possible ticket is played, they can just give you a combination that nobody picked that ‘day’.  See?

Gee, wonder why it works this way?

Now again, just because you see it on tv – that doesn’t mean it is an accurate news story, or a fact.  Just because it’s shown on the news doesn’t make it real.  Now what should this tell you about the news you watch and read online?  Start checking your sources, and double-checking the news, and you’ll start to get an idea of where to read your news from, and further you’ll start to realize that tv is a propaganda machine – and you’re better off just watching movies instead, and turn off your damn dummy box…

But let’s further assume that it isn’t rigged somehow.  Let’s say it’s completely random.  Here’s the other problem:

Let’s assume something goes horribly wrong for these lottery people – let’s say their ‘minimum payout’ is 15,000,000 dollars for the ‘jackpot’.  Now let’s say everybody in the US buys 1 ticket each day.  Every day, there should be a winner, on average.  But at the same time, a $1 dollar ticket, when 300,000,000 people are playing, is $300,000,000 dollars to the ‘gov’nas’, and they still only have to pay out $15,000,000.  So why the ‘rigging’?

Because even with those exact odds, it’s still probability.  In reality, there could be 200 people win in a day.  If 200 people happen to win, they will lose money.  Oh no – that can’t fucking happen in a lottery!

So they set ‘additional rules‘:

all prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning payouts are based on sales and the number of winners. All other Mega Millions states set the 2nd through 9th prizes at pre-determined amounts.

Awww, they actually base the payouts on sales and number of winners.  Then with a rigged system, they can get exactly the amount of money they want each year, and pay out exactly what they want each year.

In other words, all of you people playing the lottery is basically like imposing on yourselves a ‘tax’ of an additional #365-3,650 per year, depending on how many scratchers and lottery tickets you buy.  (Assuming the most you buy in a day is $10 dollars worth, however I’ve seen people buy about $100 dollars of scratchers and lotto tickets a go).

Imagine that – a self-imposed ‘free tax’ to state and federal ‘govnas’ that amounts to well over billions per year, that you give in addition to your taxation, with the exchange of only a 0.0000002% chance of winning.  Why – yes – your chances are better of being randomly struck by lightning, or shooting a hole-in one, or making the 8-ball on a break (I’ve done that 4 times now), etc.  Imagine your chances of ‘dying during any anesthetic is roughly 0.01%’.  Your chances of death by anesthetic alone is 10,000 times more likely than hitting the mega-bucks millions drawing – ever!  And you take that chance well over dozens of times during your life!  Yet you play the lotto as if you’re gonna ‘win’ and be ‘one of the lucky rich and famous’.  What a complete fucking joke.

You know what happened when I saw all of this going on?  At first, I said – there’s a lot of stupid people out there.  But what I’m finding out is, you’ve been breeding yourselves this way – into stupidity.  Further, in this society, you destroy your best people.  Then, you choose who you want to have certain ‘jobs’ and ‘opportunities’, usually based on social-related qualities, like ‘do they look good’, ‘how well do they kiss my ass’, or ‘do they hate my enemies’, or ‘what can I get out of them’, but never ‘what kind of work can they do’ or ‘how skilled are they at their trade’……

Why yes – you think you are evolving forward.  The reality is, you’re not evolving at all anymore, exactly.  It’s no longer ‘survival of the fittest’, it’s rather ‘survival of friends’ and ‘social evolution’ and ‘social baby-making’.  That made me realize one thing:  There is absolutely no hope for your future, at this point in time.

(In accordance with a recent comment, I *just had to* make this update as well…)

Remember all the Missouri radio stations blasting you to ‘play the lottery’ and ‘it all goes to funding our schools’ and to ‘play it forward’ – like it’s now charity?  Let’s see about that:

This site is the ‘official site telling the figures’…

Approximately 24.5 cents of every dollar spent on the Missouri Lottery benefits Missouri’s public education programs; 64.7 cents goes back to players as prizes, 4.6 cents is used for administrative costs and 6.2 cents goes to retailers in the form of commissions, incentives and bonuses. In all, more than 95 cents of every dollar stays in Missouri!

The total proceeds contributed to public education in fiscal year 2013 were more than $288.8 million.

So just by this site, we can conclude that 288.8M goes to education, 1,178.78M was collected in total.  Of that, 54.22M went to ‘admin costs’, and 73.08M went to retailers, incentives, and bonuses.  = People profiting off of your stupidity.  So while you ‘play it forward’, keep in mind there are some people behind it all that absolutely love how stupid you really are…

Is it any wonder CEOs and owners of major corporations all started treating their customers as ‘cattle’ and ‘idiots’?!

But it doesn’t stop there – aw hell no it don’t – here’s the real story from nytimes:

For years, those states have heard complaints that not enough of their lottery revenue is used for education. Now, a New York Times examination of lottery documents, as well as interviews with lottery administrators and analysts, finds that lotteries accounted for less than 1 percent to 5 percent of the total revenue for K-12 education last year in the states that use this money for schools.

In reality, most of the money raised by lotteries is used simply to sustain the games themselves, including marketing, prizes and vendor commissions. And as lotteries compete for a small number of core players and try to persuade occasional customers to play more, nearly every state has increased, or is considering increasing, the size of its prizes — further shrinking the percentage of each dollar going to education and other programs.

In some states, lottery dollars have merely replaced money for education. Also, states eager for more players are introducing games that emphasize instant gratification and more potentially addictive forms of gambling.

Why yes, you are surely helping the school system a ton..  But you’re helping private enterprise even more.  Thanks for listening to our aggressive and addicting advertising ‘campaign’.  Why yes – you are playing it forward (to us, the people running the thing, anyway – I wonder if the gov’nas actually get payouts from this too…)

This just compounds the level of ‘duuuuhh’…..

[Edit] But what did I just hear on the radio, just after getting done writing this?  I expected to hear music.  What I heard was a 45-minute radio conversation that was all about ‘what would you do with the mega-million jackpot or lottery jackpot’, and why one guy should get more than the rest of them, and justifying and sweet-talking and making people feel guilty when they are told to accept 1M in winnings compared to 10M for him.  Then, more bullshit.  More fantasizing about what you would do with the money and ‘you could win’, even though at the start the first thing they did was show you all the strange and f’ed up shit that is much, much more likely to happen, like the idea that you have 10,000,000xs better chances from dying related to an injury caused by your own toilet…

What this all means is simple:  you all are much more comfortable ‘fantasizing’ about shit that will never happen, fearing shit that is either not real or will also likely never happen, being distracted, lied to, and ‘buying into’ numerous ads, commercials, and ‘news’ stories – that it’s not any wonder what is going on here:

Most of you all are completely, utterly, hopelessly brainwashed idiots…

Even with religion by itself, it’s been 2,000+ years of ‘we hate our enemies, our enemies are going to suffer forever, ‘holy war’, ‘armagheddon, bloodshed, eternal torture, hell, satan, demons, and we just can’t figure out what the fuck this means or says, and also numerous false predictions on the end of the earth, and translating the entire thing the exact wrong ways, and thinking about it all in exactly a completely selfish manner (when I said to someone ‘god is only good’, the general response is ‘god made us in his own image – I am both good and evil.  That means god is both good and evil’.  Are you pretending you yourself are a ‘god’?  Because, not only is that what you just said, but according to your own bible – that also makes absolutely no sense that god is both good and evil.  The reason is if that were true, then it also means satan is both good and evil, and is god’s worker – his right-hand man.  But right at the start, the bible clearly states ‘god is good’, ‘satan is evil’, and the two are enemies.  Otherwords, you fucking make no sense…’;

All while not a single preacher was able to honestly read the bible, and just put two fucking simple sentences together, and know that it was the only real thing he/she needed to know from the entire bible, which was repeated time and time again throughout all recorded history:  “God is good”, “God is the truth”.  That’s it – that’s the only fucking thing you need to know about any religion, and you basically can ‘make up’ the rest of the details all on your own!

It’s no wonder all of the developed world is spiraling out of control and into total chaos from every direction, and nobody knows what to do.  It’s no wonder nothing is being done about global warming – and we’re already seeing the effects of it.  Fuck – the only thing that made it close to 50 degrees in december the last two days was just because the fucking sun was out and there were no clouds.  As it got dark, it fucking got cold.  That should be taken as living fucking proof that global warming is going to hit us much faster – and much harder – than we currently are predicting.

In other words, not only are you retards looking at the downfall of your own society and nations, and also the deaths of ‘hopefully everyone but “us”, and shit’, but you’re also looking at, in your own lifetimes quite possibly, the total obliteration of all food supplies, water supplies, and fishing and game that make the ‘world go round’ – leading to a repeat of the worst mass-extinction event in the planet’s history.

And if you think that somehow you’re doing something right by getting filthy rich during all this – just remember it is exactly you all that could have stopped it.  Instead you just said ‘fuck it – I’m going out with a bang!  Party time!  Front-row seats!’

The reality is, you are much more likely to be struck in the head by an asteroid than you are to have a 1/1,000 chance of winning the lottery.  So why the fuck are you buying tickets?  I would rather buy a pack of cigarettes – because at least that $6 pack of smokes is going to be much more rewarding for me than 2,000,000 losing lottery tickets.  In fact, the real thing you should be looking at is if you knew reality, you could play the national lotto, by itself, at least 3 billion times and never fucking win.  Yet all of you are fantasizing about what you would do with the winnings, and can’t help but play.  Way to throw away those dolla bills to the ‘man’ – because the ‘man’ is making a hell of a lot more money than the ‘winner of the jackpot’ – that’s the absolute truth in it.  The only way to win is not to play.

If you think somehow we can leave something behind like the ancients – like big fucking buildings – think again.  This time, we may not only destroy all life on earth with the exception of the deepest oceans (just like the same scenario when it happened ‘naturally’), causing a complete reset in the fossil record, but we may also destroy our own atmosphere doing this…

The result of either?  Even if you somehow managed to leave behind some form of information somehow -  nobody would understand what the fuck it says.  Or what it means.  It’s just like us trying to translate Egyptian glyphs – we don’ t actually know what the fuck it says – we just think we have a good fucking idea.  On top of that, imagine earth’s atmosphere gets destroyed – radiation from the sun is going to pummel earth, and there will be no chance of life ever coming back.  To top all that off, there’s not a fucking hope in heaven or earth that alien life somehow will find our ‘remains’, and we’re retarded to think that leaving behind anything is going to actually ‘teach them something’.  At best, if they can decypher the messages, it’s going to tell aliens how fucking dumb we really were…


Don’t believe me that most CEOs and owners think their customers are ‘stupid’?  Just do some google searching until you are fully satisfied.  Wonder why banks seem to be dumb enough to default constantly for ever-more frivolous reasons, and then when everything goes wrong they just get all that money from you anyway?  Wonder why most businesses are raking in billions upon billions in profits right now – while the rest of you work like crazy, with little time for yourselves, are fired consistently, your careers destroyed, your lives destroyed – and most of you will be homeless at some point in your lives – all the while most of the US and developed world lives in absolute ‘poverty’ while the rich remain ‘bloody rich’ – they are literally killing you off, can probably get away with murder, and you all think that’s all ok..

Here’s just a few excerpts I found quickly:

[1]  Michael O’Leary, the CEO of the fee-happy European airline Ryanair, isn’t scared of a little controversy. In fact, he seems to actively welcome it, periodically making outrageous statements (“The best thing you can do with environmentalists is shoot them”) and announcing possible new money-makers for the airline such as in-flight porn and pay toilets. Well, O’Leary is in the news again, this time for referring to Ryanair passengers—the people who have made him a rich man—as “idiots.”

[2]  Mark Zuckerberg admits in a New Yorker profile that he mocked early Facebook users for trusting him with their personal information. A youthful indiscretion, the Facebook founder says he’s much more mature now, at the ripe age of 26.

“They trust me — dumb fucks,” says Zuckerberg in one of the instant messages, first published by former Valleywag Nicholas Carlson at Silicon Alley Insider, and now confirmed by Zuckerberg himself in Jose Antonio Vargas’s New Yorker piece. Zuckerberg now tells Vargas, “I think I’ve grown and learned a lot” since those instant messages.

[3]  Tone at the top is crucial. Arguably the most notorious example of CEO customer contempt was Gerald Ratner’s ill-conceived attempt at humor in a speech to Britain’s Institute of Directors 20 years ago. He famously described his company’s products as “total crap.” The tabloid press and the investment community alike tore into him, dramatically slashing the value of his eponymous firm and ultimately leading to his ouster.

More recently, according to The Economist, Frederic Rouzaud, the then-newly appointed head of Louis Roederer, the French champagne producer that makes Cristal, dissed the embrace by America’s rap community of his company’s premier product: “We can’t forbid people from buying it. I’m sure Dom Perignon or Krug would be delighted to have the business.”

[4]  But it doesn’t stop there – oh hell no – you can find almost any company thinks today their ‘customers are stupid’..  Take Microsoft, for example:

Based on this ad, I come away feeling as though Microsoft has the following impressions of its customers:

  • They don’t understand technology
  • They don’t care to understand technology
  • They’re willing to buy substandard products and simply hope those products will eventually improve to the level of efficiency they should already have been at
  • They’re lazy

There’s also Steven, whose house is filled with PCs even though they were hell to connect before, and Jack, who’s so proud of Microsoft “using” his idea that he called his mom to tell her about it.  Now we see which virtues Microsoft really values: slavish brand loyalty despite user dissatisfaction and a copious mix of hubris and stupidity.

(If I really wanted to nitpick, I could also touch on the fact that each of the “normal” people in these ads envision themselves as physically attractive paragons of insight during their flashbacks, which implies that Microsoft doesn’t think “normal” people are self-confident enough to think of themselves as being already attractive in the first place.  Or, in some cases, that Microsoft’s idea of “heightened attractiveness” is actually less attractive than the “normal” people themselves.  But, I digress…)

Note:  I guess nobody actually is paying attention to the real messages behind most ads today – they are complete appeals to stupidity…  My proof?  Just listen to them.  The most valued ones are stupid jokes, or stupid ads.  You think it’s funny – and what’s really interesting to me is it doesn’t matter how shitty the product or service really is, or how shitty the value or cost is – you buy it anyway just because it made you laugh while you were watching tv or listening to the radio… 

They didn’t even talk about what they were selling.  They just made a fucking joke and because you thought it was funny, you go out and buy like crazy – and it works a shit ton.  So does sex appeal.  So does a variety of stupid shit that has nothing to do with the actual product or service, its cost, or how it compares to other products.  The reality is, most of these ads realize that you are stupid enough, that if they just appeal to what makes you ‘tick’, it doesn’t matter what they are trying to get you to do – you will do it for reasons as stupid as this, and most of it appeals to whatever stupid shit you already believe or hear from your ‘peers’ or ‘leadership’….

In case this isn’t enough for you, let’s turn our attention to sales tactics:

Price-hiking energy giant SSE’s shocking behind-the-scenes ­attitude towards customers is today uncovered by a whistleblower who worked at one of its call centres.

The ex-employee claims the firm will “do whatever it takes” to maximise its gigantic profits.

He tells how staff are openly encouraged to avoid mentioning a money-saving Government-backed deal during calls….

And he reveals how they are told to tell callers “little white lies” to help clinch a sale – and how they trick customers, routinely referred to by staff as “f****** idiots – into giving away unregistered phone numbers so they can cold call them.

Earlier this month the company unveiled an 8.2 per cent price rise for its 4.4million electricity customers and 2.9million gas users, despite announcing £1.41billion pre-tax profits in March.

The price hike sparked outrage – and led to the furious insider contacting us to reveal SSE’s secret tricks. He said: “The customer comes second. The shareholder is the most important person.

“I remember a group meeting where managers said it’s all to do with the shareholders. They need to make their money.”….

He said trainee call centre workers sitting in classes of 12 were advised to jot down words to use during calls.

“This is basically how to talk to the customer, how to explain things – and that if you speak in a certain way, you can pretty much sell anything,” he said.

“There are ‘green’ words like ‘valued’, ‘save’, ‘sustain’, ‘effective’. If you can use these certain words in a certain way, you will get the customer.”

He said other ‘green words’ used to trap callers include “popular”, “simple” and “affordable”. And then there were words staff were NOT encouraged to use – including “expensive” and “cheap”.

Gee – if all it takes is a little smooth-talking and use of certain words you like, it’s not any wonder why you idiots buy so much crap you don’t fucking need!  It’s also no wonder why everyone everywhere has been getting away with totally screwing the customer over, always jacking up prices, and always finding ways to further screw you out of assets and money just to make not themselves rich, but some asshole at the top filthy rich!  It’s total fuck-me-stupid everywhere!!

And if that ain’t enough for you to munch on, imagine this – I have absolutely no doubts why you elected the last 8+ presidents that you did (with the possible exception of Clinton..).  They fucking flat-out lied to you all throughout their campaign, none of them followed up on anything they were saying, and you further elected the idiots; mostly because of what the media told you to do, and how to think about them.

It’s no wonder why most of you are die-hard party-bashers, always screaming ‘yay, republican or yay, democrat’ – with full knowledge that the entire system is busted, nobody is actually working for their constituents (their people), and further all of them are only taking bribes, doing what they are not only told to do by rich owners and other big-money ‘interest groups’, but being paid to do it as a bribe as well.  And yet none of you dumb-motherfuckers know the difference!  It’s absolutely amazing!

The best piece-o-work was the first ‘Bush’.  Remember his punch-line he used all throughout his campaign?  ‘Read my lips: no more taxes’.  Public audience ‘yay!  No more taxes!’  He didn’t mention anything about WHAT THE FUCK HE WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO DO TO MAKE IT SO YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY TAXES…

On top of that, not only did he, during his campaign, NOT say how he would devise a system where no taxation would work, during his 8 years as president, he never even brought the subject up for debate – never even spoke about it.

Did *gasp* that mean he lied?  The fact is, you dummies are being lied to all the damn time – false advertising, propaganda, everywhere – and you don’t even fucking realize it.

Consider wal-mart.  Most of you idiots think if you go there for everything, you ‘automatically buy at the best price’ because their slogan is ‘always low prices – always’, and they put an ad up showing a ‘low price guarantee – if you find a lower price somewhere else, we’ll match it at the register.’

Did any of you actually consider, on a large enough scale, to test that out?  Try it!  Cut out a bunch of coupons from those sale ads, and take pictures of products from other stores you know are in wal-mart.  Then, go to wal-mart and pick up those items, and go to the damn register.  If enough of you do it, so it’s on a nation-wide scale, one of two things are going to happen:

1.  Most of you go to the check-out, and the person at the register doesn’t know wtf to do and instead makes you pay full price.  Then wal-mart has no-comment, and further, none of you can sue for ‘false advertising’.  You should now see how busted corporate america really is..

2.  They follow up on their word, and give you those prices.  If you do that enough, watch as fucking wal-mart puts out a statement reversing that ‘customer ability’, and then stops doing it.  Again, none of you can sue, and again, you’ll realize just how fucked up corporate america really is…

But probably that won’t even matter because of another little-known ‘sales tactic’.  If you just put a ‘for sale’ sign up, people think it’s a good fucking value!

I know for a fact, at one retail store, in college early on, I worked as a shoe salesman.  I spent every day putting up new signs for the afternoon, so every day I basically knew the prices of every shoe.  Almost every time, when the ‘retailer’ made me put a big red ‘Sale’ sign up for a shoe – the fucking ‘sale price’ was either the same or even much higher than the ‘regular price yesterday’.  And people bought the crap out of those shoes – just because it had a big red ‘sale’ sign.  What a fucking joke!!

So if we can find a whole shit-ton of articles pointing to the idea that most companies think you are brainwashed, stupid fucks; let’s see if you really are:

1.  While the government is going nuts about its own citizens, treating even children as ‘potential breeding grounds for terrorism’, remember this:  you didn’t even understand what the fuck Snowden or Assange was even doing – you listened directly to the government and thought these were somehow bad people – the reality is, they are the only honest motherfuckers in the whole god-damned system today!!!

2.  When you thought ‘our government is corrupted’, the only ‘answers’ you had were ‘tell everyone not to vote’ or ‘let’s all vote independent this time’.  The results – you just took the best, most honest voters, completely off the ballots!  What a dumb-fuck idea that was (even an ‘Anonymous’ protester from England, who is a rockstar, comedian, etc. thought that was an excellent fucking idea – what a complete retard, no wonder he is a comedian/celebrity).  The reality is, your ‘strategies’ suck

3.  The people that know what to do about their governments are fighting, but the results?  They hand power directly back to some other assholes that are even worse.  (See Egypt, Iran).  But at least with Egypt, the army wouldn’t allow that shit.  (but now who knows what is going to happen).  Then you have some people who just can’t step the fuck down without slaughtering their own people – and these fucking retarded soldiers actually do it for them, like retards (see Syria, and well, every other fucking nation where people are protesting)

Everything, seeing all of this, points me to one conclusion:  yes, people are that dumb.  Just look at the Pope:  he totally called out capitalism in the western world and said ‘all these riches are creating much more poverty than riches’.  Was he right to blast capitalism?  Hell fucking yes!  Was he wrong about anything?  Fucking no!  And yet all you retards believed “Rush Limbaugh”: ‘The Pope is *gasp* a Marxist!’  First, that is a flat-out lie, and is totally baseless – and yet you all believed “Rush” and blasted the “Pope”, forcing the Pope to make numerous other statements.  You dumb-asses.  Let’s look at what happened here:  The Pope made a statement that offends and threatens all rich people, so Rush uses what people hate – the concept of communism – which you were ‘brainwashed’ to hate (even though neither the Pope or I like communism, but rather other forms of socialism, which these ‘alternate’ forms of society actually work in better accordance to the Pope’s church doctrine – at least he’s an honest and good one), and you utterly and blindly believed it because you just can’t get the fuck over your own fucking hatred and anger, and also you can’t help but listen only with your ears and see only with your eyeballs, and never question any authority figure, like usual….

All you people are good at is winning an argument.  In well over 2,000 years, that’s basically all you have learned.  How to pick enemies, frame them up, etc.  Did it ever occur to you that you don’t actually ‘see’ with your eyes, but rather your mind?  Did it ever occur to you that you don’t ‘hear’ with your ears, but your brain?  Et-fucking-cetera!!

If you take offense to these last two posts – you should – because it’s intended, and it means you are a big part of the problem here…

When people gang up and pick on a kid in school, is it the kid being picked on that is the real problem?  No – it’s the mutherfucking retards that are doing it!  And yet every counselor and everybody else thinks there must be ‘something wrong with that kid – or else people wouldn’t do that’.  You fucking retards – there’s something exactly wrong with the rest of you – and you’re the ones that ‘make it’.  What a bunch of bullshit.

I have a challenge for you – I want you all to turn off your tv, and not watch for 6 months.  (I bet you can’t handle this for even a single day).  Go to the internet.  Start reading news.  But don’t stop the fuck at that – see what the ‘proof’ and ‘accuracy’ is of each news story.  Go from (godawful) Fox, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, etc., etc. looking for the ‘most accurate story’ and ‘most honest writers’.  I bet you’ll find out that the news sites you never knew about – like ‘theguardian’, tell the most accurate stories!  The most popular ‘news’ stations tell you flat-out propaganda!

I watched CNN for 2 months straight once – and I have to admit, I was one of those brainless idiots going ‘yeah – we must stop these insane people’ and ‘yeah – we need to get rid of all guns in america’.  The fact was – both ideas were utterly wrong and horrifyingly brainwashing!!  I just ‘bought into the fucking story like an idiot’.  Turn off the god-damn television…

Now when it’s just information, start figuring out how to get to the ‘most accurate’ sources and ‘most viable’ information.  When you do, the more you dig, the more you learn.  When you stop being ‘brainwashed’ and ‘start thinking for yourselves’, you’ll see why ‘experts’ like scientists and everyone else are all blogging and bitching while the rest of you never listen to a fucking thing.  The fact is – we can’t do anything by ourselves.  Part of the problem is the rest of you don’t understand anything that is going on or what to do about it, and even though we flat-out tell you, you still don’t ‘get it’.

Now that I have blasted almost everyone, I guess I can stop bitching now….  Good luck with ‘global warming’ and all the rest of your ‘problems’.  The fact is, you’re too dumb to know the difference between the real problems and the ‘distractions’…

Now, looking at my last 5 posts, when I started ‘bitching and preaching’, and blasting everyone as ‘idiots’, you may be thinking to yourself by now – ‘man, this guy is never going to get a job again’.

The fact is, you’ve already completely destroyed my life, you’ve already completely destroyed my ‘short hopeless career’, and now I have no way out of this bullshit situation the rest of you have put me in.  That’s despite the fact that I was a straight-A student every time I wanted to be, regardless of the ‘school’, despite the fact that I am in the top 1% of everyone in intelligence, despite the fact I am probably in the top 0.0001% in certain ‘intelligence areas’, despite the fact that my instructors were saying I was the best and brightest ‘programmer that they have ever graduated out of this school’, etc., etc.  The only thing that mattered was one thing:  ‘Did you ‘like me’?’.  That’s it – nothing fucking else mattered.  And because certain ‘individuals’ didn’t fucking like me – the lies they spread around were enough for the rest of you to utterly destroy my entire life.  Happy?

Because those ‘corporate laws’ that say ‘no manager or employee can say anything about you aside from yes/no you worked there’ – that doesn’t even fucking matter.  The reality is, even if you somehow can get an interview without any references (and most people hate being a reference all the fucking time), the very first thing the manager does if they want to hire you is to call every fucking company you ever worked for to get their ‘opinion of you’, and their ‘opinion’ boils down to one thing: ‘did they like you?’

On top of that, they can now get your entire life’s story and every opinion you ever had from tech companies or the government.  There are no longer any laws that protect you, in reality – and if you ever try to sue – I hope you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to waste for the lawyer and court fees up-front – or else, you can’t possibly win against a corporate entity these days.  Forget about it.  Malpractice?  Soon to be over – you had better start learning medicine and everything else – just to protect yourselves and know what options you really have.  Just like my last post, there’s a lot of ‘cockroaches’ out there, according to the ‘referenced MD speaking himself’…

On top of that, now while the company you just interviewed with can instantly know everything about you (even if it’s not true or a lie), you still don’t know a god-damn thing about them or anyone that you are going to work for or with until you actually walk into the job.  And you all still think that since the ‘unemployment rate is dropping’ and ‘corporations are raking in big bucks’ that we are somehow doing well and headed back in the right direction….

Well, look up the ‘facts’.  There are more people reliant on the government today than there ever were before – and for these people, there is no way back or out.  That’s just the way the system works.  Most of our youth, who racked up on average 50,000 dollars of student debt, work part-time jobs and/or live with their parents, and are the biggest generation of non-full-time workers, in poverty, and are referred to as ‘the recession generation’ and the ‘renter generation’.  Hmmmmm….  Wonder how that happened.

If you want to look up the rest of the ‘facts’ – they are out there.  Big auto again going bankrupt.  Big banks still foreclosing even on a matter of ‘taxation’ – when the entire house has been paid off in full.  Huge profit margins.  Low wages.  Less jobs.  Trimmed, overworked, overstressed workforces.  Costs of everything – especially necessities like food, shelter, transportation, gas, electric, cable, higher education, healthcare – all skyrocketing – with nobody seeming to care how high prices ever get.  Each year, the more news and information I read, the worse your ‘situation here’ looks.

And in my career (which I never really got to work during a time when the economy wasn’t bat-shit crazy); It didn’t fucking matter how much I was a ‘yes, sir’ guy, it didn’t matter how well I went ‘above and beyond expectations’, it didn’t matter if I performed a fucking miracle for you at work, like I sometimes did – all you fucking cared about was whether I could keep absolutely everyone fucking happy all god-damned day!  If that’s what you really wanted – don’t bother with HR, screenings, interviews, or recruiters – just go to the fucking bars around town to find your next ‘employee’.

That’s really all you people want – is a fucking drinking buddy…   The way I saw it, you all are totally insane!  My life was even being threatened at the last place I worked, which was a government job, most people there were absolutely nuts, and when I complained, the manager actually defended the people that were making the threats…  My answer to that?  Sure, I’ll just call in sick two days like you told me I couldn’t do – and sure enough – two days later after I returned I was fired.

What actually happened, I found out when I was getting fired, was that as soon as I was gone the first damn day for only an hour, somebody started a rumor that said ‘he quit’ – and everybody believed it.  Who did that?  The big-titted 40-year old with a lot of guns even in her car, who I then found out was the cause of the whole mess – because all these insane fucks were drooling over her self-righteous, world-evols-around-me delusional ass, and I happened to sit across from her.  Numerous times, she thought something was going on that was utterly, completely not true.  At one point, I had to get on her about ‘just because you think something is going on in your head, doesn’t make it real’ – and she took that as ‘I’m going to get you fired.’  3 months that one lasted, threats started day 2…

Thank god I got fired so easily!  I live a little short while longer!  (Can you see why I say corporations and their people can literally get away with murder – I still can’t sue any of these companies – I even went to lawyers about all this stuff and only one in NY would take the fucking case, and I never had the money to even start it up)

The place just before that?  They had ‘corporate rules’ that stated ‘you’re not late until 9:30, any later than that predicted and you need to tell someone, but are not in trouble’.  ‘The first 90 days is always a training period’.  etc.  Did anyone follow that?  No.  I had to fix their broken assed project, which was a batch process that was running in an estimated 3-6 months in one go, and needed to run in under a month.  Their ‘fixes’ didn’t do shit fuck-all.  It took me debugging, asking questions on what the fuck it was supposed to do, and re-arranging logic, all while ‘seniors’ and ‘established experts’ were all leading me in the wrong directions and blaming random things on me – and I performed a fucking miracle and got the exact same logical program to run in under an hour total.

The result?  Nobody cares about that.  No training.  Come in at 9:30, even though you have been working late – we hold our meetings at 7:00 am, and you’re not there.  Boo-fucking-hoo.  I come in at around fucking 9, and I’m not doing anything outside of your own corporation’s policy.  On top of that, you are imposing restrictions on me regardless of corporate policy.  On top of that, when people left in drones (the whole team, making various ‘excuses’ that weren’t true – the fact is everyone was leaving because I ‘scared them with that’ and also they didn’t like the new crazy development process or the crazy seating arrangements) I was blamed for the mess and fired.  3 months.

Imagine this:  every day, you have a ‘madman redbulled-up insanity-workout dude’ breathing down your neck every 15 minutes saying things really fast – like ‘are you done yet?’  ‘How long is it going to take?’ ‘How much longer?’  ‘Anywhere close?’  ‘What’s the status, huh?’  ‘You’re stand-offish’  ‘You were 10 minutes late – are you close to being done?’  ‘where were you 5 minutes ago – I saw you weren’t at your desk?’  ‘Are you staying wiggly?’  ‘Are you still working all hours?’  ‘Are you giving me a full 8 hours?’  ‘Who do we need to talk to to get this moving?’  ‘We need to go, go, go’…

And every day, you have to give a ‘status update’ 5 different times as soon as everyone is in, and it’s always the same questions, same answers.  And if you happen to be waiting on ‘business to make decisions they should have already made before giving you the project’, it can get pretty damn repetitive.  But still, your ‘crazy supervisor’ gives you the same questions as above, and you’re tired of trying to come up with various answers that he or she should already know by now, and then you get it asked again personally every 15 minutes after that all day long.  It’s all about race, race, race; beat the clock, beat the clock; first to market wins; while never listening to any of your statements or advise, but if you don’t listen to the supervisor, there’s an issue there.  It’s a mad-house development cycle, that most companies refer to as ‘scrum’, or ‘agile’, or worse ‘extreme programming’..  And it will absolutely drive you up the damn wall.

Add to that the fact that you work late to try and beat the clock, have meetings after midnight with teams from india, pakistan, or wherever else across the globe – where most of your team is actually at, and half of your ‘superiors’ are actually from; and then most companies are even moving to seating arrangements to make sure that you are definitely typing in code every second of every day of ever year for at least 8 hours straight, not counting all the overtime that you are never paid for, and further they literally sit there and watch you all day long as you do work.

My answer to that?  Take a seat.  Step back, and just let me do my damn job for once.  It will get done as fast as I can get it done, and if you at least let me do it right, it will be quality work, with very few if any bugs and very secure.  Just give me the time I need.  It will still be first-to-market as long as you can keep it a trade secret.  But if it is first-to-market and a total piece of crap, personally, I don’t know what kind of morons would use that type of software..

That’s the way I used to think.  But the reality is, most people are just fine with no privacy, no security, vulnerabilities everywhere – some of which are every-day software pieces that haven’t been patched since the mid-90s (Well over 15 years), and as long as it eventually ‘seems to work for most people’, then that’s what people use and further they do not care how crappy it is.  Blew my mind when I found that out.

Now that I’m finding out people don’t care how outstanding or innovative or how much of a breakthrough the technology or software really is – I no longer have any selling points.  If I ever started a business, it would probably be instantly sued, threatened, trashed by other people, stolen, and a host of other things that point to this – I am not likely to make any money off of a breakthrough in technology anyway, and if I did it will probably be short-lived, just looking at how tech works anymore; and on top of that, the bigger companies are much better at ‘selling crap’ than I am at ‘selling quality and betting on intelligent consumers’….

The other option I have is to return to college to get a different degree, but looking at what should become the next ‘standard model’ of programming, even though these guys have to be highly trained, knowledgeable, and highly skilled, intelligent, and heavily trained in high-degree math at all levels – even these programming ‘experts’ only make less than brainless java web developers do.  If the job stability isn’t there – not only would I be moving to a smaller growth, smaller user area, but it would also mean a higher level of expertise and a higher level of skill requirement for programming – and absolutely no benefit.  Actually, because the jobs are far fewer and I would definitely have to move around the country, the only way I can stay in programming is if I can just find a ‘niche’ that values my work, and doesn’t care if someone goes ape-shit for no reason, while I am just keeping my head down and trying to get a lot of work done…

such as a lady who ‘gets mad because she had a surgery, and was pissed that while we were told to choose seats out of these four, I chose her friends’ seat, who is only there two days out of the week, and even though [I] offered to move to the other one right next to it, it’s too late – YOU ALREADY STOLE HER SEAT!!!!  (Estrogen going crazy – or PMS = total bitch mode, incoherent)  My response as she was walking away was ‘you can’t be serious’.  That’s all I said.  But everything at that place went downhill from that moment on….   At least I already spent the greater part of the year before that, and made it *wow* a whole year for the first time since the ‘great recession started’!  *Prize* = get yer shit and move somewhere else fast before you run out of pocket-change (which for me at the time was only a couple hundred dollars – I had to take out my 401K early – all of it – to afford the move to that first place that fired me for fixing their broken batch process so they could make a ton of money out of it and fire me in return…)

I guess now you can see why 1.  I see no way back to work and 2. I see no way to position myself back to work and 3. I see no way to start up a company that is profitable within a very short amount of time and 4. still don’t know if I could ever make any money off of my own works = no possible way out.  I can’t even afford to go back to college without help funding it from somewhere.  This all = screwed for life.

So you know what?  I’m close to death now.  Thanks.  Thanks for playing.  But you know something else?

Because of what the rest of you are doing, and what you are not doing, and what you are saying, and what you are not saying – because of the way you fucking retards are – you’re problems are soon going to be much worse than mine ever were.

You would think that would make me feel comfortable – but it doesn’t.  Because I’m different from you – it does me no good to imagine the total shit-storm that is definitely coming your way.  I don’t take pleasure in other people fucking suffering and dying like the rest of you.  The reality is, I’ve been trying to save your dumb asses this whole time, but your retarded shitheads would not let us…

That’s why I wrote these last 5 posts – not only to tell you what’s going wrong, but how to fix it.  If you can’t understand it, then that’s too fucking bad.  Because by the time you realize that I not only bitched and yelled and lectured you, but I also showed you just how to save your own fucking retarded asses – and further left it all behind in case I died.  That’s the reality.  This whole time everyone was working against people like me – what’s beautifully stupid is – you didn’t realize people like us were the ones trying to get you to rescue yourselves from the damn titanic going under.

I guess you really, really do reap what you sow….

I think now that I’ve had to almost spell everything out for you all (see the comments of this post – if you’re on my ‘home page’, you’re going to have to click on the ‘title’…), I should point out a few more things now (keep in mind I could literally go on and on and on and still not tell you everything, so I’m just trying to make it simple enough so you can understand if you’re paying attention…)

Consider for a moment ADHD.  Is it really a ‘big problem’ that you can’t keep a kid’s attention during school or anywhere else?  Is it really a problem if ‘anybody’ has the attention span of a knat?  Because, they just find the subject boring, just like you probably find all these long posts boring and say ‘lol – tl; dr.’  and I’m looking back at all this going – really, I could read through all these posts on this entire site in a single day and learn a shit-ton…

Given that you all say so often as an ‘excuse to dismiss all information provided’ the following phrase ‘too long; didn’t read, lol’ – it’s really not funny that you’re stupid enough to make the excuse that just because you have to read – even for a *gasp* full minute – that it is evidence enough that everyone else reading should dismiss all of that information and observation…

So let me again ask you this:  If a kid is basically saying the same things you are as adults – why ‘diagnose them’ with ‘adhd’?  Clearly, as adults you fully accept this behavior, and think it is ‘normal’.  Yet for your kids, you mind-numbingly and brainlessly listen to the doctors try and tell you your kid has ‘a serious attention deficit disease’, further they ‘prescribe him medications’ that ‘affect his brain chemistry’, while the kids’ brains are growing and developing….

You know what I’m seeing out of all the kids that you are giving ADHD treatments?  Most of them are turning out to be bipolar, anxiety/depression folks, shizophrenic (sometimes very severe like the recent San Antonio lady’s horrifying family story of epic ‘fail’ proportions – and that’s supposed to be a ‘good example…’) – it looks to me like these ‘doctors’ don’t know what the fuck they are even talking about – further they don’t understand the brain like they say they do, further they have a complete lack of understanding, and further…..

None of you, including these ‘doctors’, do not know the difference between a real ‘problem’ and a small one or a ‘distraction’ or a ‘disturbance’, further you don’t understand that most people who are later in life diagnosed with mental illness, if caught early enough, just need a good, qualified, honest ‘therapist’ – NOT a fucking ‘psychiatrist’ and ‘brain-altering treatment’….  Yet none of you still, none of you understand.

‘Behavior’ is really not a problem.  Just because you think something is ‘normal’, doesn’t mean it really is.  Everybody is different.  It’s OK to be different.  It’s NOT OK to treat all these people as if they are a huge problem – especially early in life – just to turn around and keep creating bigger and bigger problems for yourselves all throughout your family life because you don’t get the fucking idea that you just need to show some people some god-damn fucking respect, and just fucking love each-other!!

It’s a miracle!

What else is equally ‘disturbing to me’ – the fact that I listened to a year’s worth of radio ads all saying ‘autism is getting closer to home’…  ‘IN the last 20 years, autism diagnoses has increased 10,000%’… ‘Early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference’..  blah blah blah…..

You know what is really, actually going on?  Two things:  first, there are a lot of ‘cockroach doctors’ out there that are just dying to ‘prescribe drugs and mis-diagnose people’.  That’s a fact.  You always just ‘take their word for it’, without getting multiple, multiple second ‘opinions’ about the idea that your kid has ‘autism’.  Most of these kids probably don’t actually have ‘autism’.

What’s further is, what do I notice about all of you that could relate to such an ‘increase in diagnoses’?  The fact that you drink so much, that now the only ‘social thing you can do’ involves drinking heavily and/or partying.  All of you today think life is only about one big ‘party’….

What that tells me is this – a lot of you are probably drinking a hell of a lot before you ever even realize you are pregnant.  The most important times during anything is the earliest time, and the same is probably true of your baby developing in the womb.  Drinking during pregnancy – or worse, doing drugs – is the #1 contributor to any and all birth defects.  Period.

Now are there any questions about this ‘autism is getting closer to home’ bullshit?  I would hope not…

And because I had to talk about China just so you can fucking ‘get a clue about what it is I’m really trying to say and teach’, I may as well say the following as well…..

Take a look around you, at the world and the last 20 or so years.  What happened?  Look at the events.  China becomes communist.  They say they want ‘world domination’ and are dying to prove to the world that ‘we are #1 now’…

Further, knowing full well their ‘art of war’ from watching what was left over as fable from their 6,000 year history of ‘war’, I can safely tell you this:  there is absolutely no accident that the rest of you became reliant on them, that the rest of you are going bankrupt, that all of your economies are in disarray, that the UN is becoming too weak to stand up to even war crimes from Syria, that they have became allies with all of the UN’s ‘opponents’, and further that they are close allies with namely Pakistan and North Korea – both of whom are absolutely reckless – and Pakistan both protected ‘Bin Laden’ and charged those who helped the US find him with ‘treason’….

Now, what if I were to say all of these ‘strange phenomina’ and ‘inconceivable events’ – even 9/11 – were potentially, exactly, and directly the result of China’s direct war strategy?  Because, if you know the ‘art of war’, this is plainly obvious, and is not only a possibility, but may not even be a ‘conspiracy theory’ – I may be absolutely correct here.

Look at you all.  You’re all so ‘terrified of terrorists’ that all your attention is on that, you’re losing soldiers and driving the rest of them absolutely insane, making your armies and nations absolutely weak and totally reliant on foreigners – that none of you are noticing that China is your real threat – not terrorists – not your own citizens – not a ‘bomber or a mass-murderer’, etc.  None of you think this is coming to you – but I can plainly see – it is.

I don’t think any of this stuff just ‘happened’ or is a ‘coincidence’ or is a ‘mistake’.  I think it was all planned.  China could possibly be that master-mind, just knowing their own ‘strategies and tactics’.  Now don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love the ‘honest people of China’ – and it’s for good reason.  There’s still a lot of them that follow the ways of their recently ousted ‘monks’ and ‘Buddha’.  The result was absolutely amazing to me and absolutely beautiful – they went from a total history of nothing but war strategy and bloodshed, merciless bloodshed – to absolute peace and harmony with their environment, each-other, became one nation, and everything else….

And I know the entire story on how they arrived there.  Watch the movie ‘nameless’ (I think, hang on – I’ll go find it)….. …. Nope, a Jet Li movie called “Hero”.  Watching it, you will see the end-game that exactly led to the days of China’s absolute peace – and it was brought about not by the moron ruler, but the wise warrior ‘nameless’ – who not only defeated the ruler’s enemies, which allowed for the unity of China, but cleverly devised a strategy to let the ruler know the true meaning of what the warrior was doing – he wanted to bring about absolute peace.  He displayed this through numerous stories, examples, and finally, the ruler ‘got it’ – every warrior dreams of peace for the world.  Then, just as ‘nameless’ predicted, he was branded an ‘assassin’ and killed.  But that didn’t stop what he did – he already knew that would be both his demise but his people’s salvation.  That’s the cold-hard truth of China….  That gave full opportunity for the monks to spread their ways, and the next thing you know, China, even though they are not rich, are totally at peace.  As one nation.  The best example of someone doing something right that I can give.  That’s why I respect their people…

Then what did we do?  We corrupted the shit out of them, until finally, they went nuts, drove all their monks out, and basically self-declared themselves rulers of the world – and during their ‘rise to the top’, we can see they polluted the living shit out of their best water supply, polluted the crap out of their lands and their own people, betray everyone, are ruthless ‘dictators’, etc.  They became exactly what they hated – just like everyone else who ever tried to ‘rule’ or ‘rise to power’, whatever.  It’s happened through history time and time again…

Now what do I have to say, to both parties who are likely ‘monitoring this whole mess of me doing this’?  To China – I know you can fully understand the meaning and lessons behind what I am saying here – your ‘rise to power’, you must realize, is the destruction of your surroundings and your own people.  Listen to me, there is a better way than your society.  Many of your people are not happy.  You’ve set yourselves up, by mingling capitalism with communism, for the same economic troubles as a pure capitalism.  Just because people at the top ‘own and control everything’ doesn’t mean you know your people, doesn’t mean you aren’t making mistakes, and doesn’t make things better….  Please go back to the old ways and the old traditions that brought you peace – that was amazing in my eyes – and you should have been happy and proud of yourselves with that – living in harmony – rather than letting the world corrupt you….

Now, if China does decide to show the world the ways of peace, and they do not listen, just like they did not listen to me – remember that I see all of you as my people.  Even you have earned my respect in the past – you can earn it even moreso again…  But if the rest of the world – where they said they thought you were idiots for building ‘ghost cities’, I saw it as an excellent land/air invasion strategy – kick the living hell out of them until they realize that we need to fix this planet before we destroy it.  That’s exactly what I want from you, China….

But before you do that, China:  I have some questions I would like you to consider for yourselves.  I will list them now so you understand me, exactly (and keep in mind I am not blaming you for all of this, it’s just that if it were my own strategy, none of it would have been any ‘mistake’)…

1.  Why do you want to rule the world?  Why do you feel the need to display ‘power’?  Is it for selfish reasons?  Is it for the protection and salvation of all life on earth?  Why are you wanting to do this?

The answer to these questions lie inside you, and around you and your days of unity and peace.  I already know you are selfless people.  Why selfishly destroy so many lives, why selfishly strive for money, power, control, etc.?  These are not ‘true things’ – they are fake, idols.  You were correct when you thought you were poor – living the way you were, in unity, peace, and harmony – that is the way of peace.  Self-control and protecting what’s good in life and in the earth are exactly displays of ‘true power’.  I think you know what I mean, and what I am getting at….

2.  If you must feel you should fight, and do not listen to me still, and do not listen to the wisdom of your ‘ancient warriors’ before you, and your people now – ask yourselves this before you do strike any nation:  what good does it do, to rule the world, to conquer, when in the end – the world is in peril, its environment spiraling out of control, and you witness the last days of this planet for yourselves?

What I mean by that last question is simple – the world has a certain clock ticking, and most of it revolves around damage we have done to our environment, its atmosphere, magnetic field, and everything in-between.

China knows the ways of peace.  Even in the middle of absolute chaos and war.  They have already proven to me and the world their power by bringing about total peace.  It can be done once again, only this time – China has a lot to teach, and we have a lot to learn.  Now ask yourselves this – what would a selfless, honorable, honest, open, compassionate, understanding ruling ‘power’ do with that ‘power’?

The answer is clear:  teach this world to come together, as you did.  Teach this world quickly the ways of peace, as you found it.  Rule by what’s good and right in you – and I will ask no further questions.  Guide this earth to more sustainability, brotherhood, and peace; and I will ask no more of you….

The reason I said ‘you are also my people’ is clear – I am a lot like many people around the world.  When someone in Egypt or Iran – their people – struggle or die – that is my people struggling and dying.  When americans struggle and die – those are my people struggling and dying, and I go through the same.  We are all one people of this world, the clock is ticking against our favor.  I have given you the answers you seek, I leave it to you both – China and the US – to quickly understand one-another, and instead of war and further bloodshed, bring total peace and understanding to all of my people…  Do it with force at first, if you have to – but be swift about it, with no pain or suffering…

Now to the US:  You are probably reading this thinking ‘oh my gosh – he’s a threat..  Is he a terrorist?  Is he going to shoot someone?  Is he going to blow up a building?  What’s he planning?  When is he going to strike?  What is he going to do?’  Blah, blah, blah.  The fact is, I’m trying to teach you some very fine lessons.  If you don’t learn them, and you still don’t listen – you could not only wind up losing most of your people, but also your own nation and way of life.  On top of all that, I do not own any weapons, nor am I looking for any.  You all are absolutely nuts.  You don’t see reality.  You are slaughtering your own people.  Let us fucking help your insane, retarded asses before you not only destroy us, your own people, but yourselves.  The fact is, you should be considering me one of your best ‘patriots’, only for the last 15 years, you’ve been absolutely destroying your best people.  You need to wake the fuck up before it’s too late.  End of discussion – quit letting your imaginations go wild and listen for once.  You don’t have all the answers – and on top of that – you don’t have any right answers, and further, you do not know what to do about the situation you are in.  I would suggest you stop trying to kill every ‘dissident’ off and start taking hold of your responsibilities.  Regardless if I live or die, I’ll give you about 5-10 years before you don’t have a prayer in the world to fix your ‘problems’…

Now, also, US – why do you think China denied ‘Snowden’?  First, it’s too early to spark war with you still.  Second, they knew it could lead to an uprising of the people, and the restoration of an absolutely strong America – and they don’t want either.  Next, actions speak louder than words.  Even though they say they are your friends, take a good look – not only are they allies with all of your enemies, but they are all dangerous – willing to use chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons if they are losing the fight.  On top of that, why do you think they put on a ‘power display of military might’ every time you ever come in contact with them?  Plus, you dumb-asses totally allowed them to not only steal and improve on your own best ‘military technology and research’, but also every other ‘product’ that you have ever came up with.

The reason I am insulting all parties of my own nation is clear, if you know the meaning.  China can see this because their people are not blinded by the anger, hatred, rage, insult, blood-lust, etc.  You cannot – because all you see is competition, me, you, hatred, anger, insult – you see what you only want to see, and you think I am ‘overwhelmed by your stupidity’ and ‘can’t handle this’.  The opposite of that is actually true – I am totally under my own control, and I am totally doing this as a display of strength….

Once you get past all the bs, the insult, the anger, the fear, the hatred – all of your ‘darknesses’ – you will see my ‘true message to you’.  The reason I did this in these last two posts was no mistake at all…

It is to teach you to see past the surface – and see reality as it truly is.  To get past the crap, and find the real answers.  To get past the distractions, and see the real problems.  Once you learn these lessons, you can apply it to many other areas.  Once you’ve properly applied my problem-solving skills, not only will you have all the right answers, but then you can devise all the right strategies once you learn from the Chinese and other nations that you once thought of as ‘evil’ or ‘bad’.  MY People Are Not All Bad People In This World….

Most people of this world, as I have seen it, just want good lives.  They want good things.  Consider next time what you all are really doing, when you rise to power.  Consider what you are doing when you reach for ‘riches’, ‘fame’, ‘power’, etc.  Why are you doing it?  For what reasons?  For yourselves?  For others?  For the benefit of all people, all nations, this earth, and its ecosystem, animals, fish, and birds?

If My Father in Heaven – gave me the same power on this earth as there – there isn’t a chance any of you would be fighting right now.  I would have had you all sit down, discuss and talk through all your problems, and not only would you be helping each-other monetarily and financially, but with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, peace, everything you learned during your history all unraveled to this very moment.  You would come together as one body of people, in one earth, as a final gesture to us, and who you now recognize you are – and where you came from in the first place – and what it is you are doing.

This is my gift to all of you.  Listen, and you will reward yourselves with ages of good, peaceful times, living in harmony with an earth that does not mind your occupation.  Do not listen, and you will bleed, die, and perish – and take this home with you in the process….

Yes, for both sides – this is a gut-check.  I am not your enemy.  You’ve named your own enemies.  Listen to me, and you’ll not only save yourselves, but the very world we all live in.  If I were you all, I would listen to what I had to say.  It’s really that important.  Even if we have WWIII, regardless of ‘who wins’, whoever is left will have to pick up the scraps and hope they still have enough time to save this planet from all the pollution and other natural problems we have given it.  There actually are no winners right now, there should clearly be no opponents….

The correct course of action for all of you is to stop your selfish ways, come together, solve the worlds’ problems, understand one-another, stop trying to bully everyone around, and usher in new days of world peace.  And if you want to know who already knows how to do this – why don’t you all go ask the old Buddhist monks, watch some history on China, and I think you’ll get the picture….

But that is another story, for another day.  The reality is, I don’t know if there is an after-life.  But I do know one thing:  if practically brainless ‘angelic feathered monster giant reptiles’ could rule this earth for over 30 billion years, and ‘humans’ absolutely destroyed it and themselves in only 4 million years, calling themselves the ‘highest, most advanced, most intelligent form of life’, then I guess it seems obvious:  dinosaurs that cannot even speak were more fit to rule and live life on this planet than you ever were.  It’s just that simple.

If you people are that homocidal, and suicidal, then by all means – continue with this garbage.  If you want good things for all people, all life – if you want peace, then by all means, do what I did in 2010 and change the course of history and time.  This story is now finished.  Your chapter in it is left to be written.  May you choose, wisely….

Whodunit? How America can get out of ‘the great recession’, and save its capitalist empire…

My last two posts were really, really sincere and nice.  In this one, I’ll be a fucking pissed off drunken master big asshole!!!!

Why?  (because of greed.  because of ignorance.  because of wanting more than you would ever, ever need in this life.  because your actions result in the ruin of everyone around you – and further you don’t know it.  If you are super-rich, or are otherwise ‘in control’, the first thing you should notice by this is that you have totally created for yourselves a completely out of control situation – and further you have no answers unless you do this yourselves.  This will result in the ruin of not only your own people – but eventually yourselves too.  It’s just like global warming – those in control and those responsible continue with their ‘madness’.  You people fucking suck.  Monitor the shit out of me, dickheads…)

In other words, what I am saying with this post, if you are super-rich, or ‘in power’, or even work for the government or military:  It’s simple.  These fucking assholes – through their greed for money and lust for power – two things that aren’t actually real in this world – got us into this mess.  Now I’m saying it’s then their responsibility to get us out of it.  Fast.

Imagine this:  You are a business owner.  To you, this means for big businesses, you own the majority of stocks.  If you are microsoft, you made over 17 billion dollars in after-tax profits last year.  If you own 25%-50% of all stock, and you pay a healthy dividend, you just made, in one year, anywhere between 3-6 billion dollars in one year.  The average investor, on the other hand, at the same time makes only a couple of bucks off of that same dividend.  That’s not counting what they paid themselves as CEOs or CIOs…

Did you really think you deserved all that money?  C’mon, be serious.  If you know the history of Microsoft, how did they get where they are?  Basically every product they have that was an actual success was stolen products or ideas from someone else, but slightly modified and ‘sold’.  Never once did they do anything ‘innovative’, and every time they tried, it was an absolute failure.  Like windows mobile?  Windows phone?  Because soon that is every windows operating system – even your high-end computer at work.  Enjoy lifting your arm 10,000 times a day for a year just to ‘click’ something on a screen…

Just with these last three posts – if you only realize what I just did for you all then, and find out everything else that was bigger that I did for you – and then realize it was all freely given – do you really think people that ‘opened a successful grocery business’ really did anything as big in comparison?  Did Jesus himself charge you billions and live lavishly while he tried to almost hopelessly save you from exactly yourselves?  I watched endless people come here – always, tortured, killed.  Only after their death did anyone learn much of anything.  Perhaps you should have recognized their ‘greatness’ when they were alive, before you, in the flesh….

Let me put it this way:  money is a limited resource – there is only so much printed or available each year.  Every time you pay yourselves that much money, you make millions of other people very poor.  Then you turn around and give ‘charity’ like you’re doing something good, or try and ‘stop aids’.

Let me let you in on something if you’re very rich – do you honestly pretend for a moment, that the crumbs off of your table are enough to feed all the servants that built your entire house, your table, and the food you’re gorging yourselves with?  Now do you see why even Jesus was so pissed at all of you?  Keep in mind – there are endless ways this could play out and end – anything is possible with a God.  I want you to imagine for a moment that the most powerful evil you have ever imagined is satan.  You say, surely, you cannot defeat evil…

What I am saying to you is this – the people who did the most for you and society – you rewarded the least – in fact, you usually greeted it with torture and death.  That is certainly what I would expect out of people that only see darkness in themselves and around them, it certainly proves what you are thinking, and it certainly shows how this all works.  Jesus didn’t suffer brutal physical torture for three days and give you a perfect message just for you to ignore it.  Further, it took the rest of you to make it ‘live’.

Rich people are the reason there is poverty.  Without rich, there is no poverty.

You might think ‘well, we are living better now than we did in the old days – back then, there was poverty.  Just look at these third world countries..’

Then I’m right back at you – ‘which one of you, living with all this crap that you don’t really need, while you destroy your environment in the process, get to actually enjoy it?  Do you enjoy the time you spend drinking?  Let me put it to you another way – as crazy as you are working to make that someone at the top very wealthy, who is not working and spending most of their day doing whatever they want – how many of you get to go about your days the same way?  You say you are ‘living better’.  I say ‘at least back then, people had ample time to spend with their families, or spend with their friends, or do whatever they wanted – as long as there was no war to be fought…’  So are you really ‘living’, or are you spending most of your time doing things you would rather not do?  Most of you say you ‘hate your jobs’, yet you spend most of your time doing things you hate – for little reward, save to have some beers when you ‘want a break from your family’, because you think it is ‘too exhausting’.  What’s exhausting to you?  The fact that you have the family?   At least you have the opportunity that a lot of men and women did not have.  Or the fact that you just no longer have any time to do anything worthwhile?’  Some questions to be asking yourselves if you are going to seriously compare yourself with the past…

With any limited resource – even food – if people don’t equally divide up what is available, or if a few people hoard it all for themselves – it means the death of everyone else who otherwise could have needed it.  Remarkably, you reap what you sow, and if you’ve been paying attention you should fully understand why he blasted you for ‘what does it serve you – to gain the world and then lose your soul?  For all those who could have lived off of your bounty, but died – we hold you responsible…’   Indeed, perhaps you do not realize that striving for more and more money and more and more power – your ‘climb to the top’ is actually a ‘fall to the bottom’ – meaning you are self-defeating, just like death, just like evil, just like a corpse..

Indeed, you do not realize that the point is to share, and the moment is equality, and the purpose is justice….

If you don’t want to read the rest of this article, and therefore you don’t want to laugh at me cussing, know this – if you are in a position of any power – take responsibility and save your own people.  If you do not, this is what will happen:

Imagine I am the public, and I am many people.  For those of you in power, you constantly put me in a situation where you placed a noose around my neck, made people put me on a chair, and then proceeded to kick the chair right out from under me – killing me in a horrible way, then laughing and being drunk.  Then you fucked your wife and said ‘this is a nice day’.

Now I say it to you:  soon, you yourselves, will be in this situation.  Only now it is you who was me, and the public will kick that chair out from under your feet, and let you hang…

Why?  Simple.  By the time the public wises up to what’s going on – and they surely will eventually – all those people you ‘unknowingly killed’ will be like they rose from the grave and returned the favor.  You will have some serious crimes against the public, some serious treason and murder charges, and some serious questions to answer to the public at that time.  The more you try to ‘stay in power’ or ‘force control’ or ‘divide the people’, etc., the more crimes you commit against them, and so the more you will be responsible for and in the end held accountable for.  Just look at these other nations, if you want some good examples of what to do, and what not to do…

Do you pretend, again, for another moment, that all these people will just ‘lay down and die like cattle’ for you?  I don’t actually think they are that stupid – I think they are just waiting for the ‘right time’…..

Fucking onwards – fuckshit!!  (kind of feels good to let it out sometimes)

If you’ve been paying attention to my two different blogs, and, you’d realize that we’re in some serious stuff financially – and globally.

We now have only three options at this point:  one is to correct what is going on with capitalism and our society – and predict and prevent, another is to admit failure and human nature and make a full switch to a self-managed form of socialism.  The other option is simple, and probably is what will be done, and is the worst – pretend like there are no problems, distract the public and convince them there is nothing to worry about, and allow for a ‘controlled collapse’ and pretend or ‘pray’ that it will all be over soon or magically dis-appear.

The reason I say the last of these options is likely what will happen is because it is exactly what has happened at the fall of every other empire.  There were warning bells.  There were alarms.  Before the downfall of each empire – not only the people but the leaders could clearly see what was going wrong.  They did nothing, hoped their problems would go away, and continued doing what they were doing.  The result was their demise…

Here’s the problems, in case you ‘missed it’:

1.  National, state, city, and family debt.  We’re in debt well beyond our eyeballs.  The federal government can’t pay it’s bills, and has a fight every time they need to discuss even funding what was already spent.  City and state governments, a lot of them, are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Some have already filed, like Detroit.  Others are soon to follow.  Kansas has completely obliterated its school system and replaced it with an ‘online system’ just to avoid that cost.  Over 60% of all family bankruptcies are related to medical bills.  Most families have also taken on too much debt, it’s predicted that 80% of everyone will experience homelessness at some point in their lives, so we can also assume about 80% of everyone will file for bankruptcy at some point in their lives.

2.  The healthcare system is creating a bubble.  It is roughly 50% of our economic activity.  The solution recently was to reform ‘health insurance’ – but as we can see, we left it up to states to opt-out of, and in the irresponsible hands of private insurers to do what they were supposed to.  Now let me make one thing clear:  health insurance is the biggest problem in healthcare costs.  Once we fix that, the rest of the healthcare reforms won’t be so bad, in comparison.  Here’s what the new rules were, basically, for insurers:  first, they had to provide a minimum ‘quality’ of coverage.  Then, they had to use at least 80% of their ‘revenues’ to provide coverage.  If they didn’t use 80%, they were to ‘refund’ their ‘customers’.

Now, why did I put those words in ‘quotes’?  Because an insurance company is the biggest rip-off I have ever seen.  First, their ‘revenues’ are nothing more than people pooling money together, expecting it to all go towards providing the service of negotiating costs with providers and distributing payments.  That’s it – they are not actually a ‘business’, they aren’t selling you a product or even really providing a service.  In other words, if you were to get together as people and do the same thing – you’d realize just how wasteful and greedy these bastards really are!

Let me display to you how greedy these people are, and why I say they are completely irresponsible to provide you this ‘service’.  Keep in mind – they are not really doing anything for you – these companies always pay what the provider asks them to, and so they are always charging you more and more money.  Plus – it’s your fucking money – NOT THEIRS!!  They aren’t selling you anything.  It’s your money pooled together with the expectation that when you need it, it’s there already.  That’s the original point of insurance….

Let’s see what UNH looks like.  It’s the stock symbol for ‘united healthcare group’.  They made, in 2012, total ‘revenues’ of $110,618,000,000.  That means in a single year, people pool, just into this one single healthcare company, 110 billion dollars a year.  If you looked year over year, they look to be handling almost 10 billion more dollars each year.  Their ‘profits’ were $30,392,000,000 – before tax!!  On top of that, this profit margin also seems to be increasing at a pace of about 3 billion / year.  Then that ‘profit’ gets taxed, and the remainder goes to the ‘owners’.   Net income is well over 5 billion after everything – taxes, ‘other’ expenditures, etc.  That means for this one company, the ‘owners’ are getting handed ‘guaranteed’ profits of at least 5 billion, in total, every year.  It’s like a fucking casino for these assholes!

Now, when you signed up for healtchare for United Healthcare, are you comfortable with the fact that when you are on COBRA continuation coverage after you are fired every 1-2 years, and you pay over $400/month for only yourself – what if I told you only about 70% of that was actually going towards paying any doctor, hospital, or pharmacy?  Because, that is what is going on.  Imagine that – every month, you are basically handing the ‘owners’ of this one company, about $115 every month – just to do something the government can do much more efficiently – or you all could do yourselves much more efficiently…

Now I think you can see when they cried ‘foul!’ at the government requiring them to spend at least 80% of their ‘revenues’ on actually covering people – it would have brought their ‘profits’ down to about $22 billion fucking dollars a year!  What fucking asshole owner absolutely refuses to operate in a state where they say ’22 billion is not enough profit for me.’  Who the fuck are these fucking idiots?

Now I want you to browse around different ‘big corporations’ that you know – like GE, Microsoft, Google, Apple – is there any reason for these companies to be trying to find a way to ‘not provide insurance’, or ‘pay their employees less and less’, or ‘outsource to other countries because it is cheaper’, or ‘we can’t hire people, we can’t afford to…’  etc., etc. excuses.  Look at their fucking balance sheets and income statements – they are raking in billions and billions in profits right now.  Is it any wonder they are continuing to do what they are doing?  The fact is, they are absolutely raking in the dough by doing things this way.  What they do not yet realize is, which I think Bill Gates and even Warren Buffet at least in one moment started to realize, is that while they are getting filthy and bloody rich – quite literally – it’s making everyone else – including this entire nation – absolutely poor and bankrupt.

What should this mean to these very rich people, if they could see this and know what is really going on?  It means in the end, there will come a point where people are so poor, that they cannot sustain the economy, city, state, or federal spending.  When all of that comes crashing down – what will they do?  Will they pay all the bills?  Will they move to a different country?  I want you to see this – we have no less money in circulation than we ever did have – in fact, there’s a lot more of it out there every year than there ever was before.  The money these people have already made, is just changing hands and sitting idle.  The government can’t just seize their ‘bank accounts’, even though they seem to be more than happy to basically seize yours…

What if I told you an honest bunch in the government could just say ‘fuck these assholes’.  In other words, they could just make some simple laws.  Let’s say if they live in the US, they have to employ a certain percentage of their workforce by US citizens.  Or they had to pay a minimum salary that is a certain percentage of total revenues, profits, whatever.  Or both.  And they get taxed at 40%, investment, ownership, etc.  If they don’t like the new rules – tell them ‘take your money and your business to another country that wants you’.

What will be the result?  You will end up with some very honest, employee-first type of owners that make it to the ‘top’.  We will get back to good paying jobs – and a lot of them.  We’ll bring jobs back to our own country.  These ‘too big to fail’ people, gone.  We’ve flat out told them – if you can’t be responsible, you don’t deserve to live here.  Keep in mind, their ‘money’ is off the charts, and already out of everyone’s hands.  The fact that they continue to make more only worsens the problem.  If they do go to another country – and also move their business there – what will happen is exactly other businesses, until we have honest owners that know what is going on – will immediately take their place.  Who cares if you no longer have walmart super-centers?  There’s still target.  Or macy’s.  Or JC Pennies.  Or SaveMart.  Or Walgreens.  Or Mom and Pop’s grocery and pharmacy.  Or Aldis.  The fact is, if walmart leaves – there are endless more places where you can get everything you need.

Now can you really imagine a US without google, apple, microsoft, yahoo, walmart, mcdonald’s, fanny and freddie, general motors, chrysler, etc.?  Because, I can easily picture it – and it looks better to me.  A lot of these companies are really being wasteful with money anyway.  They could provide their services for much cheaper, pay a lot more to their employees, if they really wanted to.  All you need to do is look at their income statements.  I just added apple to that list because after ‘Jobs left us for good’, they went right back to ‘fail mode’, and the remaining ‘original founder’, Steve Wasniack (sp?) knows it…

If you were to look at their income statement again, you’ll see the one biggest ‘change’ in that amount that leads you to ‘believe’ they are doing ‘ok’, is ‘other expenses’.  WTF is ‘other expenses’?  Not many companies have no other cost but ‘other’ – so where is that money going?  We can find out with a quick google search, and find this site

According to the government, about 30% goes to hospitals; 20% goes to doctors and other clinicians, 10% goes for prescriptions, and the other 40% or so goes for “other spending,” mostly administrative costs and haircuts for insurance executives. But it’s probably even worse than that: according to a recent JAMA study, about 20% of total healthcare expenditures are wasted dollars..

20% of 2.5 trillion dollars, by the way, is 500 billion dollars. Each year. The JAMA article breaks down the waste into several categories:

  • Failure of care coordination ($25 to $45 billion wasted). I see examples of this all the time. Docs and hospitals don’t talk to each other, and patients don’t bring records—so tests get repeated, or (even worse), medicines are added on top of other (unknown) medicines, creating costly havoc. The patients suffer. Why does this happen? Docs (like me!) get paid to see patients, not to read charts and chase down forms. In fact, HIPAA “privacy” laws have made care coordination even more time-consuming and frustrating for everyone.
  • Failure of care delivery ($102 to $154 billion). I’m not really sure exactly what that means. I imagine they mean waste created by not treating medical conditions early, when they’re less expensive to address.
  • Overtreatment ($158 to $226 billion). In part, this is defensive medicine—docs do whatever they think they need to do to they don’t get sued. Show up in the ER with a headache? You get a $1600 CAT scan! Those tests not only cost money themselves, but they lead to more tests and procedures and costs that really aren’t making anyone healthier. (Except the medical-malpractice industry. They’re doing real well.) Overtreatment also includes steps taken by lazy doctors who find it quicker—and better for business—to just order the tests and treatments the patients expect, rather than doing what’s medically appropriate.
  • Unnecessary administrative complexity ($107 and $389 billion). We love filling out forms, and we love hiring staff to wait on hold for administrative pygmies at the insurance agency to approve Grandma’s catheters. Yup, that’s why we went to med school.
  • Noncompetitive pricing ($84 and $178 billion). “Noncompetitive”, I think, must be a euphemism for “batshit crazy”. Ever see a doctor or hospital’s price sheet? They’re locked up, guarded by poisonous lizards deep in an underground bunker. Prices have to be super-inflated so the insurance companies can negotiate them down to what they’ve already decided they’ll pay (when they get around to it, which is after they’ve paid for the VP’s executive jets and haircuts.) People who don’t have insurance, of course, get hosed.
  • Fraud and abuse ($82 to $272 billion). With this much money sloshing around, scumbag frausters (including some with MD degrees) crawl out and starting grabbing what they can. For every jerk the government finds and prosecutes, there’s a handful of other cockroaches to take their place. Though there’s certainly insurance fraud in the private market, there is far more abuse designed to extract money from government health programs. Insurance companies do what they can to guard against fraud, which could hurt their profits or drive them out of business. Government agencies just don’t seem as driven to control costs. I guess they figure we can always borrow more money from our grandchildren.

So we can plainly see – that ‘other category’ – is basically waste, fraud, and the system not doing what it is supposed to be doing in the first place.  I guess there is a need out there, for these insurance company owners to get pampered just a little – I mean, come on – look at what the fuck they are doing with your damn money!  They need that 5 million dollar haircut.  Even though nobody seems to know who they are, they need to at least look good if they are going to rob you 30% of all your money every year….

Now I think you can see why I absolutely am obliterated and mind-numbingly pissed at the insurance industry.  They can’t even live with a fucking 20% profit margin!  It’s not like they invented some ‘novel’ or ‘innovative’ or ‘inventive anything’ product or service – they just started collecting your money, employed a handful of people, and raked in the dough!  What a complete rip-off!

What else is becoming a big rip-off?  Drug companies.  When you need a drug to save your life, expect it to cost you $2,000/mo.  Then let’s force you to absolute poverty and tell you that you either can’t have them, or have to find a way to pay them off of a $600/mo income.  Pretty damn impossible – isn’t it?  If they just let you work a good job, even though you’re currently not that healthy, not only would you eventually get back to good health, but you could afford to pay it all without being considered a ‘burden to the public’…  What a bunch of sorry sackless, nutless coconuts we have here, in this society!

But it doesn’t stop there – oh no.  The two most ‘memorable and laughable’ news I have read to-date are from the drug manufacturing business.  The first?  A ‘novel drug’ that helps treat cancer.  Now, when they say ‘novel drug’ – you expect the fucking thing to be a real cure.  This – no, it’s actually less effective than doing it the old way and going through radiation.  But, they are going to charge you $1,000,000 dollars a god damned year to get the fucking drug.  It had better be a god-damned miracle-cure – but it is nothing close to that.  You can think of it this way:  I’ve solved a computer algorithm problem 200 different ways (well over that count – I just can’t remember because I only kept the ‘best ones’ and am still at it).  This is like me selling you the shittiest ‘decent one’, and instead of charging you a dollar or just putting it out there for free, I charge everyone 2 billion dollars to use it.  That’s how much insanity this is…

But there was more news – at the end of the year, coming from ‘big pharma’ (I’m going to start calling ‘pharma’ this – ‘sweet, crude pharma’ – just so they know they look as bad or worse as oil)…

This time, it was a ‘novel hepatitis-C treatment’.  The cost?  $80,000/treatment – and if I remember right, it usually took 5-10 treatments before it had ‘any affect’.  The results?  It wasn’t any more fucking affective than the other drugs!  Again, you would expect if the assholes were going to charge you more than you will ever spend on your god-damned house, that it would be a miracle-fucking-cure!  But it’s nowhere near that!

Who the hell – what kind of mad-man or insanity-workout woman doctor – is going to actually prescribe these sorts of ‘stupid drugs’ to people?  And the pharma companies actually think that by pricing this high – they are going to make a killing!

The reality is, because of the way insurance wastes your money, a lot of doctors might prescribe you drugs like this – and it will cost our nation billions upon billions to treat you absolutely no better than what they currently had available.  That’s what kind of sad, wasteful, fraudulent system this really is…

So we can clearly see why we have a ‘bubble in healthcare’.  There’s two things that will happen if this bubble doesn’t get addressed properly, real soon, and both of them will be because things cost too much, and people no longer have the money to pay either insurance, hospitals, or drugs:

1.  People who know they can’t afford coverage will either start to be denied treatment (like we are already seeing), or they know it will bankrupt their families, so they will not go to the hospital for any reason – both of these situations mean a lot of people die.  To providers, like pharma, hospitals, or doctors – this means loss of business.

2.  People will have insurance, but can’t pay their part of the bill; or, they are forced to go to the hospital (say they got in a bad wreck), and can’t pay their bills.  They then declare bankruptcy.  To the provider – this means loss of revenues (they do not make the revenues needed to cover the costs of providing the ‘service’)

These are the two scenarios, in the foreseeable future of hospital care, drug manufacturers, and maybe even most doctors – since most doctors are flocking to hospitals now.  In the end, it means the healthcare industry will exactly cost themselves out of business.  Why is that a problem?  Well, do you remember all of those people telling you to go into ‘nursing’, and shit?  The healthcare industry employs about 50% of all citizens – when they go out of business – and it will all happen pretty quick – there goes immediately about 60-80% of all remaining good-paying, blue-or-white-collar jobs!

In other words, when the healthcare bubble bursts, let’s all go work at wal-mart and bitch to sam walton about how fucking poor we all are….

Fucking onwards!

3.  We have here, an education bubble.  In higher education, most foreigners who come here get a ‘free ride to their master’s or doctorate’s degree’.  The rest of you ‘citizens’ have to settle for only ‘bachelors’, unless you’re parents are very wealthy.  Also, a lot of states are paring down their education system and moving it online.  Higher education is moving in the same direction – all to cater to the folks who just can’t afford to go to school anymore..  Add that to the fact that most students who do get their degrees owe at least 25-50,000 up-front, and will pay high interest rates on that (replace ‘house’ with ‘student loan’) – these students usually don’t get much of a career out of it, and would have been much better off not going to college at all.

Indeed, if you have social skills, you don’t need a degree to be successful in this form of society.  If you don’t, ‘fucking pray’…  or work for sam walton, the ‘new uncle sam’….

The problem with higher education is they have built, exceedingly, extravagant sports buildings, venues, and other buildings.  Just like health insurers, there’s a lot of ‘joke spending’ going on, where a serious business would never do.  They build multi-million dollar buildings.  They pay coaches millions per year.  Their administrators make tons more.  Then there’s the ‘owners’.  These are all, of course, committed costs…

The results?  When people can no longer afford college, and attendance plummets – let’s face it, if I had a job come up where over 5,000 people in one city were ‘competing for that job’ – it’s a hopeless ‘career’ anyway – when kids wise up and see there isn’t actually a ‘good opportunity’ from ‘getting your degree’, and further it doesn’t matter because even though companies require those degrees, there aren’t many of those jobs available anyway – most of you will be working part-time for ‘uncle sam walton’.  The result will not be ‘let’s not pay our coaches, athletic coordinators, administrative staff, and ourselves millions or billions’, the result will be ‘let’s cut faculty, staff, and research’.

This means America will get very, very dumb really, really fast.  It doesn’t even require you to ‘breed yourselves into stupidity’ this time – your kids will be dumb in one single generation.  Once this hits, let’s call that generation the ‘generation of duuuuuhhhhh’!!

Again, there goes your best people – the PhDs all doing their part trying to make the world a better place by simply having the opportunity and the time to ‘do research’, and therefore, ‘advance and protect our society’….  Again, some of our best people – there goes another 15% of the best-paying and most rewarding ‘jobs’.

Are you starting to see how utterly screwed we are yet?  Because, you don’t even have to ‘believe me’ – this will happen in your lifetime, if you are reading this.

4.  The cost of oil and other necessity products are absolutely screwing us.  People pay more for basic needs – food, clothing, water, electric, gas, shelter, transportation, internet, television – than they ever did before.  If you were to look up the damn cost of everything you, at minimum, needed to have for not only yourselves but your families every year – you’d realize just how poor you are in comparison to 1970 – before women joined the workforce (not to blame women – I’m just saying that a single worker in the family in 1970 had higher purchasing power as a family back then than two people working in a family do today)

5.  The ‘global financial system’ that is ‘too big to fail’, is inherently unstable, and will eventually collapse on itself.  Think about what went into the ‘great recession’.  First there were all the foreclosures on ‘subprime loans’.  It’s not actually the case that people couldn’t afford it – you see, what you pay as a base is a percentage of the cost of the home, then interest rates are tacked on top.  So a person paying a 30-year mortgage on a fixed loan actually was paying the same base amount as these people in these sub-prime loans – what actually happened was the banks ‘jacked up the interest rates’ so high on these people – some news reported 300% APR – that they could not ever hope to pay the ‘premium’, and they ‘seized the asset’ – just like an auto-loan going bad.

Did we fix that problem?  No.  What we did was ‘throw money at the problem’ – a lot of it.  We said ‘they are too big to fail – if they go under, it will cause chaos’.  So we gave them taxpayer money, totally erasing all of their debts – and held no bank accountable for their actions.

What if I were to tell you they could have just paid the homeowners who were being defaulted on the same money, let them keep their house, move them all into lower APR, fixed-rate loans that they could afford, and the results with the banks would have been exactly the same – it would have eliminated all ‘bad debt’ from their balance sheets?  The fact is, we could have done it that way, and the results might have meant ‘no recession’…

But what’s done is done.  Not only did the government pay big banks billions of your dollars, in affect, it was like you just giving me millions of dollars because I fucked up, we did the same with any other company (like GM and Chrysler) that we thought was ‘too big to fail’.  Now I want you to remember what happened when the automakers went to washington to ask for a big pile of cash for ‘we fucked up bad’..  They flew there in private luxury jets – and everyone threw a fit.  Now I want you to notice this – do the people in washington, like the president – do anything different?  No, they don’t.

So to recap:  we are broke.  We have a lot of bubbles forming again.  The rich people are creating a lot of very poor people.  At some point if this isn’t fixed, we will be in depression.  We are sustaining a poverty model.  Only about 58% of working class citizens are actually working, according to the most accurate figure for the year that I could find.  Roughly 80% of all people will be homeless at some point in their lives.  If companies continue to ‘price up’, we will lose almost all the remaining ‘good paying jobs’ that we haven’t yet outsourced to other countries, or given to ‘privileged foreigners working abroad’.

At the same time, globalization has picked up again, and the ‘too big to fail’ whatever companies, like big banks – are even bigger than they were before, and are starting to be even more de-regulated.  This will result in again, a banking and housing crises, as banks default on people like crazy and then turn to the government and yell ‘help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’.  Only this time, China won’t fund our stupidity, and we won’t be able to pay off the banks anymore – meaning they collapse, and take the economy with them.  It doesn’t really matter to the owners of the banks – by now, they are multi, multi billionaires, who have created millions of ‘poverty-stricken commoners’…

Can we do something?  Yes, the government could.

On one hand, the government needs to walk a fine-line.  They can’t just tax everyone 25% – that would actually make them less money than they had before, and also raise taxes so much on the working class, who’s spending always accounts for 70% of GDP (it’s that way because the rest of GDP is based on how much they contribute), meaning if we tax the shit out of the working class we can expect an immediate decline in GDP and therefore growth stalls, stocks crash, and the economy comes tumbling down.  But then again, they are having a hard time paying bills.  So how do they 1. get the money they need to pay their bills and 2. lower costs?

First, we need to move to a government ran, single-payer healthcare insurance model.  Then in time, we need to set national standards and practices for all hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies – just like France does.  It all needs to be standardized and overseen – regulated by experts in those fields – not lobbyists representing ‘owners’.

We need to do that before it all goes under.  Then, we need to do similar things with higher education, and k-12 education.  It needs to be standardized, regulated, and well-paid for.

How do we pay for things like education?  First, higher education will have to realize that they are out of control, and will have to stop spending wrecklessly.  This should happen as people start attending cheaper colleges vs. popular colleges.  In other words, there is nothing the government can do about this except say ‘we’re going to fund you nothing if you don’t start controlling costs’, and just ‘let them go under’.

We pay for all of this by making the same ‘bold move’ as Roosevelt finally did:  Take all the ‘super-rich owners’ (not the small business owners, but the big ones).  Sit them all down in a big room.  Look around the room very seriously and say ‘start doing your jobs and create good paying jobs now.  We’re tired of being in recession because you guys can’t get the picture’.  Then, turn right around the next day and tax the top 0.01% income group a 80% tax on any income – interest, investment, or employment or ‘ownership’.  Further make it law that if they live in the US, a certain percentage of their employees have to be US citizens, and a certain percentage of their ‘revenue’ must go towards US citizen employment – otherwise, they cannot sell their products in this country.  Then turn around and tell them, when they ramp up hiring for good-paying jobs, and as we move out of depression, we’ll slowly decrease your tax rates down to around 25%.

Now you might be saying: that’s a really bold move, and it could backfire.  Yes, these days, employers could simply go overseas.  While you may say that is a ‘problem’, imagine for a moment that as soon as those fucking idiots leave, some other, perhaps better ran and better owned businesses, will immediately take their place.  So no – it doesn’t matter if they ‘move overseas’.  In the end, we’ll return to a well-paid middle and upper class, and less of a lower class – and that means we win as a nation either way – even if it means ‘rich folks’ moving overseas.

And then you might say – ‘well, if China and co. sees all that money going overseas, they may go to war with us.’  Then I would say ‘we are risking that already – by not paying them our debts to them.  Nobody has the money except for the really rich, so our only option in continuing as a nation and paying our bills was to exactly, tax the shit out of them.’  Either way – we will likely go to war with China over money.

So you see, while the rest of you are saying we ‘can’t tax the rich’ because ‘they have all the money and all the power’, and ‘they have full control’ – I would say, if I were in charge, fuck these people – if they think they are so powerful because they have ripped off my people, let’s see if they can fight off my military with their ‘money and power’.  If they don’t like doing their part and paying these bills they have caused us, and getting people out of poverty where they have put so many people, then fuck these idiots – they don’t even deserve to live here.  Further, they can take their riches, and their business, elsewhere.

That’s exactly the kind of bold move the next president needs to make – if they really want to get out of this mess.  The really rich are the only ones with the money.  Tax anyone else any more, and you’ll just throw yourselves into a spiral like Greece.  The answer is tax the rich, and make sure they understand exactly what they have done, what you are doing, and why you are doing it.  Everything the government did back in 1930 were like drops in the bucket compared to that one, really bold move.  And it worked back then.  It could work again today – even with all this ‘globalization’…

Then all that’s left is to revise laws that went wrong, correct ‘mistakes’, and correct ‘the course’ of the nation – and that last part should be really, really easy for the government – if they are even being honest with themselves.

So if you are a citizen watching – here’s what you do.  Realize that there are better, more promising societies out there than a centralized, controlled, overbearing, and ‘we’re all screwed in the end’ form of society like democracy, republics, and capitalism.  Self-managed socialism is the way to go – and it’s already being done in countries like (I think it’s Switzerland or Sweden, don’t remember – look up ‘self-managed socialism’ on wikipedia and try to find examples of countries doing it or have tried it – you’ll see every time, it worked well)

Then you watch your government’s actions and what is going on.  Are you being distracted and misled?  Yes.  Are any of these parties taking things serious?  No.  Should that continue, you’ll see all the warning signs of the end of an empire go off right in front of you.  If things get bad enough, keep in mind that 250,000,000 people without guns are a good fight for 2,500,000 people with planes, tanks, bombs, and automatic weapons if you just know how to fight them – especially considering most of them shouldn’t be insane enough at that point to actually use those weapons against you – and may actually join your cause and your fight at that point.

So you, as a public, have the following options:

1.  Keep watch.  Pay attention to the facts vs. what you are being told.  Don’t just take a news story at face value – look up all the ‘facts’ on the internet first to get the ‘truth’ behind the ‘story’.

2.  Know what type of society you want to have, what is best, and how it can work, and how other countries have done it and where they had success.  Realize that capitalism and republics have always failed in the end – resulting in the fall of an empire every time.

3.  If you’ve done #1, and #2, and everything goes shit-house (like the great depression x 200), then you go bat-shit crazy on all the people in power.  You implement a new society for yourselves, and reclaim an honestly built nation (except for the indians)

If you are super-rich, or the government, or people serving the government, here are your options:

1.  Keep doing what you are doing, and watch in dysmal despair as your nation collapses, your economy a disaster, and you face gargantuan problems and war – watch the results of your actions leave this place in utter chaos and ruin….

2.  Wise up and do the right things now, like a father lecturing a son when he does something bad, take responsibility, be honest with the public, and save your own nation from your own stupidity.  This would be the one correct course, because it requires the smallest amount of actual change – the only necessary change is a personal one – but it has to come from those ‘in control’.

These choices, of course, are entirely up to you.  If you are all cattle or sheep – let’s see if, like lemmings, you follow blind leaders off the edge of a cliff to your own peril.  It would be funny to watch you end it that way, and further, I fully expect you to do it….

Happy, shit days!  (Can you tell I’m absolutely pissed at super-rich people, the government, and other people who are ‘in control’ of a totally ‘out of control, self-imposed situation?’  It seems to me, really, really insane and stupid – from all angles)

Now you wake up when this is all over and realize what a great fucking day it really is!  Know that even if you as a ‘commoner’ didn’t rise to the occasion like your ‘neighbors did’, at least you weren’t aware of what you could have done, and were just following these stupid, stupid, insane bastards…

See why everyone hates us today?  Now, I want you to become a nation that the world looks on with love, compassion, and wonder.  Turn this turd into a diamond – but realize that they are both the same fucking thing.  Fucking Onwards!!!

Music, corrections, anti-terrorism, and learning why and about yourselves…

I’ll start off with music, to explain a point.

Let’s start with the idea that you make a decision to go to a symphony, if you live close enough to a major city.  Most of you would say ‘boring’…  But that’s just like a kid says ‘boring’.  You don’t know the reality behind this…

When you are at the symphony, start to ignore the crowd around you, the people sitting beside you, and the dis-comfort of the chair you are in.  Ignore any noise – concentrate on the strings, the brass, the drums, the piano, the rhythm.  Allow yourself to be sucked into the music.  Close your eyes.  Pay attention to what’s going on within you.  It’s as if the strings are inside you, and every stroke plays a different chord in your body – your emotion follows.  Then the brass hits you.  Then the drum strikes in the stomach.  You feel not only your body, but your emotions get lifted, dropped, sped up, slowed down, every direction perfectly influenced by the music.

This is very much like ‘mental imagery’.  The point to mental imagery is to not only find a good place in the moment, but to eventually repeat it enough to where you have found a common good place.  This can be a single image in your mind, or more like a video.  No matter what it is – it means one thing to you – calm.  peace.  tranquility.  good feelings.  positive feelings.  positive thoughts.  Now is it any wonder psychologists use this – but don’t actually explain the purpose to you?  The reality is, once you have found things like this in you that always bring you to peace – you no longer need to play the tape.  You just refer to these mental thoughts and images when you are having it rough.

The same is true of music.  The first thing you learn from the symphony is the point behind it is to make you feel a certain way.  Feelings results in decisions.  Decisions results in action.  Is it any wonder why they started doing this?  You thought it was just for fun, for entertainment.  To the musicians at the time – it was to influence not only your feelings at the concert, but also for some degree a while afterwards – leading you to do good actions…

You see, listening to ‘bad’ music is just like diving out of an airplane the first few times.  You think since it gives your body a ‘rush’, that it is a good thing.  Then you look back and go ‘that was fun’.  That’s like an idiot soldier who takes pleasure in shooting other people.  It’s not actually fun, even though you had a ‘rush’.  That ‘rush’ is actually your body telling you ‘I don’t like this, and I’m preparing to fight or run away’.  That’s why you feel it – not because it is a good or fun thing.  The reality is, diving out of an airplane feels like you’re about to die.  You know there’s dangers, that if anything goes wrong, you’ll die.  Why jump out of a perfectly running airplane?

Now is it any wonder, ever since listening to symphonies, that I found interests in a lot of different, non-pump-me-up (like heavy metal or hard rap) type of music?  I love the blues.  I like some forms of jazz.  I love new alternative music – I think it’s getting back to a good movement and a positive direction.  I like country.  I like R&B.  But all of them have their moments, and when I don’t feel like diving into genres, I usually default to the early days of my life – either country or alternative.  (only new stuff)

Now how does this tie into anti-terrorism?  The first thing is simple – did you read my last post all the way through?  Because, if you did, you should already know how to do this.  If you didn’t, you missed numerous messages and examples and ideas behind what I was saying…

Imagine you’re the terrorist.  What do we know about these people?  They hate us.  Why?  Because of our ‘riches’.  Our ‘fame’.  Our overbearing, unrighteous ‘influence’.  Our ‘power hungry attitudes’.  etc., etc.  What do they think they are doing?  They think they are doing what’s right.  But just like americans – they don’t know which way is ‘right’.  The just see it from their own perspective, without considering the other.

Considering both perspectives is revealing.  What are we doing?  We think we are defending ourselves, fighting ‘terrorists’, and ‘winning a war’.  But are we winning?  No.  Every time we kill a leader, a new one emerges.  We are fighting no country.  Each one we kill, more follow.  Evil begets evil.  Hate begets hate.  Anger begets anger.  Rage begets rage.  That one apple ruins both of us.  The more this drags on, the more both sides hate the other, and the war rages on into eternity.  That cycle must stop by somebody.

So why not be that somebody.  Engage in peaceful talks.  The more constructive conversations you have, the more you realize about the other person.  Is either side really ‘evil’?  No.  Are both sides ‘wrong’?  Yes.  Do both sides have some very valid points?  Yes.  Once you understand one another, you realize some things.  The point is to learn about the good things in one another, to remove the hatred, to learn what’s good there, and for both of you to admit where you are wrong.  When you fully understand – you’ll realize you aren’t enemies.  Your only enemy was actually yourselves…

The first thing the terrorists should realize is simple – they are not actually following their god, just like we aren’t.  They say god is good, but then turn around and kill, torture, mame, etc.  Is that your ‘gods’ work?  No.  We are much the same.  Then they notice the next thing – they are doing no different than what they originally hated in us.  They are striving for power.  They are hungry for fame.  They are looking for fortune.  They are warmongers.  They are killing innocents.  They are influencing the world in a very negative way.  They are doing the wrong things on behalf of their own people, and in turn, destroying their own people.  Especially to the rest of the world that is watching.

Are we doing anything different than they are?  Not really.  This should be revelations to both of us.  Not only were we confused about our own religions, we were confused about reality, god, our ancient fathers, ourselves, and we don’t really know what to do, or which way is ‘right’, or which way is ‘up’.  It’s all the fact that we were looking at these things the wrong way, and so we both drew very invalid conclusions, without understanding the other, and then we went to war.

Is any kind or manner of war ‘holy’?  No.  Will constructive, positive conversations where both parties learns more and more about the good things about both parties, and what we are doing – isn’t that beneficial?  Yes.  You see, this war will only end with a common understanding about both sides – we were both of us, our own enemies – not the other.

Then both parties will realize – we have work to do in our own nations.  We both have widespread poverty.  Both nations’ people are actually against what we are doing here.  We don’t like war.  We don’t like killing.  We don’t like bloodshed.  We worship the exact same god – the exact same Master.  Now that you understand eachother, you should respect one another, and know not only that we need to turn our attention to our own countries, but start doing good things as leaders for our own people.

Here’s why I love the Chinese so much – their old traditions were wonderful.  They respected all life.  Their monks had amazing insights not only to the mind, but human nature, their surroundings, and knowing what is right.  Knowing which way is actually up – there is no up.  There is only your perspective.  Through selflessness, and the search of other similar revelations, you learn good things there.  They learned not only to live in harmony with their surroundings and environments, but sustainable life.  It was amazing – they went from 6,000 years of recorded history of war – to absolute peace.

Then we utterly destroyed that – just like we did with the people of the middle east.  By us rising to power, and wielding that power in war, then turning around and telling everybody what to do – when we weren’t right (because we were drunk with riches, power, fame, and good fortune) – they hated us.  But the result was – they started to become just like us.  In affect, we ruined them.

When the chinese became communist, they went from saying ‘we need to live in harmony with the world’, to ‘we need to rule the world’.  You see the switch?  They were right the first time, and deluded themselves into thinking the old war way was better.  When in fact, the only direction they are leading themselves towards is war, tyrrany, oppression, poverty, and ultimately, self-destruction.  Just like every other nation who has decided to do the same.

So who’s really ‘winning’ in this world?  The people who didn’t care about being #1.  The people who didn’t care if they were ‘last’.  The people who could see if something worked better for other countries, they could learn from that – and do similar.  The smart thinkers.  The deep thinkers.  Those who understand.  They are the ones winning – and you’ve never heard of them in most history books…

You see – one bad apple ruins the whole bunch.  But it only takes one nation – just one – no matter who they are – to prove to the world they know the way.  If the rest of the world can see it, they will follow.  Then we do just what the Chinese did – we go from a history of war, to a new history of peace.  Only now we know a new thing – how to never go back…

Combinatorics and number theory may have just opened pandora’s box

This post is to not only show you things that may have never occurred to your mind, but also to show you how to solve problems, piece together information, and realize things.  You see, all this time I’ve been solving problems for you all, as well as solving information and puzzles.  This leads me to further conclusions.  The more information I have, the better my conclusions become.  It’s just like a jigsaw puzzle.  I am trying to teach you how to think, along with a lot of other things.  This one post should be enough for me to show you how to do anything you want to do with this world.  But you’re going to have to see what I’m doing here, how I’m doing it.  A lot of this stuff hasn’t been studied yet – but that’s not the point.  Some of this stuff would only occur to a child – but you would then miss the point.  If you want more information, just search for it.  There are so many ideas – the best and worst coming from people who barely know the subject.  If you can imagine that so many people don’t know how to create new things these days, and that they are repeating the same stuff over and over, that history repeats itself, that we are being redundant – I am not only showing you how but why.  The mind needs to change.  This post should show you how…

Something to consider while reading this long post – a lot of this stuff hasn’t been studied, and has not occurred to anyone yet.  But it has occurred to me, several times.  Be a little careful reading this – it can be a lot of ‘lightbulbs’ going off at once.  So if one or a few lightbulbs go off for you, and your brain gets excited – stop reading for a while until you have settled down, and revisit.  This is full of deep, confusing logic, which can be hard for the weak minded.  That’s not to call you weak, it’s just that you’re not used to this kind of thinking.

As such, if you start getting dizzy, just calm down, stop reading for a while, and come back and slowly finish.  If you find yourself starting to think in a circular fashion – realize that’s an error in thinking.  It’s called circular logic, and is a fallacy because it’s an error in thinking.  The best way to stop that is to realize what you are doing and just stop thinking that way – it’s a mistake, an error.  So please do not freak out at this, or if you can’t handle it, do not read it all at once.  Not everyone can handle thinking like this, and a lot of you won’t understand this…

Ready?  Here we go…

[Edit - December 2013]  First I need to explain to you that I am not writing a scientific research paper here – so I am not bound to the scientific process.  As such, the scientific process and other forms of science starts with a theory, as I posit here in places.  You see, a theory is a conclusion drawn from observations.  So is an opinion.  Therefore, a theory is the same as someone’s opinion based on their observations – which can be facts, figures, statistics, what you can see, feel, touch, smell, or can otherwise test out by any means currently available.  Theories get validated by discussion, testing, and mathematics.  If you are picking up on what I’m putting down here, it should be obvious that generally someone doesn’t just come up with some random equasion and say ‘this is what it means’.

[Edit - cont'd]  Rather, they start with a theory that is based on other validated theories (like evolution), and those validated theories lead to further questions, and other theories.  Then they use mathematics to see if it fits.  I will explain how that works later.  Then they may run further tests to further the evidence for the theory, until most agree that the theory is indeed valid.  Finally, even validated theories may be incorrect in some way or we begin to find out more, and those theories are then re-challenged and retested; potentially revising the theory.  Is there any way to be 100% certain that a theory is a fact?  Where we are nearly 100% certain, we usually call these ‘the law of _____’  (like the ’2nd law of thermodynamics’ or the ‘laws of conservation of mass or energy’)…

[Edit - cont'd]  These things said, if there is any question about what I am talking about, I usually give the general knowledge or description of the observation or prior theory – I leave it to you to look that up if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  The reason is once you understand the various pieces to this particular puzzle, you’ll begin to understand where my conclusions (opinions) are coming from, and further start to see the bigger picture as I am starting to see it.  Really – knowledge and the thirst for knowledge is an amazing thing.  I can’t believe that so many people are only interested in amusement, entertainment, and things that are fun or funny – that doesn’t progress your mind or do any real benefit to society, and only chasing after entertainment is only a continuance of your childhood days, in other words, if you find yourself only chasing for fun and hardly ever searching for knowledge – grow the f*** up – life is hardly ever about how much fun you can have, or even how much of anything you can have – life is about enjoying what’s good in it – and currently, what I find most rewarding is the search for knowledge….

On with my discussion, now that I’ve cleared up the difference between conclusions/theories/opinions and facts/figures/observations!  (And the fact that I’m not writing this with the intention that it will be published in some scientific journal – I just want to spur discussion and ideas)

Why am I saying now that combinatorics is the secret to furthering our understanding of not only various fields of mathematics, but it may also unlock previously unsolvable problems according to chemistry, astrophysics, and particle physics, as well as other areas under my direct interest like computer science??

Because of a recent article that came out on number theory back in 2011.  (Keep in mind, while the math is currently sometimes beyond me if I don’t also read up on all the background to it, I can at least understand equasions – as well as their implications to various fields – and am quite capable at putting all the pieces together for you, in fact, solving puzzles, information, and other observations are my speciality according to IQ tests)…

This article ->

Researchers have found a fractal pattern underlying everyday math. In the process, they’ve discovered a way to calculate partition numbers, a challenge that’s stymied mathematicians for centuries….

“It was like living in a darkened home for years, and then finally someone turned on the lights. When Zach and I realized the structure, we knew we were right,” Ono wrote in an e-mail to “We see the same mathematical structures over and over and over again, similar to how you see repeating elements in the Mandelbrot set as you fly through it. That’s why we say they’re fractal,” he said.

In a separate paper, Ono and Jan Hendrik Bruinier of Germany’s Darmstadt Technical University describe a function, deemed “P,” that can churn out any integer’s partition number.

The combined research doesn’t quite reveal a mathematical representation of the universe’s structure, Ono said, but it does kill partition numbers as a way to encrypt computer data.

“Nobody’s ever going to do that now, since we now know partition numbers aren’t random,” Ono said. “They’re completely predictable and we should no longer pretend they’re mysterious.”

What’s the significance of this?  Much larger than one would imagine..  You may have noticed – ‘it does kill partition numbers as a way to encrypt computer data’.  What does that mean?  This study not only has impacts on encryption, but hashing algorithms as well.

You see, with one-way hashes and data set hash functions – this research explains why there are vulnerabilities in creating hashes of files.  It tells us why we can only arrive at a certain degree of randomness.  When I did my own studies into compressing files to tiny sizes, even though I now know I can compress any size of file down to only 1 bit, I cannot go in reverse.  To do so would be like traveling back in time – it’s a paradox in numbers.  But if you leave a trail, you can at least go back, but then it becomes impossible to do compression..

I realized that there are literally endless ways you can do this – all by re-arranging the binary to form new patterns that can be compressed with the same length of binary that you used, resulting in any number of bytes – meaning it can be repetitively done.  If you would study the innards of data hashes, like MD5 (which is much easier to understand) and work your way to something like SHA-256, you would realize it is actually not a huge accomplishment, if you realize that this can be done in endless ways.  It just happens that the only accomplishment in them is to achieve a certain degree of randomness, and collision avoidance.  But Ono proves the ‘error in our ways’…

This article explains not only why we have troubles with collisions in hashing, but also how we have collisions in hashing – you see, we are basically, with any form of hash code or function (data set hashing vs data hashes), we are basically just folding bits and bytes and shuffling parts around to enable us to achieve a certain degree of randomness.  However, there is no one hash function that does achieve a perfect randomness.  That’s why we have collisions.

Ono explains ‘[we found out that eventually, every sequence of numbers in a partition form a pattern]‘.  That one discovery led them to the fact that hashing will never deliver any great degree of true randomness unless we now start basing it off of pi (which I now know to either be the only true random sequence of numbers or forms the longest pattern of numbers – you can continuously calculate it if you are in computer science and have an easy thesis if you want).  Ono further explains ‘[we should stop pretending that primes (used as hash table sizes when hashing data sets, or calculating iterative hash codes), somehow magically creates randomness, and are themselves not in any way random]‘.  With encryption – the same – it tells us not only that our foundations of building these techniques are flawed – but why.  There actually are no random numbers!  Even numbers are not random.  Odd numbers are not random.  Prime numbers do not create much more randomness!  We are just basically delusional about it, and this new find in number theory explains perfectly why..

You may have noticed his other statement ‘we now know partition numbers aren’t random.’  What does that mean?  To computer science, in my own research I was finding patterns to solving the same problem in different ways – about 200 different ways..  I didn’t know why some of my solutions were unsolvable.  Now I do.  I kept running into collisions in binary pattern and numbers.

You see, partition numbers are numbers that add up to another, larger number.  This makes it fit into combinatorics, because so does packing, and this is a number packing problem – a packing problem with numerics instead of objects and dimensions.  A lot of other fields base their math on combinatorics and number theory – from packaging to physics.

Remember – the partitions form a larger number or itself, therefore, they are a bigger version of the parts that make it up as a whole.  If you follow me, what’s 1+1?  2.  What’s 2+5?  7.  But what is 2+5?  It goes back to the origins of math: 1+1, + 1+1+1+1+1 = 7.  Or we could say 1+1, + 1+3+1 = 7.  This is the basis of combinatorics, and is much like partitions (partitions are the number of ways a certain number can be represented by any format of other number(s), where order doesn’t matter and repetition of numbers are allowed, whereas compositions are the same only order does matter – greatly increasing the factorial growth of the number of possible ways to represent the number 10, even – if you want to see for yourself, go to google and search ‘combinatorics wolfram alpha’, and calculate something).

See it now?  In other words, what Ono & company found out was that it is not only likely but inevitable that given enough numbers, we reach a pattern eventually – it means we are finding patterns in groupings of numbers.  Then, we find that prime numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, unique numbers – in an infinite set these all can form fractals.  What does a fractal mean?  It’s like looking at the universe with the naked eye, then through a telescope, then through a NASA telescope out in orbit.  Everything is a part of something bigger, according to number theory, and further, you can zoom in and out – that led to their discovery, a finite equation to calculate any ‘normal’ size of partition result, denoted as ‘p’…

What else does this mean?  I’m going to dive into science and physics for a while now and out of computer science…

Any positive whole number, by itself, is part of a larger fractal.  This means that every positive integral number – is indeed, a part of a fractal.  What’s further is my understanding of computing – it’s binary.  This means that anything we represent as a number, can mean anything else given a different definition of what that binary represents.  It furthers that any piece of information can be represented by numbers.  This is how any theory can be described with math, if you know calculus and are well-enough equipped to come up with an equasion for it (an equasion in math to represent something real – since anything can be described in math, it follows logically that anything can also be described as a single number). 

Computer programming makes it possible to solve similar problems without ever having to come up with an actual equasion for it all..  This is where we replace mathematics with logical structure, so to computer programmers it is far easier to solve a given problem in terms of a computer algorithm or in computer code than it is to come up with an equasion or a set of equasions for it all.  But if you knew your computer code well enough (look very closely) – you can actually create one huge equasion for any computer program!  It’s just that it would be impossibly hard to read and understand in terms of math…  Onward, we march! 

It further means that if you account for the fact that 64 bits results in a very huge number (approx 1.5 E 19, or 1 with some form of 19 other digits), this one article is made up of probably over 10,000,000 bits of binary information.  Representing that as one number is obviously possible, but the string of numerics would be about as long as this page – meaning it would be a huge, huge number that you would never understand, is astronomically large, and uncalculable by any machine or person on earth  (Actually, we could just use every bit 0-8 to represent a number from 1-256, and just print out those numbers iteratively, but that doesn’t mean it is by any means feasible to perform any calculations on it…  I hope now you’re seeing the real power of computing – btw – imagine that most of this heavy math was done before computers – by hand.  That’s just amazing…  Are you still thinking that somehow we’ve evolved so much since even 0AD that we’re somehow smarter or deeper than people were back then – even with all the poisons of alcohol and drugs you put your brains through and pass on to your kids??  ).  Again – Onwards! 

But breaking it down into smaller parts, as in combinatorics, we can see that even though making one number represent my entire speech on this page is astronomically large, the human mind can understand it if we break it down into smaller chunks.  Indeed, what you all have done is solve pieces to a large puzzle.  But you fail to pay attention to other disciplines and other people’s works.  That’s where you generate further ideas, and further your own theories and works.  Here’s where I really bust your noggin’….

That indeed follows that similarly, if we break down the universe, this planet, and things that were previously un-imaginable to represent in math, into smaller chunks of information or smaller pieces – we can solve those different parts, put it all together, understand it and it will still be correct!  The reality is, just like Stephen Hawking wanted to see one equasion to describe the entire universe, there exists such an equasion.  But the equasion would be huge and almost impossible to understand.  But look at all the pieces to the puzzle we have here – do you really need to see one big, confusing equasion to see the big picture?  The reality is, I’ve known about this stuff ever since watching physics shows and news, and I’ve just been waiting for the day to know how to tell you so you don’t look at me like ‘a mad scientist’…

If you still don’t understand me, think of it like this:  We now know that any number is a part of something bigger.  The same applies to chemistry, biology, physics – any discipline.  What this means is that we are correct in our assumptions.  One is that if you study (Saturn I think – one theory is that by studying the planet’s storms you can get a better idea of what goes on in the sun, rather than studying what you cannot in the sun directly – that is indeed correct!), you can learn about what goes on in the sun easier.  If you study suns, you can learn what goes on in black holes.  If you study smaller black holes, you can further your understanding of larger black holes.  You see where I’m getting at?  Everything is all a part of something bigger, it’s all correlated, and it’s all, even though you may find it strange to some degree, very similar – from an atom and particles (made up of quarks which seem to follow no rules like left/right/up/down, etc.), to chemical compounds, to black holes.

(Imagine this for a second with quarks – the smallest known piece of matter.  They don’t have any laws like left/right/up/down, etc.  But if you think of what we know about us, our planet, gravity, and the universe – we only have a perception of what is left/right/up/down.  To yourself, the left hand is on your left.  But to someone else looking at you, your left hand is on your right.  To you, you are standing upright.  But which way is up?  If we are all rotating around the earth, how do we know when we are actually pointing up?  We also don’t know if we are on the left – it just seems that way.  Is it any wonder quarks behave this way?  Even with our own galaxy – it has a black hole at the center, with every solar system rotating around it like one big disk – not a big sphere.  But we are at a different angle than ‘amdromidon’, another galaxy that’s supposed to collide with us.  To us, it looks tilted.  So which way is actually up?  The answer is, there is no such thing – it’s a matter of perception.  Just like so many other things.  Once you learn the difference, you realize a lot…)

So if the math it comes down to is bigger than you can calculate, simply break it into smaller pieces of math, different sections, just like we do when we’re trying to create a big software package – and it will still be correct math!  Then when you piece it back together, you can see bigger pictures – the whole of the parts!  It’s immensely interesting – it’s like these guys have found a new ‘law’ in the universe, I will explain what I mean below….

What I mean by a new law is this:  Not only imagine that everything is part of something bigger, but inevitably forms patterns!  Then is it any wonder or is it in any way mysterious that there are ‘ice volcanoes’ on our own solar system?  Is it not the inverse of a lava volcano on earth?  You see – simply following math, we can see the patterns here, in other planets in our own solar system, our understanding of the big and the small – and this should lead to a realization – and that realization should lead to an explosion of understanding of our reality – our own universe!

Are you starting to see the significance of this yet?  It means the only number that seemingly follows no number (is not part of a fractal and is completely seemingly random, with no apparent or discernable pattern in its numerics, or for some reason is an equally important discovery because it may form the longest string of non-pattern digits)  is now known to be ‘pi’.  What does the number pi form on a graph?  It forms a circle.  (Correction – pi forms distances of different circles.  In essence, it is creating a bigger and bigger version of itself, which should actually be its ‘pattern’; i.e. we haven’t found any discernable pattern in the numbers because the more we compute it out, it is just like calculating an even bigger circle or rather sphere…)

What should then happen if we were to continue calculating pi?  It should eventually repeat itself in some way.  It’s just that we either haven’t found out the way it repeats, because we are only looking at single digits, or we just haven’t calculated it out far enough yet.  It’s unique in that it is now the only known number that is not part of a larger fractal, or it forms the largest fractal.  But it’s a decimal number – so we don’t yet know what this means – but this definitely means it’s special.  So is the speed of light, denoted as ‘c’.

You see, when I first started studying higher-level math, I was learning on my own.  Naturally, I was immediately interested at first in Einstein’s equations about energy, general relativity, etc.  But what I found when I went to other fields of study, like electricity – I started seeing the math equations becoming either redundant or forming similarity patterns.  The only thing that seemed to be at the center of it all was Einstein’s constant – the speed of light – denoted as the variable ‘c^2′…

It was then a theory of mine that since we have this:  E = mc^2.  Therefore, according to algebra, we can do also do the following and they both should mean something significant:  m = c^2/E, and  c^2 = E/m (correction – it’s actually m = E/c^2, I just goofed in writing this and then confused myself – but it didn’t change what I was trying to tell you – I still remembered what it was..).

But do these equasions mean anything?  Here, we have to understand both the equasion and Einstein.  What did he say?  Reality is an illusion.  What do you get if you plug in numbers to m = c^2/E?  There is no mass or energy if c^2 is zero.  But c^2 is a constant – so is it possible to have zero for the speed of light?  Who knows?  (correction – I’ll show you.  Here, we have c^2 = E/m.  What happens if c^2 is 0?  Everything disappears.  But can c^2 = 0?  No.  Because if we re-arrange the equasion, we can see that by math we cannot divide by 0 – m = E/c^2 = error.  Therefore, because of movement and gravity, things always exist, and never cease to exist.  Indeed, that is why c^2 is the glue behind all of this – I would only like to know not only why, but how)  We don’t fully understand the reality of light.  But I understand probably more, just by thinking and solving puzzles like I do, and by watching video, than likely most physics students – the more information I get, the clearer the puzzle becomes…

You see, is light a particle or a photon or something physical?  Not really.  If it were, imagine that everything you see right now is possible because light is bouncing off of everything at every possible angle.  Now imagine that when you see a star in the sky, it is only because the light it emits has beamed down interweaving through the fabric of space-time directly landing on your eyeball.  Now imagine what an exact angle that must take.  Think about it – how does the eye see?  We know it is because light is striking our eyeballs at all these angles.  What gives things color?  Our light perceives that color based on how it strikes the object and bounces off of it.  It’s not exactly that you are ‘seeing the object’ – it’s more the case that you are seeing the light come off of it, which allows you to see it.  Get it now?

If light were a photon or a particle, it would logically follow that as that particle is emitted or hits anything, it would by necessity mean it divides itself infinite times – at every single possible angle.  If a particle could do this, when they collided particles at CERN they should have seen a big sphere, not single particles..  That’s very impossible for any particle to do.  Rather, light is like an energy wave – just like energy waves that we now know fill what we thought was an empty vacuum in space.

What do we also know about the statement ‘Reality is an illusion’?  What do we know about physical objects today, if you’ve been paying attention to science and physics?  We know that everything boils down to energy, and a seemingly endless amount of information can be imprinted and stored, spread out, over energy.  Now, we have two ‘laws’ that state neither energy or matter can be destroyed?  Why the latter?  Doesn’t a black hole destroy matter?  No – you see, matter is actually a cluster of energy – energy that has formed an object by clustering together and taking shape, then forming even more complex bonds – all the way from a simple grain of salt to your entire body.  As it all boils down to energy, and energy is seemingly just an illusionary thing – reality is therefore a persistent illusion of energy!  (Now don’t go thinking that somehow since reality is seemingly an illusion that means you are free to commit acts of crime against life – I will get to those secrets in another post – the idea with these two posts are to tell you things that have never occurred to you or other human minds)

[Edit - Please keep in mind I originally thought of doing the algebraic re-arrangements about 6-7 years ago.  It made sense back then, but m = c^2/E didn't for some reason.  Then I remembered something else I was thinking - that as time speeds up so does the speed of light.  But it still didn't make sense, because this equasion would require astronomical speeds of light - and that isn't what I remembered it doing.  Then I looked back at this post, and realized the actual equasion is m = E/c^2.  Oooooooppps - that can happen when I'm writing, I'm a bad writer.....  Now this will be much easier for me to explain - I remember it now...]

Who would think to re-arrange Einstein’s most basic equasion?  Exactly, a child would.  But a child does not have the other information necessary to understand what it means.  An adult has that, by learning and information.  But an adult would never think to do the former, because they do not have the creativity, or the mindset anymore, to know what this does – that was killed off in school by teaching everyone that the teacher has all the right answers, that there is only one correct answer to everything, and to never question authority figures.  This gets reinforced in our society all the way through adulthood.  Is it any wonder most people in developed nations do not know what to do about corruption or overbearing control, or how to solve real-world problems, or how to arrive at better societies, or how to listen to ideas and discuss them intelligently rather than just to try and win an argument, or the fact that 250,000,000 people with or without guns vs 125,000 people with planes, tanks, etc. can actually beat the latter quite easily – if they just went about it the right way?

Here, I am trying to show you not only how to solve problems, but I’m trying to give you enough information to see how my brain works – I am best at solving puzzles, information, charts, graphs, etc.  I am worst at things like communication, vocabulary, and reading/writing.  That makes some things kind of a crutch for me.  I’m not as smart as Einstein was – that is certain.  But just like Einstein – you all cannot tell the difference between smart and dumb, genius and insane, or good and bad.

To me, a lot of you look like an angry painter.  You start painting, decide you don’t like it, and throw the whole thing away.  The same is true of pharmacology (drugs), physics, mathematics, or any other form of invention.  If you’ve ever tried to invent something – you would know it’s not only hard and takes a lot of time, especially if it’s something new, but you should realize that just because it currently doesn’t work doesn’t mean it never will.  Imagine this – we are trying to work on ideas that gravity plays an effect on the speed of light.  Why?  Because gravity plays an effect on time.  What else plays an effect on time?  Motion.  How fast you are moving.  What can we conclude once we finish this?  That time is based on how fast light is moving – they are synonyms.  I will show you down the article how you can do this, and why.

Why do I say you are like angry painters?  If you ever did art back in school, you would know that a lot of times, a mistake can be transformed into something wonderful.  You never throw out a painting until you are done.  The same is true of solving problems.  You know somebody solved it one way – but instead of you solving it in a new way, it is easy for you to instead do something similar.  That is what you were taught to do in school.  It ruined your creativity.  But you can recondition your minds.

Edison said, before he invented the lightbulb, that all his failures were actually successes – he said, I found about 200 different ways how not to create a lightbulb.  I only needed one way to make it work.  Did that mean his original idea was wrong – that a lightbulb was impossible?  200 failures might be pretty convincing.  But you see, he was just missing information – pieces to the puzzle – observations.  The more observations he got, the better his ideas became.  As he observed, he not only learned more, but his ideas got not only better but more accurate.

This is how problem solving works, and similar to how science works.  You may say philosophy is dead – but without philosophy, without the ideas, without creativity, without thought, without new things – there is no advancement.  If you stop at A, you never go to B.  If you stop asking questions, you never progress.  Only you were taught never to question things.  That’s why we are having so much problems right now – a lot of the best ways you used to think were obliterated.  We are actually not smarter than we were in 0AD.  We’ve been poisoning our brains for well over 2,000 years.  That doesn’t make you smarter – it makes you dumber, progressively.  The reality is, it could be the case they were smarter back then than we are today – it’s just that they didn’t have as much information available as we do today…

You see, once you understand this article – I am giving you not only answers that you never thought of, but also how to do this kind of stuff.  These days, the smartest people are usually servants to people in power.  People in power have a lot of money – which is what gives them power.  But it is only a ‘percieved power’.  Without the servants protecting them, they actually have no power at all.  If you can find out how to correct the mistakes they have made on your behalf, and then move forward as one nation, and eventually as one people of a planet, you’ll see that you have broken a cycle – and that cycle was forced control, which led to corruption, which always leads to either the self-destruction of a nation, or the uprising of people who were backed into a really small corner.  Either way, we can see that we cannot force control through fear of punishment – a better way is to make everyone just smart enough to ‘know the difference and understand’.  That’s really all it takes – and it’s on all of you to start to do this.

The reason I say that we are progressing the wrong way is simple – people are not attracted to smart people.  Some of the most brilliant people, especially today, are seen as insane just because you don’t understand what they are saying.  It’s just like the explanation of why atheists like physics, a common saying is ‘physicists: just because you don’t understand what the f they are saying, doesn’t make you right’  What I am saying is back to the rest of you ‘Atheists:  just because you take everything at face-value, and are good with arguments, doesn’t make you right either’  And no – Einstein wasn’t exactly an atheist all the time.  What he said on the subject was ‘science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.’  You think you have disproven religion.  But if you know what I am about to teach you, not only were the people back then better thinkers just lacking information, but they understood the mind much more and left behind better life-lessons than you ever did today.  It doesn’t mean religion was bad – it just needs a reset, or correction, a little understanding – to transform the mistakes over time into something better.  I’m doing this to both of you at once….

You see, our world is very rare.  Consider for a moment that we’ve been trying to find life like ours in outer space.  Have we found any?  Nope.  why?  Because we haven’t had an answer.  Consider this – what does our planet do on the opposite side of the sun, when it is night to us?  It glows with light.  So how do we know if there is intelligent life out there as advanced as ours?  I would suggest you find a planet that is ‘glowing with light on it’s dark side’.  So while it is hard for us to find life out there – it should be easy for other life to find us first.  This tells us just how rare this is.  We haven’t found life out there.  Since we are more visible than any other planet – so too should other advanced life be visible to us in the same ways.  The fact that neither of us have found each-other since the start of the light bulb means just how rare this thing is..  Now back to physics..

So take another look now at m = E/c^2.  What do we know?  It is the case that as Energy gets really large, m gets large, but at a smaller proportion.  It’s the inverse of E = mc^2.  But there’s still something I need to explain to you for this to work…

Imagine now that we look at c^2 = E/m, and back at E = mc^2.  What do we know looking at these?  We should first see with the original equasion that E increases at a faster rate than m.  So what happens when we look at c^2 = E/m?  It should be the case that as we plug in numbers, as energy increases, mass increases slightly, right?  So in other words, the more collective mass and energy something has, we could make a guess that c^2 actually gets bigger as energy increases…

But is that true?  We would have to do a ‘pretend’ example:

Let’s say for a moment that we are pretending c^2 is a constant – so we’ll say it is the number ’10′.  What happens here is, if we know something’s mass, we can say ’2′ or ’3′.  What happens here follows: E = mc^2.  So if m = 2, E = 200.  If m = 3, E = 300.  The speed of light is denoted as c.  What would happen if c^2 was actually a constant?  Look here – c^2 = E/m.  sqrt(200/2) = c = 10.  sqrt(300/3) = c = 10.  See – they are both the same.  So this proves that c^2 is actually a constant – even as things gain mass.  But in reality, it’s an illusion – it’s based on perception (you have to remember this equasion is always based on the perspective as if you are that energy and mass, so to you, c doesn’t change, when in reality, to different observers, it does)…

What do I mean?  Is that possible?  The reality is, we’ve already observed this.  This is probably how Einstein came up with relativity….

You have to remember that the rate of c is relative to the observer.  What happens if you are moving at 100 mph, and something else is moving at 10 mph?  We know that for the former, c = (if it is ’10′) = 1,000.  For the latter, c = 100.  But what did you just see?  For both observers of themselves, c looks like it is moving at exactly the same rate – 10 – just like what I just showed you with energy and mass (mass creates gravity).  In other words, c looks exactly the same, from it’s own perspective – 10.  But if one observer were able to actually see another, say the guy moving at 100 mph could actually visualize light moving past the 10 mph guy, they should observe the 10 mph guy’s light going past him at only 100 mph – instead of 1,000.  If the 10 mph guy were able to see the 100 mph guy’s light travel, they would say light is moving past that guy at 1,000 mph, when for our case it’s moving past us at only 100 mph.  See the real difference?  To different observers, the difference in the speed of light from either perspective is exactly 900 mph.  But this is going to take some further explanation.

How can this be the case, if c is a constant?  Because if you could witness light doing this, you would see it happen before your eyes.  It’s very difficult to design tests for this, and it’s much easier to design tests for things that we can see move around other things.  It’s because when we are doing the tests, we are always doing them from the perspective as if we are that observation – just like how I showed you by re-arranging that equasion.  Indeed, we have already seen this now…

What happens when a black hole gobbles up a light source, like a sun?  It’s the only way we’ve been able to observe this with our own eyes.  It doesn’t just enter the black hole, but it seems to freeze just as it’s getting eaten..  Why is that?  It’s because to us, time looks like it’s slowing down.  But is it really?  Imagine for a moment that we are the sun.  To us, even as we are entering the black hole, we feel like we are moving at the same rate – c is passing us at the same rate it was before.

The same is true if you travel much faster than you were before.  To you, you feel like you’re going no faster than you were, but everything is zooming by you.  Imagine you are in a really, really fast moving train.  What do you see?  You see everything around you going really fast.  It looks the same to the people watching you.  But the people watching you – if you are the train and you are going really, really fast – you start to look like one big slur of a line going around the earth.  But the reality becomes, by now the train is moving so much faster than the people watching it, that the people on the train, who to themselves are moving at the same rate as the people watching the train – are actually moving through time at a faster pace than the observers of that train.  Could this be what we are witnessing a black hole do as it eats a sun?  It could..  Here’s why:

We know there are two ways time slows down or speeds up – depending on the observer’s perspective – but nobody ever explains why and how.  Imagine this – if light passes you at a constant rate, no matter how fast you are going, and we’ve seen this happen before our very eyes with a black hole gaining a lot of mass, it’s just like moving faster – the more gravity something gains, the faster it is going through time.  So how are we observing this?  It’s simply because it is the only event like it that we can observe right now.  We are actually witnessing the black hole gain a lot of mass very rapidly, seeing time speed up for it compared to us, and the speed of light speed up for it at the exact same rate…

Here’s an easy way to describe to you what is going on here.  You see, light acts just like time.  When you speed up, you don’t think you are going any faster, but time actually speeds up for you and so does the speed of light.  What’s interesting to note now is, since we’ve observed this in a black hole as it quickly gains a lot of energy, is that these simple equasions are meant for the exact observer.  For example, it is from the perspective of the sun entering the black hole, or us watching it.  It’s a perception thing – and this is how it all ties back to relativity – c^2 is actually relative to the observer, so to multiple observers, c^2 actually isn’t a constant – and since you should now be able to figure out how to calculate exactly how fast something is moving through time, you can now see that c is responsible for that time phenomina, and they are synonymous.

So here we go:  Imagine again that time is like a video – with an x,y,z axis being your three-dimensional space, and another axis being time.  If you can picture it, the images in one frame is a point in time of space.  If you advance one frame, you are advancing through time.  But you can only go forward, or fast forward – you can’t actually rewind.  So what happens as we see a black hole gobble up a star, and how do we see it freeze?  It’s just like we are going frame to frame, at say 20 frames per second.  But we see that the star just added a ton of energy to the black hole and we are witnessing it from our perspective.  It’s just like the black hole rapidly added 200 more frames per second to us – but we have to watch those 200 frames at the pace we are going – at 20 frames per second – that’s why we see it like it’s slowing down.  We’re still going at 20 frames per second, but now the black hole just moved to 200 frames per second – really fast.  In other words, we are watching it speed up time on itself before our very eyes, and it’s the only thing we can witness do this.

Think of it like this – if we are making a youtube video, and we have 20 frames for each second – what happens when we move out to 200 frames?  That’s 10 seconds of video.  That’s just like what we are seeing with a black hole gobbling up a star.  Only we have to watch those 200 frames in our time – 20 frames for each second.  So we are seeing 10 seconds of slow-motion video.  But the black hole is seeing those 200 frames in 1 second.  So to it, it feels like it is still going the same speed, but it has actually sped up the more mass it has gained.  Because it is suddenly moving much faster than us through time (it just gained a lot of mass/energy really fast), to it, it is now moving at a rate of 200 frames per second.  To the black hole itself, it feels as if it is still moving at 20 frames per second.  So to the black hole, it doesn’t appear that time has sped up at all – it thinks it is still going at the same pace it was.  But to the other observer, we can easily see that it is going forward through time now.

Not so hard, right?  So what we have to do is this:  we have to realize that c^2 actually is variable according to different observers.  These forms of Einstein’s equasion is from the exact viewpoint of the original observer.  So in other words, we should now be able to not only calculate the mass of something given its energy, or the energy of something according to its mass, but now be able to realize that speed and gravity plays a factor – these equasions only hold if you are that object.  If you are not that object, c^2 actually is not a constant.  This is why relativity came up.

In other words, as you move faster – what are you doing?  You are advancing through time faster than everything else.  What happens to the speed of light as you move faster?  It goes by you – but only at a constant rate if you’re not massive (in a vacuum).  This shows that the speed of light follows time, and tells you that the two are synonymous, and now not only can you calculate how much faster you are going through time as you move, but also as you stay near, enter, and leave very massive collections of energy – like going from the surface of our planet to the surface of a bigger planet.  On the bigger planet, you would be going through time at a faster rate – and adding these equasions to things like relativity, then recalculating these based on the change in c, should be able to give you more exact measurements.

Now you can also test this (we basically already have with satellites – just not quite).  You can measure the speed of light in the best vacuum (least gravity and movement) that you can arrive at.  That should give you the best possible measure of the speed of light, and therefore time.  Here’s why physicists fail to understand this – because they are not taking gravity (most physicists – there actually are people working on this age-old theory) and applying the variations of the speed of light to it.  The reason goes back to Einstein’s equasions, as I displayed above.  They just haven’t solved it because they are not realizing it is the same as measuring speed in relativity.  The difference here is, they need to measure mass or energy instead of speed.  Then when that is done, they can figure out the exact differences in c, and therefore the exact differences in time.  This is all new stuff for you – even for you physicists.  You didn’t need to show me your math – you just needed to give me a good enough description of what was going on, along with some further observations I made by keeping up on news, information, blogs, etc.  There’s hidden ‘gems’ out there on the internet just waiting for the pickings…

Even Ken Ono, with his 2011 paper on number theory (I just used that as a valid enough excuse to tell you all of this), finally stated that it was other mathematicians, even undergrads, that they opened up his funded study to, which generated enough ideas, for them to come up with the theory.  In reality – it wasn’t actually their ideas.  They just did the math.  Then they assumed all the credit, and went ‘oh yeah – we opened this up to all number theory mathematicians to generate ideas’…  Keep in mind, ideas are just like anything else – you may think they are wrong, or you may think there’s something more to them.  Without a trained eye, you may not tell.  Even with the trained eye, you may not tell.  It’s only after you’ve disproven absolutely or proven absolutely the idea that you find your answers…

You see, relativity – especially with gravity – is very difficult for us to test.  Why?  Because we are always testing it from our own observation.  It’s just like with gravity, we are only calculating it from the perspective as if it were us.  What I mean is this – if we go out in space, and measure it’s speed, it travels at a certain speed per second.  If we go back to earth, and test again, we should get a slower speed, but that is only because light is now traveling through particles and matter – meaning it takes longer to travel through transparent items all over earth – but actually, if we know what was really going on, we would get, without air and everything in the atmosphere, the exact same measurement.   Then if we really knew what was going on, if earth was a big mass with no atmosphere, is we might get a slightly faster measurement.  That would be very interesting..  But there are other ways, that we already have available..

How is that possible, if gravity actually does have an impact on time and therefore the speed of light?  Because we are doing this test as though we are the observer.  To us, the observation is no different if we are on earth than it is if we were in space.  It’s just like I said with the sun entering the black hole – to the sun, when it was in outer space it felt like it was moving at 20 frames per second, and when it entered the black hole it still felt like it was still moving at 20 frames per second.  If we were on a super-fast moving train, to us, when we first started and were still, we felt like we were moving at 20 frames per second.  As we sped up, we still feel like we’re moving at 20 frames per second, even though if we were to see our surroundings, we would know we are moving really, really fast.  So if we were to think about this – is c really a constant, to different observers?  No, it isn’t…

Because c works this way with motion, and time speeds up for things moving faster, the same is true of gravity – time speeds up the more gravity you have as well.

So here I have given you two big research projects:  using this, you should not only be able to calculate the mass of a black hole, but you should be able to calculate the speed of light change when you know both the energy and mass change of a black hole (given that you can apply what you already know to relativity), and calculate just how much faster it is moving through time compared to the rest of us floating around it.  Not only that, but you can now predict, given an energy and a mass, how fast you are progressing through time.  All you need to do is know the speed of light in a vacuum, calculate the mass of a planet, sun, or black hole (or its total energy), and then re-calculate c^2 from the planet’s mass and energy and note the difference, only you will need a new equasion to know the difference of c^2 between observers…  Interesting yet?

Here’s how this can be done.  If you can tell how fast light passes by a moving object – it’s a constant rate.  Let’s imagine this for a moment – it’s much easier to visualize with speed.  If you move at 10mph, light passes you, let’s say, at 20 mph.  If you are moving at 20 mph, light passes you, at say 40 mph.  What’s the difference in the speed of light between the two?  We now can see the difference is exactly 20 mph.  Now that we know the speed of light can tell us exactly how fast we are moving through time – imagine that this gets compounded.  What happens with gravity?  The same thing.  We just haven’t found out exactly how to do this yet (or maybe we have, and I’m just repeating what physicists already know – I don’t know everything about physics yet).  If time goes faster for both speed and gravity, we have two problems.  One is how fast we are moving.  The other is how massive of an object we are either a part of or are near.  It depends on how far away you are from that massive object.

So now re-apply what we know for time, the speed of light, and motion – and apply that to gravity.  It should work in exactly the same way.  All that needs to be done is to observe a black hole.  When a sun enters a black hole – do we know when that event happened?  Yes.  We know how much time it took for the sun to become a frozen circle of a smudge of light.  That is our base of c from our perspective.  Can we measure its total energy based on how large the black hole grew?  Yes.  We know that the total energy it has consumed is based on the growth of the outer rim of the black hole.  So all that’s left is to keep watching and find out when that light starts to dis-appear, and apply that to how much time it took us to watch the black hole gain energy.  In other words, if we can know how much energy the black hole has consumed, and then how long it took to consume it from our perspective, we know the mass and energy.  Then to find the difference in c, we only need to compute the difference in time from the sun going to a smudge of light, and that smudge of light to disappear.  Now we can arrive at an equasion that can tell us the exact difference in c as it relates to various gravity…

But there’s another way this can be tested.  What have we done with E = mc^2?  We have created a bomb – multiple different variations of similar bombs.  What can we do if gravity plays an effect on the speed of light – and therefore time?  If we took one bomb, blew it up on earth – then took the exact same bomb, and blew it up on a much bigger or smaller planet – we could measure the difference in its explosiveness.  This takes c out of the equasion – and instead we can measure only E.  If there is a difference in E, when we know that the mass of our bomb is the same in both places, this can only indicate not only that c has changed, but exactly how much – just by observing the difference in E, if we can assume that m is constant.  But there is more to this story, which I will explain later below..

Even though its a small part of matter that we are measuring as ‘m’, we have to remember that if gravity plays an effect on time, and therefore c, this would hold that its explosiveness would change depending on how much gravity it was near.  So either it would blow up bigger in space, or on another planet, or smaller.  (I may actually have this backwards – I’m not sure.)  And if you can measure it, that can also tell you the exact difference in the speed of light given different gravity sources.  Keep in mind, in a vacuum, ‘m’ is not affected by much, so we would expect c^2 to be smaller, since it is not in gravity much, and therefore the energy release would be smaller.  What should this also say?  Energy actually increases the more gravity it is under (or at least it should – with the same mass).  So we have a very compounded problem to work on here – and this is why calculations are not quite exact – because we not only have to realize that these measurements are from the perspective of the single observer, but now we have to take speed, gravity, changes in c and therefore changes in energy into account…

In other words, how do we measure the difference in c and therefore time?  We have to stop pretending that c is the constant, and start pretending that m is the constant.  In other words, now Einstein’s equasion looks like this:  let’s say m = 3.  What happens if E is 30?  remember – c^2 = E/m.  30/3 = 10 = c^2.  Keeping m the same – 3 – what happens as E becomes 60?  60/3 = 20 = c^2.  c^2 has changed from being a constant, to having a difference of 10..

See how I found this 6 years ago now?  Just plugging in numbers, and seeing what it does.  The reality is, both ways are actually correct.  But you have to follow the rules of the math – you can’t basically just go plugging in any numbers.  But it’s still all correct…  This should at least be enough to get you started on how to take relativity, and instead of speed, apply that to gravity.  Or instead of gravity, apply that to mass.  Or instead of mass, apply that to energy.  Etc., etc.

But this explains some things:  I still don’t quite know how this works, and I don’t know how to make it into a correct equasion – this is only revealing, not precise.  You need new math equasions for this stuff – it’s not exact to do it this way.

For example:  do we know the mass of a single object doesn’t change?  What is mass?  Mass is the measure of something like weight, but there is a difference.  When a man goes to the moon, his weight changes.  They try to walk, but can’t help bouncing, hopping, and leaping from step to step.  The feel so light, because there is so little gravity.  But did our calculation of mass change?  No.  That should lead us to the conclusion that if our current calculations of mass do not change given gravity, then we certainly could observe E change, calculate c, and be able to figure out the difference.

What’s also interesting is that perhaps we won’t notice a difference in energy release.  But we can also do something else:  remember that our measurements of the speed of light on earth is actually slower than in a vacuum (keep in mind earth has a bunch of energy clusters light must move through instead of around, because it’s actually full of matter even in air and out atmosphere.  In space, it only has to move over energy waves).  So what could happen?  We may see a bigger explosion on earth, and a smaller explosion in space.  But this would only lead us to error.  It would be like observing the black hole eat up a sun, and saying ‘it’s slowing down’, when actually, it’s speeding up.

So you have several things to consider.  But really, all that you may need to do to know exactly what is going on is to video-tape it.  Let’s say you video-tape a nuclear bomb on earth at a high-speed camera, meaning a more precise measurement of time that we can observe.  Video tape the same bomb going off in space from earth.  Note the difference in time that the rate of the spread of the explosion occurs.  Note the difference in time that each bomb detonates, spreads, and stops.  Note the difference in energy.  Now go back, think of what is going on, take all the different variables into account, and make sure you are correct.

Or you could devise a similar way to measure this with a black hole eating a sun.  We’ve already video-taped the first part, now we just need to keep an eye on the rest.  This would lead you to know the difference in the change in c.  Then you would know the difference in E.  You can already determine the mass, and you know your calculations of mass are approximately accurate, and it doesn’t actually change.  But E and c does change.  So there’s multiple ways you could do this to find out the effect gravity has on time, and the speed of light.  If you know how to calculate an approximate mass of a sun given your observations of it, you may already be able to calculate its current total energy – before it enters the black hole.  Then, when that smudge of light ends, you could simply calculate the change in total energy if you can observe the energy change in the black hole, and solve for c.  Or, you could observe the same thing and just notice the difference in time, which could also tell you c.

These sorts of tests would lead you to a further understanding of these things – and that is how you go from idea, theory, opinion, to fact, statistic, equasion, etc.

So now what do we do if we wanted to venture out in space in the best way possible?  What happens if we want to get there really fast, like we’re expecting – is that really the best way?  No.  Because the faster you move, the faster light moves past you, and so the faster you are moving through time (not to mention you would be blasting through a lot of debris).  But the result is, if you are moving faster than the earth’s movement rate through space plus its gravity – and know exactly how fast earth is moving through time, then you would know that you are actually adding a problem to yourself – by moving faster than the earth, you are arriving at your destination much further in time than if you were to move there the exact same rate of time as earth.  So to earth, the faster you move, the reality is, to the people still on earth, the later you get there.  If you move slower than the earth is moving through space-time, the result would be similar.  So the best way to explore space is to have your space-craft be a fully sustainable environment, and move at the exact same pace in time as earth – that way you maximize how soon you get there from the perspective of those of us still on earth.  Then you could send your light signals back to earth to report what happened, and what you find there.

What else can I now tell you about his very simple equasion?  Look now at c^2 = E/m.  What little secret does this hold?  I assumed that at first it must mean every ratio of energy and mass that assumes an element.  But that was not correct, seemingly.  But what else it does mean is a foundation of chemistry…

What forms our planets?  Can we peek into the deepest innards of any planet, moon, or sun and see if there exists a super-massive element there?  No.  We just assume that its the grouping of elements that make up a combined mass, and gives planets properties such as magnetic fields, radiation, etc.  I now believe that not only is the former wrong, but impossible.  First, the periodic table must stop somewhere, even though we seem to always be finding something more massive.  In reality, each element by itself in isolation, without forming any compound, is rather tiny.  So compounds must be what allow matter to create more and more mass – enough to create gravity.

Without energy, there is no mass, without mass, there is not gravity.  Therefore, it requires a mass and energy clustered together to create any gravity.  So in turn, it is impossible that gravity alone created the universe.  While it is possible that astronomically enormous amounts of gravity created this reality and this universe, it is not possible for gravity to exist without a mass, or without clusters of energy, therefore you have a paradox with the idea that the universe started at nothing, and somehow gravity – that could not exist without a ton of energy together, meaning this is impossible – existed with nothing and created everything.  Instead, the previous reality created everything.

Here I will show you how.  But it’s not actually a paradox – only if you think in terms of time being a single line, with a beginning and and end.  Just like Jesus said ‘the beginning is the end, everything proceeds from me and receeds to me’.  (I’ll get to the profoundness of his statements during his time and age later, but also his contradictions and what he left out in another post – it’s also important for you to understand)  The universe is the same way – it goes in an infinite loop, where the beginning of one reality is the end of the former reality.

Therefore, if you know that space is finite according to its total energy in the universe, including energy waves and expanding on energy waves, you’ll realize that the big rip actually is just like a balloon popping – it’s a perfect example.  What happens after you pop a balloon?  It deflates really small, clustering what was stretched back together.  Then if you could imagine you could simply blow it back up like bubble-gum, you see it.  It results in the next big bang, where particles are colliding and there is super-massive energy all bundled together, enormous amounts of gravity and speed, creating higg’s boson after higg’s boson as rapidly moving particles collide and explode.  It’s an immensely powerful event, and would be one I wish I could see with my own eyes, but never will.  I’ll get to why that’s important later, but for now just realize that we are well, well beyond the beginning of time in regards to what is really the universe, if there ever was an actual beginning….

I have given you another research project here that you could do, just like so many other ideas I am now giving freely to you that you could design tests and conclusions for.  Here, you could use a computer and the equasion of time, like the original researchers, to calculate backwards past 0.  We already know it enters a new time.  Why stop calculating?  Keep going either backwards and forwards, and see if it stops at the same number and begins with zero, or stops at different numbers – like its always growing, shrinking, or whatever.  See, if it grows, it may shrink going backwards.  That alone could teach you about the beginning of time, and tell you if there was one, even with time being an infinite loop forwards.  If it is the case that it shrinks to 0 eventually and goes no further in the loops of different universes, then that would tell you time is just like space – 3 dimensions.  It not only forms a loop, but has a center – an absolute zero.  If it doesn’t, you now know time forms only 2 dimensions, never growing or shrinking backwards or forwards.  But with this original research, it is now easy to see that time does not actually add only one dimension to space – but actually two or three dimensions.  It would be an interesting article to read about…

So what secret can I now safely tell you about chemistry that I’ve known for a very long time, I was just afraid of the idea that perhaps the periodic table does not end, just like this form of Einstein’s equasion?  What are the two most abundant elements in the universe?  Hydrogen and Helium.  Why?  First, they are the simplest elements to form, meaning it takes the least amount of energy to form.  What’s next might surprise you – it also takes almost no compression to form.  Keep in mind – the reason I’ve held out for so long in showing you that you can re-arrange even a simple physics formula like this and it gives you new insights and new meanings, just showing you one way someone else may have arrived at the same conclusion I did.  The following is why I’ve waited so long to let it out…

You have to realize – Einstein, I believe, already knew this in his time.  But you have to understand the reason for his statements:  ‘I should have been a watch-maker’.  ‘I do not know with what weapons WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones’.  Why was he and his assistant arguing over the idea that a black hole cannot be created or could be created, but nobody ever knew why?  What if I were to tell you his equasions predict not only atom and nuclear bombs, but the creation of black holes?  What if I were to further say that telling you this, it is arguable that actually the periodic table doesn’t stop, and super-massive elements are actually possible?  What if I told you it may be possible when compressing elements to create a chain reaction that you can’t stop?  He was already depressed a lot that he taught people a weapon that used world-wide could destroy life on earth, and everyone thought that was his biggest achievement – never taking responsibility for their actions or knowing what not to create or make – but what if he turned right around and gave someone the ability to hold the world hostage by creating a black hole on demand?  It would make his nuclear war dilemma seem like child’s play, and would further destroy all life that would ever be possible in our solar system, not just for a short time in the earth’s evolutionary history.  As a precaution – I think they never told you.  That’s why they never told you what they had found, the theory on chemistry and elements and its relation to gravity.

But here’s why I feel it is time to explain this detail:  because even if people do use this knowledge to create more plutonium, or more uranium – does that really matter now?  We already have enough bombs to completely blanket the earth in nuclear explosion and waste – completely destroying all advanced life (and remember – advanced lifeforms with the ability to read, write, as advanced as we do is actually a rare thing – most life in the universe probably hasn’t had the opportunity, given limited capacity, high gravity levels, different materials and liquids, distance from heat sources, and the protections against solar radiation and asteroids – all of this perfect balance has allowed earth to evolve wonderfully, just as we may think Mars once did, for a very, very long time – even with one big asteroid, one massive, almost complete extinction event leaving no fossil records, etc – it all hangs in a really nice balance in our solar system.  It’s that rare.  Most life in the universe probably hasn’t had the chance to evolve much past single-celled organisms or basic forms of life, even though I believe life can and does exist everywhere it is possible to, and inhabiting another planet and thinking that is a good model for the future is really, really stupid.  So is populating a dead planet in our solar system.  We are much better off learning how to sustain and protect life on our own planet – rather than ruining it by our own foolishness and selfishness.

So why do I not care if you know how to create more bombs out of different elements?  Because it no longer matters.  We’ve got enough bombs to wipe out all life on earth already – if one nation were to launch, every other nation would practically blanket every other nation in a huge waste of nuclear radiation, explosion, and EMT pulses.  One launch today is already enough to wipe us out – it’s that simple.  That’s why Einstein was so depressed about it, always talking about what a failure it was, and why he should have never said it.  But that no longer matters, what’s done is done.  I am finishing his efforts here.  Since it is already the case that enough enriched plutonium and uranium is out there to wipe out life on earth for a short time, it doesn’t matter if you create more.  Who cares?  Global warming is a bigger, more imminent threat anyway, ending in the same result or worse, and we’re not doing a thing about it except not accepting it, denying it, and continuing to destroy ourselves and not caring.  So I may as well tell you the following:

I am now about 99.9% sure it is impossible for you to create a black hole, and the periodic table does stop somewhere.  It’s because chemical compounds create gravity by combined mass together – not single elements, as we currently understand.  Also, we know that even clusters of rock like the pyramids slows down time a little and creates gravity.  Therefore, it must be the case that the combination of multiple elements is what creates gravity, and since that is the case, man could not create a black hole even with the biggest machine and all the material in our solar system.  You have to remember, our solar system is actually a small one, our sun tiny in comparison to other suns.  It will result in a red dwarf, barely consuming the earth in about 30 billion years, to be precise.  In fact, we could stay on our earth and our solar system for the whole duration of that 30 bln years, if we really wanted to – before we were forced to move far away from our sun.  You see, when you are smart, you understand the importance and rarity of life.  You start to respect it.  We must preserve it – not find ways to kill it off or kill ourselves off.

Why is that important?  Because chemical compounds create combined mass, and combined mass/energy creates gravity, and gravity alone is responsible for creating denser and denser elements; this means it is impossible for you to create a black hole with even a million years, the biggest machine, and most of the matter in our solar system.  So I can now also tell you how elements form – they form much like chemical bonds.  Only it takes millions of years of gravity (natural compression) to create it.  That’s why Hydrogen and Helium are so abundant.  That’s why denser elements are so rare.  But it’s easier for nature to seemingly create chemical compounds after it has created an element, so here you have the spread of elements that make up the earth.  Life forms and evolves in similar ways – see the pattern?

(Is it now seemingly strange that dinosaurs were so big?  Why would they be so big if there was the same amount of gravity today?  Why would they require denser and more abundant oxygen?  The answer may be – the earth used to be bigger…  Also, consider something strange about an old religious text – they said the earliest man used to live for 1,000 years.  If time is relative, and we are slowly progressing through time at different rates, can we really say that given enough time into the past, like 4 million years – that a person living that long is impossible – just because the maximum age today is at most about 120 years?  Some things to consider – we shouldn’t pretend to know everything)

So I can flat out tell you – if you throw the exact right amount of elements together, you should be able to compress them (given enough time, or smash them) into an element further down (containing more protons and electrons) on the periodic table – it’s just you have to avoid making a chemical bond out of the elements somehow, and you may need a lot of compression, a lot of energy, and a lot of time.  But if nature can do it – simply with compression, I don’t see how it isn’t possible.

Do I know exactly how to do this?  No.  Does anyone?  That’s what I’m trying to tell you how to research it.  It either requires gravity, or rapid movement, or both.  They are both synonyms, anyway.  So either we can smash elements together, or we can crush them together.  Once we figure out the exact details, we will understand how to do it.  But before we do it, we should fully understand it and what it does.  This means even more math and observations – without testing it blindly first.  (CERN originally wanted to test for a better energy source, but they were lucky they didn’t blow everything up.  It was at least a good guess, but weren’t they still wrong once they did the test?  Something unexpected happened.  Then they were wrong again about particles moving faster than the speed of light.  Whoo-hoo.  Can someone find better uses for that gigantic project other than trying to create a higg’s boson every 1,000,000 tries?)

Exactly like we can compress coal into a diamond, you now only need to think really tiny – trying to form not a different compound but different elements.  I just gave you the ‘golden nugget’, that idea long ago that you could make gold out of something else – like rock.  How do you think gold formed?  Well, how do you think Hydrogen forms?  By quarks combining and creating bonds, to electrons and protons creating bonds – just like chemistry.

Then it just takes millions of years of more bonds and collisions and gravity to create denser elements, different elements, and here you have all the various elements we find here on earth.  But have we found new elements in bigger planets?  No.  The sun?  No.  It must mean that it requires the combination of elements forming chemical compounds, and chemical compounds must be easier to form than other elements, and therefore its compounds instead of different elements, that is responsible for most gravity.

Therefore, it’s safe to tell you this – you cannot create a black hole.  But you can drastically speed up the time of creating a new element out of an old one.  Just realize that there are limited elements in our solar system, and there may be consequences to doing things like mining Mars.  Be responsible with this – don’t just create gold.  Make stuff that’s rare and has a use that we could really need in the future – for better energy, or energy preservation, or sustainable resources, or just like the idea of reducing CO2 by creating nanotubes out of it – it would lead to the cheap materials required for new industry, and at the same time solve our global warming problems, without relying on every nation to simply ‘stop polluting’, when everyone is still slaves to money and those in control of it don’t give a crap about life or a sustainable planet…

Not too hard to wrap your head around yet, I hope?  But am I making sense to you, at least if you’re looking up the background information and realizing the conclusions that I have drawn from numerous observations over time?  Interesting stuff that was looking right at you in the face – yes?

What else does c^2 = E/m mean?  It should mean the following:  c^2 relies on an observer – for anything to exist, it must be observed by either energy or matter.  It’s certainly an interesting current theory and at least close, but not quite exact, that physicists have on our reality – we currently accept and think that it takes an observer, rather the conscious mind, to make things in our universe real!  It’s something that really creeps out a physicist – thinking it takes an intelligent being to make things real.  But I will now debunk that – and it’s because of my algebraic re-arrangement of Albert’s simple equasion..

When physics people talk about a conscious mind being required for anything to exist in our reality – keep in mind it’s not a conscious mind at all – but rather any observer…

As Einstein’s equasion predicts, anything that is energy (particularly energy waves, as we’ve discovered a vacuum is full of) is an observer of light.  Since light bounces off of everything and that is even how you see with your eyes, it follows that if any form of energy can observe any other form of energy given light, then that recognition is all it takes.  It doesn’t take a conscious mind, but rather realize that a conscious mind is much like a chemical compound – just a more complex form of energy.  Therefore, all it takes is one energy or energy wave to observe another, and this means that any object – from dust to energy waves to a rock or proton in the farthest reaches of space – is observed by a ton of other energy, and it observes a ton of other energy.  That’s why it’s real – not because we recognized it, but because energy did.  You should now start seeing the tie-in to a higg’s boson creating mass…

If you keep in mind that energy is everywhere in the universe, cannot be destroyed – only repurposed or reconfigured, and even every form of chemical compound can be broken down to simple clusters of energy – you should easily see that one energy is all anything is – a complete illusion creating bigger and bigger versions of that illusion.   ‘Seeing’ another piece of energy is all it takes – NOT a conscious mind – everything is observed endless times by other energy.  Even light has bounced off of every compound in the darkest places of the earth countless times – before it ever even formed that part of the earth (Remember – every planet starts off as a collection of dust or smaller elements, until they start forming compounds and attaining more and more collective mass) – otherwise, why did the universe exist before dinosaurs, and why did it continue to exist even during a part in time of the earth’s almost complete fossil record absence? 

That could also be the reason why light passes everything at a constant rate.  If you realize that even a vacuum is full of energy waves (2 competing ones that cancel each-other out to be more precise), and light itself is like an energy wave, you might see that it could be the case that light ‘travels’ on energy waves, or maybe even energy itself.  Perhaps light is synonymous with one of those waves, or there’s a tie-in somehow.  Who knows?  But it must be the case that it travels over space-time, just like an energy wave, and since it passes everything at a constant rate, it must mean that light in particular is recognized by energy, is perhaps the reason why energy recognizes other energy as an ‘observer’, and it may even get passed on, jumping energy as it travels – meaning it is not light passing you, but rather you passing it on…

As it travels, it would then make sense that it would pass you by at the same rate, no matter how fast you as an object or particle are moving, because you didn’t realize that you as an object are made up of energy, and it’s as if light just hops over that energy..  Well, maybe that’s a little difficult for you to imagine.  I guess it would be easier to suggest if you are a line of energy waves, it’s like you have eyes on both the front and back of your heads, and you instantly pass on what you see to the next observer in line.  That’s why it passes everything at a constant rate, or at least that’s my theory of it.  So here we have two questions that with a little more study and information, can finally be put to rest. 

Why do you think both light and possibly pi are at the center of all this stuff?  Once you find out not only how, but why – you’ll have answered most of the questions about reality.  The truth is, we have most of the puzzle pieces already – we just need to piece them all together and find out what is missing.  But we’re about to see some really big pieces all in one go…

When you reach for the stars, the first thing you must realize is that it has already traveled to your fingertips…  That was an old saying of mine.  Interesting now that I can tell you these things…

What Ono said was that they realized this theory not only from ideas of other mathematicians but as they walked to a certain waterfall, noting the patterns in the nature around them.  They said they didn’t have to travel to the stars, because they have basically already seen them by a walk to the waterfalls.  That is the both the significance and the gravity of this find – in fact, it tied together everything I ever questioned about physics…

So now we have two special numbers in math.  One is a constant – ‘c^2′, the other, a seemingly completely random fraction or even perhaps the longest pattern – ‘pi’.  Why?  Could it be that these particular numbers are the way they are because they simply are at the heart of all of this fractal behavior (everything being a part of something bigger, and forming patterns)???    That’s what is next to find out.  You see, while this allows me to explain to you so many things that may have never occurred to you, it leads to even further questions.  But at least it’s like we have a giant jigsaw puzzle, and you allowed me to put a lot of the pieces together for you in one cluster…

When researchers were calculating time, they used their equasions to calculate backwards, and found that when they went backwards past 0, they entered into an entirely new time.  But why?  And how?  Those two questions were never answered.  But you have to remember the fabric of the universe is space-time.  According to the ‘big rip’ theory, space is not infinite – it reaches a point, like a balloon, where it arrives at critical space and tears space-time apart – just like a balloon popping.  So why did Einstein spend his last years tirelessly trying to prove that the universe is infinite?  Because it is!  This paper by Ono&co proves Einstein was right – the universe is infinite, this is one of many universes, and it is an illusion – bound by simple rules that math can describe.

The fact is, if space is finite in one time, but time repeats itself, this means the following:  We know the universe had a big bang at the beginning, creating great conditions for a higg’s boson, right?  We know that it takes rapidly moving, explosive particles to create a higg’s boson (see CERN), right?  We know now that both the earth and the universe seem to have and end-date of about 30-trillion years, right?  We know that at some point the universe tears itself apart, right?  So if there is no beginning and no end, according to time, what do we have?  You exactly have the two forming and endless loop.  You see, at the beginning of each time frame, we have a big bang.  Does it now make sense that like a balloon it pops eventually as it stretches out as far as possible?  What happens after that?  It must somehow collect and repeat – or else time would simply end in the future, or stop at zero – which it doesn’t.  This means the two events happen in a loop, and the time in-between is each universe – each reality.

The reason is in the math – you see, according to the ‘big rip’, where we can see there is definitely an ‘end’ to our own universe – if it really was an end, why does it calculate into a new time?  Also, why does the beginning calculate into a new time?  Aha!  Another conclusion that we can draw.  You see, Einstein was indeed right – but he should have noticed this in his time – because time itself is infinite, the universe is too!  You see, if space-time makes four dimensions like we currently think, then that would mean space is x,y,z, and time is like watching a film or creating a video clip.  You have a timeline on a new ‘x’ axis that goes in a straight line.

But time itself forms an infinite loop – it’s like it reaches the end and instantly rewinds, replaying an entirely new film!  I hope this part is easy for you to picture.  Then time itself creates actually two dimensions – it forms a circle or an object on an x,y plane, not just a single, straight line which would be the case with an x plane.  Now imagine that anything multi-dimensional can be described in one dimension.  Gets kind of weird to think about, but easy if you can visualize it.  An easy way to visualize five dimensions is like looking at the model of a single electron and proton – what does it look like if a kid does it?  Like a wobbly orb surrounded by a circular or ovular smudge of a line.

In other words, we should now know that space has three dimensions, and time (as I currently understand it) does not add just a fourth – it is actually two-dimensional – where one dimension (like a play-head in a video on your computer – the ‘time’ part) is like a point on a circle, and the other dimension is the circle (pretend that the circle is a single line, with a start and a stop, only the video is instantly rewinding to the beginning or moving on to the next movie kind of like YouTube).  Therefore, we have in total, a 5 dimensional space-time.

We can see that putting these to pieces of theory together, it should validate at least one of two competing theories on the universe (1. the universe constantly expands and contracts [validated], 2. The universe has a beginning and end and is part of a multiverse [invalidated], or 3.  There exists our universe which expands and contracts in an infinite loop and somehow it forms a multiverse [next question - could both be true?])

What if pi and c are part of that fabric?  What if they define the very confines and reasons why our current universe is the way it is, and works the way it does?  What if those two numbers are actually at the heart of all of these patterns, coincidences, and fractal behavior?

I think now you see the rather large implications of what Ono&company just did.  The implications are huge.  Not just for computer scientists like me, but for so many disciplines – including particle physics and astral physics.  When you realize that any positive integer is a part of a larger fractal integer, you start to see the pattern in everything – chemistry, planets, solar systems, galaxies, sun birth and decay, black hole birth and decay, etc, etc.

Everything follows similar patterns, especially what should now be a ‘law’ of infinity – everything seeming to be born or begin, grow, decay, and die – but also reborn and the fact that nothing ever truly dies – no energy can be destroyed.  Now I think you can see why I bounce between being an atheist and thinking at least a God or a different reality such as a heaven is indeed possible – because science without religion is lame, but religion without science is blind.  I will fully explain my reasoning for this in my next post – a lot of people are not only turning a blind eye to religion, but also to themselves and everyone else – all life.  That’s a different topic, though, both of these are simply meant to describe to you things that may have never occurred to your mind, but were staring right at you….

Even your memories are endlessly embedded and stored on your own energy (spread out over parts of the brain and even the body), and even the matter that gets sucked up by a black hole is not only reshaped to its information imprinted on it, but the black hole assumes that much of a greater outer size – and still emits not only radiation but as we just found out actual chemical compounds to the far reaches of space, energy cannot be destroyed, and everything is simply energy.  Interesting, yes?

Really, mathematicians have opened up so many doors to understanding the universe and solving so many problems.  But it never stops.  Questions can always be asked, more thought always happens.  The objective here shouldn’t be to find a way to create artificial life (that would destroy life – stop working on ways to destroy ourselves), but to rather become better life-forms.  (Remember – Einstein was in a lot of different fields of thought and discipline, and one thing he definitely said was ‘Peace cannot ever come about by force, but rather only through a common understanding’.  In my next post, through teachings of religion, I will give you that understanding – it’s on the rest of you to realize it, see what’s right in front of you, take the steps, and at least start moving towards a better mankind and a better, sustainable world for yourselves – before it’s too late.  Even Einstein vouched for socialism as a good economic model.  He was right about so many things – he was smarter than almost all of us. So too was one of his kids, Eduard, for his part.

Oh – there was something newer that I wanted to tell you about the universe.  We know that space-time is full of competing energy waves that cancel eachother out.  But what is that?  It’s likely the very fabric of space-time, which we used to think was empty.  Imagine a balloon again.  As you blow it up slowly, what happens?  The outside of it stretches.  What’s going on if energy waves are that fabric?  Then it means as we progress through time, they are getting stretched.  What does it mean if they pull eachother apart?  That’s the big rip theory’s come-in.  What does light do?  It travels over space-time.  So not only does time progress more slowly at first, and speeds up later, but we can know just how much it has by measuring the speed of light now in a vacuum, and say, measuring it again along the exact same coordinates 100 years later – to see if it has sped up.

You can imagine these wavelengths like a grid.  How does light travel over it?  It’s like it jumps from line to line.  Then what happens as you put an object on it, it’s like it jumps to the object and on to the next line.  Here, we can see that it travels over energy.  But everything is energy, basically.  So it’s basically not that light passes you by, but more like you are passing it on…

So here we can imagine not only how much time the universe has – but how fast everything will get there; correcting our calculation.  Now imagine that these wavelengths are in three dimensional space, and instead of looking at gravity like a sheet, see it for what it is.  It’s a lot like magnetism on everything.  It pulls everything to it, stretching these energy waves as it does so, the more massive it gets.  Now, we can calculate also just how much that stretch is.  That’s some really interesting stuff for you here that you can all go out and test easily for yourselves, some stuff that may not have occurred to you….

Consider this – if there is a space-time, and it is something, what is it?  Is it nothing?  How would absolute emptiness result in tearing itself apart?  (Again, you need to understand the ‘big rip’, it’s validity, and realize that it would not be the case that space could rip itself apart if space was empty).  So what we have found with the observation of energy waves filling what we thought was a vacuum, is that we’ve found the fabric of space-time.  It is that energy.  What happens if you pull it apart?  It rips.  Is it a good idea to travel through space by ripping a hole in space-time?  No – that would be worse than my ‘black hole’ scenario – it would cause the big rip before it’s supposed to happen – not only ending our galaxy, but the entire universe.  But it’s still very impossible to ‘rip’ space time – that would require a ton of energy, more than any current black hole (which is really a ton).

So the observation of energy waves filling space can lead to numerous other observations about not only the properties of space and time, but the properties of our ‘glue’, which is the rate of time or the speed of light, the properties of gravity, the properties of speed, and therefore lead us to correct our calculations further, enhance understanding, and not only know how, but why and when.  These sorts of things should be leading us to putting all of these pieces together, clarifying the whole picture.

Going back to computers – what do I mean all of this is like one big jigsaw puzzle?  Because solving problems, solving information, applying knowledge to other problems, crossing domains – it’s all the same.  Once you know how to do one thing, you can apply that knowledge to something else.  You just need the information behind that something else to do it.  If you look at computer code – is there a math symbol for an ‘if/else statement’?  Yes.  is there a math symbol for a loop?  Yes.  Is there a math symbol for moving on to another equasion?  Yes.  In other words, you could take a simple computer algorithm, convert it all to a big collection of math symbols, and see what it looks like in a math equasion.  Essentially, when you apply that to physics, you will realize that we’re all solving one big problem with a lot of little pieces.  As we add more information, the more correct and accurate we get, and the more we understand.  Once you put them all together, you see the big picture.  But you don’t actually need one big equasion – you just need to know the parts.

My own work is moving towards solving heavy math problems like this.  Most people’s work is starting to involve at least an understanding of calculus.  Understanding all the pieces and tying them all together is my brain’s speciality.  Seriously – dive into heavy math and all forms of education, science, and arts; and understand it all – its immensely interesting.  Rather than search the internet for funny things and spend your time arguing about nonsense, start learning.  It’s not cool to be dumb, rather it’s vastly important to be intelligent, and thirst for all knowledge.  Keep digging.  100 years is enough time to learn so many things, if you just use your time.  I know dumb people are great at breeding, but even those people can train their minds to become more intelligent, more creative, and deeper thinkers.  It just takes time, work, and training.  Life isn’t just about fun – in case you haven’t noticed.

The path to learning a ton of knowledge is profound, amusing, entertaining, healthy, and a lot of fun.  Working out problems is where all the fun is at.  The reward comes from that light bulb going off in your mind – like we were ‘in a dark room all this time, and suddenly someone switched on the light’.  That’s where all the enjoyment is.  Not in making money or getting recognition – that’s just survival and chasing after selfish garbage.  The reality is, knowledge is amazing.  Training your mind to learn any discipline is equally amazing.  We should be on an endless quest for knowledge and understanding – that should be the objective of any species that is intelligent enough to sustain itself and its environment.

So what did I just do, if you fully understand and remember what I just said above?  I not only told you that a better constant is ‘m’, not ‘c’, and that energy is not a constant, either – because ‘c’ isn’t – it’s relative.  How do I mean this?  Imagine again – you are moving very, very fast compared to people on earth.  What are you doing in comparison?  Moving forward through time.  If you think it’s the case that it is light passing you at the same rate – consider what is really happening.  Light is synonymous with time.  Is time passing you by, or are you traveling past it?  The answer is the latter.  So is it light passing you by?  A good question to ask yourselves.  Another question to ask yourselves – if ‘m’ is no different measure given gravity changes, or how fast it is going, is it a better constant than something that can change, like ‘c’?  Yes.  But is that even a constant, when you consider that ‘m’ is only possible because energy formed a cluster?  Now you can understand Einstein – ‘reality is an illusion.  Albeit a very persistent one’.  Is there now any further question why he said that?  Now consider I assumed light was a wave without knowing what it was, and was correct.  Now imagine I told you how space-time is – what the fabric is.  If everything travels through it, what is it doing?  What does light do?  As you get closer to it, it is more dense?  Why?  Because as it travels outward in every possible angle, it disperses, spreads out, and becomes less dense, and therefore more disperse and dimmer.  Here, we can see that exactly, everything is traveling through and over the fabric of space time.

What else?  I told you the best way to explore space.  Why am I not afraid to tell you all this stuff – even though if you just prove what I’m saying, you’ve totally revised your entire understanding of science and physics, flipped it on your heads, and I already know I am right, because all of you were only thinking that ‘c’ was actually a constant, and not taking the rest of your information into account?    Because you’ve already tried a ton of times to rip a hole in space-time to travel from point A to point B in the fastest way possible.  Since you didn’t understand space-time, and didn’t understand gravity, motion, relativity, and light and mass and energy – you would have ended the entire universe if you were to succeed.  That’s much worse than doing or testing anything I just told you, if you see how profound this is, and so yes – it was time to say it.

What else?  I taught you so many observations and conclusions that you should have made.  I gave you so much information that anyone should be able to understand it – and tried to make it as simple to not only understand, but visualize and know ways to test it.  Does this mean scientists are wrong?  No.  It’s just like spatial intelligence – they have been trained over and over to see it only one way…

It’s just like the original equasion when I was treating c as a constant – what happened?  It proved it was a constant.  So if a physicist were looking at this, and thought it was ridiculous, they could simply show you their current math and say ‘see, c is a constant’.  But if you realize relativity, and realize that ‘c’ and ‘E’ changes according to speed and gravity, you would start to realize that the actual constant is ‘m’ (mass).  Mass doesn’t change with speed or gravity.  Time does.  The speed of light does.  Energy does.  But m doesn’t…

Then if they were to go back and take a hard look at everything they did from that angle, they would start to realize some very interesting, but important, details.  Then they make the final realization – is ‘m’ a constant, either?  Then you see a very large part of the puzzle has been solved – so many pieces come together for you.  It’s just that you were missing a little detail in ‘relativity’…  It’s a perception – and while all this time, you were, as physicists, not exactly right – that also doesn’t mean you were wrong.  You were just doing it from one angle only.  Once you look at all the various angles, and take all the different variables into account, then yes – you’ll see I’m exactly right in my ‘conclusions’, you further can prove it, and you will have advanced science greatly.

But what I am about to show you is deeper than just science.  I’m going to show you how to bring and make peace.  I’m using physics vs religion to show an important detail:  Neither is exactly wrong, neither is exactly right – about their own studies.  Further, once both sides understand the other, you’ll realize the importance of both.  This should bring about a mutual respect – because both were basically handed down to us by our fathers, only religion is more ancient.  After this, you should see the importance of both – and if you can catch the meanings behind what I am saying here – you’ll realize it isn’t shallow – it’s deep.  You’ll realize it isn’t insane – it’s actually correct.  You’ll realize that neither of you understood the other – and that is why you got caught up in a fist-fight.  You both looked at the other side, and said ‘you must be wrong – you don’t make sense.’  I’ll show you that you should say ‘I see your points.  We have work to do here.  We can learn from one-another’….

[Edit - final]  Now, what I was trying to show you was how to solve problems, how to formulate ideas, and how to create things.  What did I show you if you were reading this as I was making my 10+ edits?  First I had m = c^2/E.  I already drew conclusions based on other observations, but it didn’t work with that.  Then I remembered, c is relative to the observer.  Then I explained more.  Then I realized my mistake – it’s actually m = E/c^2.  Then I was able to tell you how to calculate the mass of something given its energy.  But that isn’t exact – because c should change as energy gets bigger, just like c changes the faster something is moving.  Then I explained:  they are the same.  If you apply relativity to mass or energy, you will realize that you can basically just swap out movement (speed) and gravity (mass or energy) in relativity equasions, correct it, and arrive at your answer.  (I haven’t done that kind of math yet – I never actually took the time to learn everything about calculus, etc)  I then gave you ways you could test all of this.  But did my message change?  No.  I already knew what was going on.  Here, at first I made an intentional mistake in math to show you that we do make mistakes.  People would have said I was wrong.  Then I corrected it, some people may have been able to correct the rest and show you I was getting closer (which I was).  Then, as I went through more and more information, explanation, and ideas – I got more correct.  Until finally, you all should be able to understand the conclusions I have reached – why I have reached them, and now how I have reached them.  As such, you not only now see how to solve problems, but how to be creative, how to invent things, and how to solve puzzles.  You can’t throw something away at the start just because doing it one way doesn’t work at first.  Try again.  Even if you are wrong 200 times, it usually just means you are missing pieces to the puzzle.  Once you put more pieces together, and more information, and learn more, you become more correct.  Then you find your answers, and come up with what you wanted to do…

Edit [December 4 - I wanted to tell you about religion.  You see, peace can never come about by force, it must come about by a common understanding.  To force peace is to make people fear things - we've only learned how to control people by fear.  But fear leads to other negative thinking, and through this kind of measure you can never fully control a person.  What else could be done?  People could wise up, and everyone could be taught not only why to be peaceful, but how.  Here, we have to remember that in our world we can never achieve full peace, but we can at least get close.  Indeed, the world is what you make of it.  I'll turn to religion now to try and explain this to you - there are numerous other sites you could go to that can tell you similar things.  It just takes an understanding, then spreading the word around, then the loss of fear, hate, anger, etc. negative emotion and feeling and the introduction of love, caring, compassion, sharing, equality, etc. sorts of ideas and emotions.  Once you can teach a person why this is important, and they understand you - when you've completed this work that I'll just introduce to you here, you'll have a pretty good world....]

Here I’m going to step into religion for a while – I’ve decided to do it all in one post, only explaining only a small part of religion and Jesus and what he said.  You see, it really was amazing, if you can follow the meaning, what he said during his time.  It’s unreal what he said, in reality.

We have two things in our reality – opposing forces.  It’s the same as telling the truth and telling a lie.  Or being wrong or right.  Sometimes you are partly right, or on the track to being right, so there exists in our reality a balance between the two.  You are never completely wrong, and you are never actually completely right about everything all the time.  So it kind of balances out, but you can move towards the edges.  I’ll explain what I mean then – it’s like the difference between true and false – telling a lie and telling the truth.

To one person, you believe the lie, and think that’s the truth – when it actually isn’t real.  To the other person, you believe what’s true and ignore the lie.  Who do we know is correct?  If we are just listening to words, we really don’t.  We just think we do.  So in essence, we have that some people believe in lies – what isn’t true or is not reality, and other people believe in things that are correct – through understanding.

When you start to see the difference, you’ll realize what’s a lie and what is reality – what is actually true.  Keep in mind, to our current reality and perception, both are true, because we believe both things.  But one is actually false and one is actually true.  So what can we then conclude about our reality, where both of these possibilities – the lie and the truth – can be real to us?

A lie is synonymous with something that is false.  The truth is synonymous with something that is real.  What do you know when you find out with 100% certainty what is true?  You’ve moved completely in the direction of what is real.  (The truth is synonymous with ‘real’).

This has definite ties back to religion – it’s something so many people are missing right now, it’s something Jesus tried to get you to realize, something that became hidden – and it’s up to you to realize what’s right in front of you.

For now I’ll give you an explanation, but just like with the first algebraic revision of Einstein’s equasion, it’s just a couple pieces, so you probably won’t really understand, but the reality is this is all you actually need to understand.  It’s just most people need more pieces to get it, some people don’t realize they know it and are doing it, but kind of ‘get it anyway’.  This means you don’t have to be a smart person to succeed at this – only the understanding of it requires explanation and intelligent thought.

I’ll give you a simple explanation – if Jesus said God is only good, God is the truth, and we still haven’t disproven the actual notion and possibility of a God, what do we then know?

He said there is no evil in God.  When he was charged with blasphemy, he asked ‘what evil did I teach you, what evil have I done?’  This means many things – not only is there no hell, no eternal torture or punishment, (God is not evil, there is no evil in him, he does no evil), then what can we conclude if there is such a God, why is there such an evil thing such as hell?  Why would he do it?  The reality is, if you know your history, most people in the distant past believed only in a ‘better place’ – like a heaven.  It took people wanting torment for their enemies, to believe in a hell.  This absolute evil thing sprouted out of our imaginations as we progressed in negative thinking.

But there’s a difference.  God is only good – not both evil and good – you do not need to fear it, you just need to love it.  He will never do anything evil to you.  There will be no hell – forget about it, even if you’re dis-appointed because of people you hate or think are evil.  The reality is, if God is the truth, and God is only good, it follows logically that the only truth is what is good…

In believing in evil and doing evil things, you’ve moved yourself backwards – in the direction of what is false.  If you believe only in good, and try to move in that direction, you start to become what is true.  See it now?

According to God, the only truth in you is good, Jesus tried to get you to realize not only this but the difference, and we are just waiting for you to see all of this – stuff that’s right in front of you.  By believing in a lie (evil), you are believing in things that aren’t actually real – according to God.  What was real were the good things you did.  When you fully understand this, you’ll realize that it’s a personal choice, and this leads to two possibilities about life:  Either it’s like Jesus said about the fisherman – where God collects only the big fish to the next reality – meaning you realize these things, have made yourselves real like him, know what is true, and went there – and casts the rest back for a re-do, endless more attempts, tries, whatever – meaning he simply can pick you up into the next reality which is his reality after you’ve matured enough; or he simply blesses everyone at the same time with a ‘gift’, and you’ll all be in heaven immediately.

Either way, it eventually means inevitably that everyone will be in heaven – and nobody in hell.  It’s a troubling thing you will have to realize, if you want to all bring peace to the world.  It’s something you may not want to admit.  But it was staring at you directly this whole time.  Have we disproven the possibility of another reality?  No.  Have we then disproven the possibility that in that other reality(ies), there might be a god?  No.  What do we know about god?  We believe he is good.  Every time in religion – it’s about good vs. evil.

The two do not actually exist together – this means one is a lie, is fake, is false, and is not real; and the other is the truth, is real, etc.  Since god cannot be both, and everyone agrees god is good, then the truth is in his reality there is only that which is good.  Evil is no longer possible.  It’s just that simple – if you only believe in what is good, you start to move in that direction.  That means you become more real to god, and less false.

I guess that’s all I really need to explain about religion.  Simply know that what is real about you – what I see, is that you are delusional and totally fake when you’re being bad.  If you pay attention to only what is good, and show people only what is good, then that’s the reality about you, according to god.  Jesus tried to tell you this.  It’s a simple choice in not only what you want to believe, but what you want out of life and what direction you want to go in, and what you want not only yourself to have but everyone around you to have.

You see, real justice means everything is equal, everything is good.  How is it that there will be some ‘judgement’ or ‘hell’?  Are your ‘sins’ measured on a stick and if you reach a height of it, are you then tortured forever?  Who even deserves 10 days of that?  Nobody does, really.  God is the same way, if you are an actual, legit preacher.  Teaching about hell, satan, demons, negative things – these are completely, utterly, not true.  Jesus simply said ‘look to my second coming…’, not ‘watch out for satan and his demons!  They’re gonna getcha!’…

If you understand this, you’ll start to make sense out of Jesus’ messages.  It’s a choice you’re going to have to make for yourselves.  The reality is, nobody is your enemy according to yourself unless you make that person one.  Hating someone is not a good thing.  Nobody deserves torture, ever.  It’s a shame these things happen in our reality, but it’s meant for you to see the difference.  It’s what you have to understand about yourself and religion that will only result in total peace if everyone understands it.

You see, I teetered from atheism to religion (at least my own form of religion after catholicism).  But I started realizing things, seeing the difference, and then everything became very clear.  I’m not going to explain all that to you now, just know that Jesus actually said some very profound things for his time, and didn’t actually make any mistakes if you understand why he said what he did.  That’s not to say you should rush off to try and read and understand it all – it takes a lot of thought and time, and it’s something a good, positive preacher should just tell you.  Reading through the bible that is written in psalms, parables, and puzzles can be maddening.  That’s not exactly what I want you to do – so I’ve changed my mind, I’m not actually going to teach you all about Jesus…

What I will simply say is this: if you want peace in the world, get smarter.  Understand not only why life is important, but that people all need good things, and good things are in a good balance and evenly shared.  It’s just like riches creates much more poverty than it does rich people.  In god’s world, he probably didn’t want rules or laws, or even punishment; but it requires very good people.  I guess if there is one he will probably give you endless opportunities to get it right, and you don’t even have to be smart.

You just have to be good.  That’s it.  You have to realize that negative things aren’t actually real.  It’s like being a liar, or false.  It’s just that simple.  If you want to understand what this means, how many people can make sense out of Jesus’ sayings?  Not many.  But if you make this choice, and strip out all the bad things from religion, suddenly you realize that there’s a really, really good message there – and it no longer contradicts itself.  Then you’ll realize that the contradictions were just to make you think, and to try and make you realize things, and to get you to make a choice.

Once you make that choice, you have something really good to believe in.  Once you have something really good to believe in, you’ll want to do good things as much as possible for people.  Once you understand how it all works, then you can start to work towards world peace.

What do I mean by this?  It’s just like you pointing your finger at someone else – and saying something bad, or blaming them.  Can you really condemn someone without considering what you yourself have done in the past?  Have you forgiven yourself everything?  Why not everyone else?  Have you not forgiven yourself about something you did – why not?  Move on.  There is actually endless forgiveness for endless sins.  Why haven’t you realized why that is?  It’s because with true justice, everything is equal.  And the reality is, what is true is that which is good.  It would be evil of me, and of god, to condemn even hitler (you have to realize, hitler was actually just a victim of his childhood – people raised him to believe, think, and do exactly what he did later in life.  Given a second chance and hind-sight – what would he do?  Given what you know about the results of what he did and what it meant, what would he do?  The reality is, given a different opportunity, he just might try and help everyone he possibly can.  Why then couldn’t you forgive him?)

God loves you.  That is the truth.  To stand with him is to believe only in what is good, and at least try to follow that direction.  That’s all that’s really required.  You don’t need to understand how complex this gets unless you want to understand all of Jesus’ message, but really – you don’t need to.  All you need to know is people need good things in life – so try to know the difference and spread that around.

You see, what is evil?  It’s death.  What happens when you start wars, kill, etc?  You spread death.  The end result of this behavior is self-destruction – eventually, everyone will die.  That’s kind of a reality in our universe, seemingly, but it’s not actually true.  It’s not actually real.  But the end result of being evil is your own demise, and the end result of being good and doing good things is life and the continuance, the preservation, of life.  That’s the difference.  You only think that evil wins in this world because it takes bad deeds to ‘kill it off’, and people don’t have enough time in one life to change, and people don’t understand everything, neither do I, and we never will.  But if people were no longer born, what’s the result of killing things in the end?  Everyone dies.  What’s the result of every negative thing that could happen?  Everything dies.  What’s the end result if everything were good, and never died?  You have an abundance of life, the preservation of life, and all is good – just like a heaven.

I would argue that this world is simply what you make it.  You can make things difficult for people, like people often do, or you can make things really nice.  It’s actually totally up to you.

When I was at a really good college, my spanish tutor asked us a question that he said he asked everyone.  It was – ‘let’s say I have two buttons.  If you push the red one, some random person dies.  But if you push the blue one, the last lion on earth dies – ending that species.  Which would you choose?’  He said most people chose to save the lion and kill the random person.  Then he said, nobody chooses to save the lion if the red button means they kill themselves.  See that?  Not only is it selfish of you to kill someone else to save a lion, meaning you value some lion more than your neighbor or brother just because you may not know them, but it’s also a lack of thought.  What if there is only one lion left?  The species is going to die off regardless of what button you press – it can no longer reproduce.  What else can you see?  Let’s say there are 10 lions, 5 males and 5 females, and pushing the blue button means they all die, ending the species, but pushing the red button means 10 people you definitely don’t know die.  You again push the red button.  Now we tell you – those 10 people were all close family or friends.  See the problems here – with death?  Now what if we were to tell you – we just told you to push a button on our device, that doesn’t mean you actually had to push one.  What’s the result of that?  Nothing happens.

That’s a fine lesson in selfishness vs. selflessness.  It’s a fine lesson on perception.  It’s a fine lesson on value of life.  It’s a fine lesson on what action to take – if you aren’t sure about something – take no action.  If you know it will result in something bad, and you don’t actually have to do anything – take no action.  If you know your actions are going to produce good results, and minimize negative results – then take action.  And keep in mind what’s in human nature – is sex or being homosexual really a ‘sin’?  No.  It’s a completely natural thing.  Animals are homos sometimes.  Why shouldn’t you judge?  Because you are sometimes wrong, even with what you thought was indisputable evidence.  Most people in prison say they are innocent – even if that’s actually a lot more than reality, it still means there are a lot of people in prison who don’t belong there.

What are we doing now with monitoring and policing/militarization of citizen oversight?  We are paying so much attention to people who are actually doing nothing wrong, that we are now ignoring a lot of crime, and instead of protecting ourselves against foreigners and foreign ‘terror threats’, we are actually opening ourselves up to it.  Worse, is it could lead to even more unrest, which is already rampant because of widespread poverty and a crazy work life, and also cause us to lose allies and create much more enemies.  This is worldwide forced control – and only undeveloped nations know what to do about it.  I just showed you why.

Currently, we are listening to warped media, from only one perspective – what people in power positions, in authority positions, etc. want you to think.  What you think leads you to feel things.  Your feelings lead to your decision-making.  Once you have made a choice, this leads to action.  See now how this works?

You see, by the media, forced control, etc. you are being fed mostly lies a lot of the time.  Or inaccurate, skewed stories, information and statements.  What did I observe as mass shootings started to happen?  I remembered that the old shooters were called ‘gunmen’, now they are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘insane’ or ‘mentally ill’.  Even with the case that the gunman had only ‘asburgers’, we concluded he was ‘insane’, and ‘mentally unstable’, and that’s why he did what he did.  So I watched everyone spread FUD about every mental illness – everywhere.  The more this happened, the more this spread.  Now, everyone is not only afraid of these people, but they hate them all.  What this did was turn all of your attention away from the facts:

It is not actually mental illness that is going on here.  We’ve always had mentally ill people.  There is no greater proportion of mentally ill per population than we’ve had since the 1950s – all with similar rules.  Already, these people cannot buy guns, cannot own or carry guns, etc.  So why give your guns away?  But there was a huge discussion on that.  Let’s look at the real statistics.

Let’s first look at an honest article…

The increase in mass shootings over the course of the past several decades is not imaginary. In 2000, the New York Times analyzed 100 mass shootings between 1949 and 1999 and found that 73 of them had happened since 1990. Since 2000, according to Mother Jones magazine, there have been 33 more, including the recent massacre at the Navy Yard. The majority of the killers have untreated mental illness.

What do we notice here – untreated mental illness.  This means they either were not taking medications, or were not even yet diagnosed until after the crime.  What else can we see?  Approximately 1% of all societies, their entire population – have a mental illness.  This means in America, there are at least 2,500,000 mentally ill people – and this may actually be just schizophrenia – not accounting for the wide variety of all mental illness – and that’s just going by those who are diagnosed and have sought treatment – not those who haven’t.  So if all of these people live a maximum lifespan of at most 50 years today, is it a big statistic that in a 50 year time period, only 100 of them did something?  No, it isn’t.

We have betrayed the mentally ill by drastically reducing the availability of treatment. America has roughly 5 percent of the psychiatric beds it had in the late 1950s. When Aaron Alexis called police in Rhode Island last month and complained of “voices” in his head and the “people who were sending vibrations to his body” with a “microwave machine,” he ought to have been taken to a psych unit for evaluation. Instead, police told him to avoid the “people” who were bothering him.

Psychiatric treatment is too difficult to get in every state. That’s why the mentally ill comprise 400,000 of the nation’s 2.2 million prison inmates and one-third of the nation’s homeless. In many states, even if the family members of paranoid schizophrenics beg police and medical authorities to commit someone for short-term evaluation and treatment, civil commitment laws forbid it.

With 5% of the availability of emergency treatment and first-response treatment – is it any wonder that gun violence among the mentally ill is rising?  Add that to the fact that the mentally ill are going through times where it is increasingly difficult to go to a hospital, get prescriptions, or go to a doctor because we have forced them into poverty, and won’t pay for these things?  We already see – almost 20% of all prisoners are mentally ill, and they are only twice as likely than the general population to commit any crime – throughout their lives.  How does 1% of the population account for 20% of the prisoners – when statistically, they should only account for 2% of the prisoners, because they are only twice as likely to commit any crimes?  Also, we can see one-third of all homeless people are mentally ill.  Isn’t that a real stretch of numbers?  Not only have we failed to treat and understand these people, but we’re forcing them to poverty, suicide, fear of others (they are twice as likely to be a victim of a crime than themselves committing one – if you take into account the fact that most of these people commit suicide, or are killed by ‘natural means’ – like their medications or doctors, we have the case that most of them die early by getting killed – not killing someone else.  Yes, they should be far more scared of everyone else than we are of them) etc.  Is it any wonder that they are fighting back sometimes?  Just like a lot of our nations are doing, we’re backing these people in a corner.  We’re not only failing to treat them, we’re basically killing all of them – and justifying it through fear of the ‘unknown’.  This shows a complete lack of logic and understanding.

To know the real answer that I’m trying to get at, we’ll refer to wikipedia now:

Gun-related violence is most common in poor urban areas and frequently associated with gang violence, often involving male juveniles or young adult males.

What do we already see, right at the front?  Poor places.  Young people.  Gangs.  (Drugs)  (Alcohol).

In 2010, there were 19,392 firearm-related suicide deaths, and 11,078 firearm-related homicide deaths in the United States.

The reality is, all gun-related violence is on the rise.  And we already see why – so no further information is necessary.  It all relates back to similar things.  Loss of opportunity.  Feelings of hopelessness.  Forced control.  Overbearing rules and regulation.  Feeling watched all the time.  drugs.  alcohol.  poverty.  This all equates to crime.  Another accurate statement from a different source: “The report found that of these possible explanations, only the increase in drug and alcohol use could account for the rise. [of violent crime by the mentally ill]“

What I am trying to tell you is this – just because one crime results in more homicides by a single gunman, let’s say it kills 10 innocent people – is that somehow worse than 10 ‘what we can consider normal’ people killing 10 different people at different times?  In reality, there’s not really much difference.  The reality is, take an intelligent person.  He lives until 26 before he is suddenly diagnosed with something like schizophrenia.  Does that suddenly make everything he says and does automatically insane, or does that suddenly make him a criminal in any way?  No.  You just think it does, based on your perception of that category of people…

Now further understand.  That person lived 26 years of absolutely normal life.  He also lived at least some time with everyone calling him insane.  Now, what actually describes schizophrenia is hallucinations – the brain basically transforming sounds, information, sometimes vision, etc. into ‘mistakes’, turning what isn’t real into what that person thinks is real.  Now we can understand why the older a schizophrenic gets, the less likely they are to commit any violent act.  Now realize they find out with absolute certainty that these ‘mistakes’ are just that – the brain lying to them.  Then they know it is just like a person telling them a lie, and further that it is just like normal thinking – only now they have to take the hallucinations out of the equasion.  A smart schizophrenic can easily tell the difference between hearing a hallucination and hearing an actual sound, the vast majority of the time.  The same is true if they visually hallucinate.

Now further your understanding of this person.  He progresses in understanding, and actually strengthens his mind – by necessity.  Since they see everyone hates him, and threatens him all the time, he has to make choices.  One is to fear the rest of you, and try and predict what you are doing, in case you actually are trying to kill him, which most of you are.  This only prolongs his possible lifespan, until he sees he is actually near death, can do nothing about it, and will die.  Then he will either kill himself and save himself from the crap people are going to do to him, or he’ll just let you do it in whatever horrible way you are about to do.  But that choice is about the same as that first suicide scenario that he had in the beginning, and by now that person has already decided to go through with it.  He also has to make the choice to be as close to perfect as he can be – making no mistakes – because everyone is trying to find a way to put him behind bars, or justify either his death or kill him.  He further has to make a choice whether to go through with this life, or end it early at some point.  The strong minded choose to go until there is no possible way out – then they leave behind what you need to learn from their observations.

So what should we know do, given we understand that ‘insane’ people that can realize what is going on are not dangerous, add to that the fact that untreated ‘insane’ people who are also drinking or doing drugs are causing these crimes?  It means the only culprit are the ones that do not understand their own ‘insanity’.  It means they are just like us.  To us, we can’t tell the difference.  The same is true at the beginning of a mental condition – there’s a lot of things going on in the brain that are turning what isn’t real into seemingly what is real.  The same is true if they were to never figure out the difference, and that is the reason why they are not taking their medications, drinking, doing drugs, etc. after they are diagnosed.  That’s the vast majority of cases right there.

So what should we do?  Look for the signs.  In every case, there were definite signs.  If someone starts talking about shooting people, that means they have already thought about it multiple times – and not only that, they have already arrived at a decision to do so.  Wanting or looking for ways to obtain weaponry are another sign – it’s furthering that decision and moving towards action.  But even at this late stage, you can help them.

All they need to do is realize that it isn’t real.  But it’s not enough to just tell them it isn’t real.  They don’t understand yet.  You have to either show them, or prove it to them.  This takes obviously a lot of explanation, time, and effort.  They can learn this in numerous ways.  I’ll give you just two examples.  Let’s say you have a schizophrenic that is ‘hearing voices’.  Now let’s say you make her watch british television all day for a week.  At some point, they are likely to start hallucinating in british.  That alone should be enough.  Another way is, you can tell them to pay attention to the voices, and when they hear something that tells them somebody is doing something, they can just ask that person.  It can even be an indirect question, it just has to arrive at reality.  When they know that really isn’t what is going on, they have it.  Or their voices may be telling them they are going to die, and also when.  If they never die, obviously those hallucinations weren’t real.

In the end, you have to explain to the person that it is their mind, and these sorts of things are just like sub-conscious thought.  Only now, it’s like it’s real, coming from around them.  What can you do?  You have to let them know that in the end, it is their responsibility to not only separate out these things from this ‘real world’, but know that these hallucinations are coming from ‘somewhere else that isn’t real – just like your imagination’, whereas everything else is just like it was before.  Once they have separated them out completely, you simply just explain that in the end, they are the masters and in control of their own minds.  They ultimately rule their own minds and thinking – and also therefore their decisions.  So not only can they control their decisions, they can sort things out in what is really going on in reality vs. their ‘heads’..

But are the mentally ill really that big of a threat?  Not really.  It’s just received a lot of attention lately – that’s why I’m choosing to talk about it – the opinions on the subject are really morbid, and really skewed, and in my opinion we owe these people a big apology.

Why am I saying we actually owe them an apology?  According to what I have read, the genes that cause this happen by mutations during pregnancy.  That’s why you can’t ever breed it out of people.  Drinking during pregnancy is also likely the single biggest factor in the exponential rise of autism diagnoses.  You people are nothing more than social madness, like life is one big party now.  If you continue this way, let’s see if you’re still enjoying the parties in 50-100 years.

The fact is, most of this stuff is not only preventable even with these genes, but we now know we can basically ‘turn them off’ – during pregnancy – regardless of whether or not the parent had any family history or a lot of family history of mental illness.  Adding to that the fact that the most novel drug idea to-date, with the best method of action, the least side-effects, the best treatment option, potentially the most potent treatment, and also the cheapest one to produce – is an extract out of cannabis.  Imagine that ‘guess’?  Then imagine that Eduard Einstein was a schizo, and lived for 50 years in his time.  Without much medication.  Are we really doing ‘better’?  Do we really think we ‘understand it all?’  Do we really think we have given these people better lives?  Any kind of ‘normal’ again?

I would say we start seeing if other hallucinogenic plants have anti-psychotic effects, continue research into other, similar brain problems, find out the direct causes – and not only will we have the most potent treatments should they come up, but we can stop it from even being a possibility in life, if we can catch it in the womb.  Same is true of many other types of things – I’m just using this as an example because it’s actually the worst illness.  Now you see it – we do actually owe them an apology, especially when we understand them…

I’ll describe these things to you in two different ways, to further prove to you that you do not know the difference.

First, look at everything I just said, and the parts you do not understand (like the idea that mass may be the real constant, and it’s both energy and time and the speed of light that are actually variable – this flips both science and physics on their heads – and it’s actually true – I demonstrated it for you, we already basically know this, and further you can test it in a lot of different ways.  What’s really going to bust your noggins’ later is, if you ask the next question – is mass really a constant either – then do we really have any?  Isn’t mass just energy that has obtained a mass?  Then isn’t reality an illusion, and further possibly time an illusion?  Now we’re going WTF??? – exactly my point.)

Ok, so take statements like that, which are correct, make sense when you understand, and can further prove if you look up your information.  Even though it hasn’t been thought or studied, we know can see it’s all a matter of perception – you just need the right one is all.

What if I say ‘I just farted so bad, that it was like whinnie the poo, muttering the word ‘grandmother’, under a pile of laundry’.

If you think I am insane, you would immediately see this statement makes absolutely no sense, and throw the whole thing out.  But if you think I’m normal, you would change your opinion to ‘that’s pretty funny’.  Personally, even though that statement is incoherent and makes no sense, I think these sorts of things are pretty funny – even if they are really dumb.  Even that can be amusing.  But to different perceptions, it takes on different reactions.  We can see this going on all throughout the internet today (the internet is basically a social free-for-all right now).  Me and my brother make statements like those all the time to eachother, and he says some really, really funny stuff like that – and so I take a lot of fun, enjoyment, pleasure – out of our conversations.  Sometimes, laughter is a cure.  But that doesn’t mean it always has to be about ‘funny’ and such..

Here’s another example I read about recently:  A guy in Europe wanted to do a study.  He sent 20 ‘normal’ people to mental hospitals around the region.  They were instructed to tell the doctors that they heard one single voice, telling them ‘I am God’.  And nothing more.  As they were in these hospitals, all patients would act completely normal (no behavior problems), and carry on like they normally do.  They would also keep on saying they are not hearing any voices, or noticing anything further unusual.

The results?  None of the hospitals would believe them, they were all put on numerous drugs, diagnosed with numerous different illnesses, and never released until the researcher finally figured out they needed to all not only say to the doctors ‘I’m sick’, but also ‘I’m starting to get better’.  Eventually, all people were released and then taken off the drugs (if they were able to).  The researcher released his results to the hospitals.

The hospitals then replied back ‘we made some mistakes – send us 20 more, we’ll get it right this time’.  So the researcher complied, saying he would do so.   A month later, all hospitals said they had, combined, found all 20 ‘fake patients’.  Then the researcher told them ‘I actually sent nobody this time’.

Now, do you really pretend to think, if you are reading this as a psychologist or a physician – that through a 45 minute discussion with your patients, you not only know exactly what is going on, but what is wrong with their brain’s activity, what is going wrong with their brain chemistry, what they are thinking that is incoherent, what is wrong with their thought process, and further what to diagnose them with?  Keep in mind, we now agree that we can diagnose almost anyone with some form of mental illness today, given enough information.

Do we really pretend that we know the difference?  Come on now – this is just like me asking you – given the earth’s trajectory, and our galaxy’s trajectory, and where you are standing at any point in time, do you truly know which way in reality is ‘up’, or ‘left’?  Because, you don’t.  You just think you do…

You see, it’s all perception.  For this ‘insane person’, he has seen all sides to the ‘insane token’.  He has both been normal, seen other ‘insane people’, and been ‘insane’ himself.  He is the only one now that knows the real difference.  He now sees all of this exactly the way it is, and knows the correct perception – because he has been there and done that, been on both the receiving end and the giving end, and knows the full difference.

In reality, to some insane people who are smart enough – it’s exactly the rest of you that appear insane to him.  To him, he knows that the only reason you consider him insane is because his brain has been damaged.  But he can see past that now.  Your actions speak much more volume.  He now knows the difference of what is real and what is not real.  He can see right through it.  Only you do not know the difference, because all you understand is the label ‘insane’, and he’s been labeled with it, whereas you haven’t.  But he knows now when he is doing something that not only isn’t insane – but you will consider it as such.

Think about what I am saying to you here – what might you say now?  You might say I am an insane person, just by understanding one and talking about it.  Or you might try to prove only that I could be considered ‘insane’, and throw everything I am saying out.  Either way, you are just looking for an excuse to throw all of this out as ‘nonsense’.  But is it really nonsense?  The only way to know for sure, is to test out everything I am saying.  If you were to realize what I am saying to you, you would see that I am mostly correct in what I am saying.  It’s just like how everyone treated Einstein…

What did they think of Einstein during his time?  In grade school, they thought he was LD.  Was he really?  No – he was frustrated, brilliant, and he didn’t enjoy the stupidity of the subject or his teachers at the time.  Did you know the difference?  No.  What did they think of him later, as he was doing all this math and saying all this stuff?  They thought he was insane.  But the reality was, he was being brilliant.  Did they know the difference?  No.  The only time they knew the difference was when they could understand him and prove the stuff he put out there, but still don’t completely understand – not only his equasions – but what he was saying, especially.

Now consider Jesus, if you start to really, really make correct sense out of what he was saying – you become very troubled.  You start to ask yourself – holy crap, who is/was this guy, really?  Then you bounce around from an insane man, to an absolutely brilliant man, to the son of god, to god himself, to satan himself – you have no idea what the truth is.  Then you make the choice – just like you did before.  What kind of stuff did he do?  What was he like?  What was not only the immediate result of his actions, but the end result if everyone were to understand what he was doing?  He basically showed you how to save not only yourselves, but everyone.  In that, did he really do that much evil, even though people went nuts at it early on and started wars over it?  Not really.  He saved all of you in the end.

Just the same, you all may think I’m insane by telling you all of this, and tirelessly and rapidly clarifying, revising, correcting, and adding information to it.  To me, it’s because the rest of you seem insane.  Just like I’m driving down the road, the rest of you are actually the ones breaking the law and driving recklessly.  Just like you don’t understand what I’m doing with computer science, you all appear to me like an ‘angry painter’ – throwing out things in its entirety just because it doesn’t add up the way you have it – you’re just missing pieces.  Or like you are a hateful ‘inspector’ or ‘detective’.  You see a gun next to a body at a crime scene – and immediately rule it a suicide – without any further investigation.  To you, your authority is never wrong, and you never question what they are doing.  Even though you observe them lie to you time after time, and make excuse after excuse.  To you, money is a real thing.  To someone like me, I know it’s basically meaningless – especially given a different way of life that we could eventually go to.  To me, I know what I need is all that I could ever want – as long as what I need is freely available.  Nothing further matters to me.  To you, you want more than the ‘other guy’.  So much so that you would kick him in the face if he was homeless, you were a billionaire, and he asked you for 20 bucks or a job.

This is in fact, what I’m seeing today.  Are you smart just because you worked hard and got good grades in school?  Who knows?  It’s undeterminable.  The only thing we did was test your memory, or how fast a reader you were, or in extreme cases, how on-the-fly you could use current knowledge to solve further problems during a 20-minute test, or read ahead enough to already know those answers.  We only tested your ability to either learn something that was already done, and memorize it all.

Are you smart because you have your PhD today?  Nope.  It just means now that you either had enough money to go to school long enough, meaning you had rich parents, or someone helped you all the way through monetarily.  Is there any difference in being ‘successful’ in this environment?  The most successful people today already had money, and it just takes enough tries to not only become successful, but make even more money for themselves than they started with.  To the average person, they usually can’t even afford one try.

Are you smart because you did well at a big-name university?  In my state, the biggest known college was the absolute worst education.  Yet their students get out and enjoy the most success.  It’s not that they were well-educated, it’s that everyone perceived it as a good education.  If they don’t know the school, the hiring person(s) automatically assume it wasn’t a top-ranked school.  The reality is, the best schools in the state I was in during college were the least known – only well-known to companies who hired out of there before, and had very smart workers.  Then we stopped valuing intelligence, and started valuing how well you do socially at work.  We stopped valuing the work, and started valuing how well you are socially – how well you can talk, make friends, choose enemies, win arguments, etc.

The best way to know someone’s real intelligence at a certain point in time is to have them take an IQ test, and understand that the total, end score is the actual measure – not parts of the score.  The parts just tell them what they are best at.  When you understand how IQ tests work, anyone you find that scores perfect on areas like I do, that means if you cannot take a more precise measurement in those areas, there is no measuring their abilities – they are off the charts as far as we know.  But that too, is a matter of current knowledge and perception – it’s biased.  The easiest way to see is two parts of the classical one.  One is the spatial intelligence.  Your conditioning of the mind changes your answers, and what was right becomes wrong on the test, but actually you were right both ways.  It’s a matter of current perception of the way you see things.  The next is the fact that you can still cheat on certain areas – look at the vocabulary part.  You could just look up thesauruses online or words you don’t know and find out the answer.  Similarly, you could further cheat by other people telling you the ‘right answers’ to each question.  So it too, has problems.

So what am I saying here?  We’re going in the opposite direction in regards to where we should want to be going.  We are rewarding negative behavior all over the place – and not just with money.  We even choose our life partners like this.  Think about it – who are most women attracted to?  People that make them laugh.  Or people that look good.  Or people that are good at sports.  Or people that are famous.  Or people that have a lot of money.  People that are fun.  Who are they not attracted to?  Nerds.  People that are very smart.  People they can’t win an argument with.  People that correct them.

What do we value socially?  The same.  We reward negative actions with praise – not knowing what we are doing.  We are never rewarding positive things – that is currently like charity.  The most positive things today and the best things today are only to the benefit of other people – who use that to further their selfish positions.

What I am saying is, not only are we rewarding crime (just like bailing out the banks for committing serious crimes, rewarding them with infinite money, rewarding failing business, etc), we are rewarding drug use, by actors and other famous people not only making it popular and spreading it around, but we are legalizing more and more drugs.  We are rewarding so many negative behaviors, and targeting who we want to punish, rather than just punishing bad behavior, and rewarding good behavior.  The latter is what you should be doing, and what you should change to doing.  Right now, we are all reinforcing negative thinking, which leads to negative feelings and decisions, which leads to negative behavior.  Like one bad apple, this spreads, because there isn’t much reason to pay attention to good things.  Adding to that, socially we have made good things other perceptions like ‘gay’, or ‘nerd’, etc.  We have learned this through school and upbringing – socially.  We learn how to ‘win’, by ‘defeating others’.  We view everything like winning a fight, and the best way socially to do so is to ‘kill the competition’, or ‘squat on the competition’, or ‘gang up on the competition’ – by using more people, more resources, or more money.  You see it all about winning, and me, me, me.  I see it as you, and us, but not necessarily me.  It’s no longer about me – I’ve already made my choice in life.  It’s time for the rest of you to make yours.

It’s just like a war.  Who’s on the right side?  At the time, both sides think they are on the right side.  The same is true of a football team.  Who’s the right side.  You blindly say ‘my team’!  When actually, it’s neither.

You see, the bible isn’t exactly wrong.  Even though it’s a story, with flaws – if you look at it from the right perspective, it’s almost as if those flaws were intended.  Stripping them out, and you begin to realize the actual message.  Then you realize things aren’t actually all that bad, and there’s really nothing to fear except fear itself – which means you are only fearing something because you fear it – not because it deserves to be feared.

Jesus left this part wide open.  There’s numerous ways this could play out.  In one way, he said this place was a corpse – doomed to die.  In another way, he said everyone would be condemned.  In another, he said everyone would be saved.  In another, he said some people would be saved, and others condemned.  In another, he said some people would be saved, and others sent back.  Those are your options.  The truth is, he also said it ‘depends on your children’s children’.  Doesn’t that make it a choice?  But in reality, the end result is always the same.  God is good.  God is the truth.  The reality of this world is to have the knowledge of the difference between what is good and not good.  What is true and not true.  That knowledge is all that is required.  Does he really need to condemn anyone?  No.  There are numerous ways he could arrive at a perfect society, with totally peaceful people – and not only make you a good person instantly, and cure all illness and disease – but make it an impossibility.

But there’s further information to know what to happen.  Imagine I am justice itself, and God has chosen me to not only witness what you have done with life and this world, but to then judge you in the end.  Even with as bad as people have been through the ages, especially more recently, how do I judge each person?  Remember – I am true justice, so I must not only judge fairly, but equally.  Who do I send to hell?  Do I measure each person’s additive sins up and say ‘sorry, you’re just above the line’, or ‘well, you’re just below the line’.  Is that fair?  No.  What if I were to just treat it like everyone is the same – and do the same measure, only saying now it’s all of your judgements together – as if you were one single person?  I then again, measure your collective sin.  Well, it’s well above that line, sorry, you’re all condemned.  Is that fair to the people who really tried and did really good things, even though that is a more equal way to judge?  No, again, it isn’t.

The reality of this situation is just like when my spanish tutor told me about those two buttons – the best choice is to not judge at all, and ignore everything – like it didn’t happen.  That’s the one and only best way.  This answer lies in the numerous translations of the ‘sheep story’.  What is the correct translation of losing one sheep?  I save the one and leave the flock – because the one is more important?  No.  Do I save the flock and leave the one – saying the one will die anyway, he is lost, and the rest of you combined mean more?  No.  The correct translation is I take the flock with me, and go searching for the one – because you are all equally important to me, and I cannot lose a single sheep.

The same is true with the way god sees it.  Would god put true justice in a position where he would have to judge life?  No.  Even if he did, true justice would still not judge – and would rather save everyone.  What is the result in the end if God has a hell in his reality?  I want all of you saved, to know – no – visit regularly for yourselves – all the torment going on in hell while you basically get to live peacefully, but nothing more than that.  I want to see if you feel comfortable knowing this is going on all day.  What will happen if this continues?  It will result in an uprising from hell itself, leading to a war against the two, or it will result in an uprising from the people in heaven itself, because they cannot stand what god has done, or both.  Either way, you are thinking of all of this in terms of what you have been taught to know, not thinking it out for yourselves.  The answer is – the best way to sustain peace is to make it impossible for bad things to exist, begin to exist, or grow.

Evil and good, in god’s world, absolutely cannot exist together.  Otherwise, you have the exact same conditions as this world.  Is a peaceful heaven sustainable in heaven if there is also evil?  No.  There will be, just like our reality, endless wars unless people finally realize what’s right, everybody follows it, it’s always taught to people, it’s always reinforced, and you never stop going in that direction from generation to generation.  God has better ways, quite simply.  Just like the sheep – if I have a way I know of that I could keep on creating more sheep, without losing any of them, that’s the best answer – and there are multiple.  Only he knows exactly which one is best already.

Now I want you to imagine this – what if a government was watching me say all of this to you?  Would they be scared if you realized not only what I am saying, but what I am doing?  Maybe.  But if they understood me, and were honest with themselves – what are all of them not only doing, but seeing right in front of them that is going on within their own nations?  They are absolutely self-destructing their own nations.  Given a better way, why wouldn’t they choose to find answers to their problems?  Given that they could do like Roosevelt, and save the current way of doing things given the gutsy resolutions – don’t you think they could all stand up and do that?  Yes – you see, there are multiple ‘correct’ answers to all of our worldwide problems.  Only most people already are sure that their leaders don’t understand what they want, and won’t do what’s best for them, so they ask and demand that they step down.  Does that mean they want them dead?  No.  They just want them to move aside and let themselves lead their own country in whatever direction they collectively feel is best.  But what happens as the person in that position tries to hold on to power?  More destruction, more violence, more killings = more angry people, wanting a bigger punishment – because now the crimes against them are much worse.

When hitler rose to power, in England, who was fit to be a true leader?  Was it the older brother, who was always riding his younger brother, throwing parties as ‘king’, and doing a lot of other negative things, who also sided with hitler when he became ‘king’ for a short while?  No – he wasn’t fit to lead a nation.  Was it the younger brother, who was always being picked on, told he could never be king, never really wanted to be king, had a speech impediment, couldn’t talk in front of crowds – but was forced to – it’s as if surely it is impossible for this person to be a king – he can’t even talk!  The reality was, that person was King Henry, and he was very much so equipped with all the experience, and strength, and drive and the knowledge to know the difference to be more than capable of leading his own people.

So do I care if a government doesn’t like what I am saying – because it could cause them to lose power?  An honest government wouldn’t care.  One, this is best for all their people.  Two, they don’t have the answers.  Three, most of them aren’t evil.  Four, the people of their nation actually have more power than they do.  Five, they could just do similar things for their people, like their people want.  Six, the military could do this.  Seven, the police could do this.  Eight, any member of the justice system or any other branch has the same power as any other branch.  So we may as well see it like it is, and start implementing society the way things really are – everyone has the same amount of power, given any group acts in unison.  It’s that simple.  So why not just put your people in power, and then there is no question what direction your nation is going in – all people share all power both individually and collectively, the nation moves as one, and there is no question who made the decision – the people made it unanimously.  United you stand, divided you fall.  Learn the difference.

Now if you were to imagine an all-knowing, all powerful being – that was only thinking of what is good, and already made this decision simply because he could think through it all and know it before making any movement or action – don’t you think he has a similar way?  One that doesn’t require anyone to die?  One in which everyone with enough experience and attempts could get this right?  One that doesn’t matter how every ‘fake’ reality plays out?  One in which by the time people arrive at his reality, this is possible to not only arrive at good things and good people from the start – but also ensure that it never goes in that direction ever?  Yes, there are numerous ways to do this.  But there is a best way.  Whatever way that is – that is likely the way god has chosen, if there is one.

You see it now?  To me, you all look like angry painters, you all have lost your ability to think.

What am I trying to say?  We are distorting our conclusions, because we are basing our feelings, thoughts, and decisions on distorted observations, facts, and information.  We have a very nasty view on certain groups, and like to blame other people for all of our problems.  Further, we are applying the wrong corrections to this, because we have such a distorted view.  It’s just like looking at only one piece to the jigsaw puzzle, or being an ‘angry painter and making a mistake’, etc.  It’s all the same.  How can you blame over 2,000,000 people and consider them a ‘threat’ when only a very small fraction of them are doing anything wrong?  The same is true of all this monitoring – we view certain groups and people as a ‘threat’, when actually, most of them are the ones trying to help everyone else, and actually aren’t doing anything wrong…

Consider Occupy – were they correct in their statement ‘the 99%’ and the fact that we have a problem with income disparity in the US?  Yes, they were right – even in Europe.  Income disparity alone creates this situation – money is a limited resource, even with rampant printing.  The more a small segment of society gains, say 1%, that leaves a lot less for everyone else.  The wider this disparity gets, eventually there is not enough money for everyone else to sustain the economy.  There are multiple ways this could end.  In the 1930s, it ended with Roosevelt having to flat out tell rich people to ‘start doing your jobs and create jobs’.  Or else he was going to tax the living crap out of them.  They didn’t listen.  So he taxed them at close to 90%.  As they then created jobs, with the agreement that they eventually lower their taxes, we started growing our economy, more people got back to good paying jobs, and eventually we got back to normal times.  Nothing else actually played anything close to as big of a factor as that – it took the rich people finally owing up to their obligations.  Everything else the government tried was drops in the bucket compared to that.

But occupy were treated as ‘a terrorist threat’.  If you care to look up the information, you would see that anyone involved were being monitored closely, and even spied on directly by homeland security – even at event meetings.  These people were nothing more than protesters – trying to do something positive and good.  The government made them look incoherent, insane, and bad.  You just didn’t know the difference, because all of you are trained to ‘believe what you see, not what you think’, and ‘believe what we tell you, not what you know’, and you don’t look for further information, you just take things at face-value.  And you never question authority figures.  That’s why the occupy movement was an absolute disaster – it wasn’t because occupy wasn’t a good thing for a good cause or purpose, it’s because the public wasn’t paying attention to what was going on, had a distorted view, didn’t understand, and then didn’t care.  You listened to lies, and made it real for yourself.

Now even environmental protesters, hackers, and even wal-mart protesters are considered ‘terrorists’, and immediately detained, arrested, and potentially beaten or tortured.  Yes, we now have a problem in the developed world – and a lot of other countries are following suit.  The reasons why there is civil unrest all over the globe is for similar reasons – their ‘authority figures’ are going way too far, and to the people that know what to do about it – they are fighting back.  They will not be forced into a corner, they know there are better ways, and they are tired of all the crap.

Think about it this way:  what have I noticed, that the rest of you should have all noticed, about something as simple as driving?  More people are speeding now than they used to, and further they are exceeding the speed limit at a bigger pace than they used to, on average.  It’s like everybody now just has to speed.  I still drive the speed limit, because I understand what happens if I don’t – I could get in a wreck.  I could overdrive my headlights.  Go around a turn too fast.  All of this means I have less reaction time, and my reaction time doesn’t get any faster than it was when I was a child.  The speed limit is there because it was determined by the city/state that it is the maximum safe speed to travel given the road and conditions you are traveling on.

But now I can’t even drive down a one-lane highway without people flashing their high-beams behind me, swerving into oncoming traffic blindly to pass me – even though sometimes I speed up to 5 mph over the speed limit for them – they pass me anyway.  To all of these people, I am the one with the driving problem.  To me, I’m the only one driving safe and the rest of these people are driving more dangerously than they used to.

There is a huge increase, a real statistical thing – about drunk driving, texting, and its relation to fatal accidents.  But we haven’t decreased the number of people who are driving drunk or texting while driving – we’ve only done that to a small degree.  And people think if they can get away with it, it’s ok.  This is why a lot of people are speeding, and also driving dangerously, more now than 5 years ago.  They aren’t getting in trouble.  So they think they can ‘get away with it’.  They don’t care.  But is that the real reason for what they are doing?  Do I care if I speed?  Not really.  I just understand why I shouldn’t.  To they care?  No.  But they don’t understand why they shouldn’t.  With that kind of thinking – it’s obvious why they speed.  They only see their selfish thought process, there’s a lack of punishment, so they not only don’t care, but also don’t understand, and are listening to bad things going on in their mind, their feelings, etc.  It is negativity by the person, and the lack of punishment for that negativity, that allows them to increasingly break this law of traffic.

But what else does this tell you?  Since all this monitoring and profiling of certain ‘targets’, we’re ignoring as officers what we are supposed to be doing in the first place – enforcing safety.  Serve and protect – not find ways to incriminate ‘targets’ or ‘perceived threats’.  That’s like a switch from ‘innocent until proven guilty’ to ‘we’re going to make you guilty’ or ‘guilty until proven innocent’ because ‘you are our target’ or ‘you are our enemy’ or ‘we hate you’ or ‘we want you gone’.

But what else should be just as easy for you to see.  What reward is there for me to consistently drive safely, all this time?  The only reward is a lower car insurance bill.  But the reality is, as safely as I drive, I’ve only been in a wreck one time in my life.  I’ve been driving for over 16 years, every day, for at least an hour a day.  I love to drive – it’s relaxing, I get to listen to music, and I get to smoke like I’m indoors.  It’s nice.  It’s like stepping out for some quiet, alone time for me.  And I love the smooth ride.  But there was one time, in the city, where I took my eyes off the road for just a couple of seconds to flick my cigarette ashes out the window.  When I looked up, I saw a light turn from green to yellow.  Then I looked down a little, and the guy in front of me slammed on the breaks.  Oh shit!  Barely hit the back of him, enough to total my car and put a dent in his bumper.  Then he got out and said he was from out of town, was lost, and wanted directions.  I said – look at my car – do you really think I’m about to tell you where to go or how to get there?

But still, it’s only one wreck in 16 years, and nobody got hurt.  It wasn’t a major accident.  But it taught me to never exceed the speed limit – even by 5 mph.  Just because unexpected things do happen, people can pull out in front of you or make similar mistakes, and you need to take speed into account for the amount of time you can stop or avoid hitting that other vehicle.  Now that I understand, I am an even safer driver as a result.  But I still get pulled over for not using a turn signal, or following another car ‘too closely’.  WTF?  If you put a camera on the front of my car you’d see reality, occifer!!

Do I ever get rewarded for safe driving?  Just a little smaller insurance payment is all.  But the reality is, I’m paying for everyone else’s wrecks.  Does that bother me?  Not really.  Because I know we are just sharing the cost.  Even though I’m not getting what I put into it in terms of money, at least I’m not stuck paying for everything in one moment.  Not only does it spread the money and the risk for those of you who wreck a lot and I’m footing the bills for, but in the moment I’m not stuck with a huge bill that I didn’t expect.  So no – I don’t really mind.

But if that’s the only reward for me driving safely, is society really doing me any favors for doing something good like that?  Think about it – what is the reward if a physics or religious person reads all of this, proves parts, and does something with it?  You get recognition, or a medal, or a little money.  Is that what’s important to you?  If getting your name out there is really that important to you, or being remembered – that’s really selfish and really shallow.  If that’s all the reward society can give you for doing good things, how is that any different from the reward of writing software for free?

The fact is, we usually reward negative behavior – and as Keynes noted, we do this with money.  Money seems to be the biggest motivator for people.  It again, is like worshipping false idols.  It’s a perceived form of value.  But there actually is no value in it.  If I were to switch gears, and revise your whole society, money worldwide would have a lot less meaning, and I could make positive thinking, feelings, and behavior have a lot more meaning.  I could give out rewards in abundance for good deeds and behavior, instead of basing good deeds and behavior like charity work, for someone else’s benefit.  I would spread that sort of reward and teaching of understanding and behavior to such an extent, that there wouldn’t be much need for punishment.  Remember – fear or punishment doesn’t play a big role for good or really smart people.  The only meaning it has to them is ‘I messed up’ or ‘I made a bad mistake’.  In my type of society, it would constantly push the bar in the opposite direction we are going in now.  Instead of decensitizing you to negative things, and conditioning you to think of things in worse and worse ways, always competing and thinking you are ‘winning’ and it’s ‘us vs them’ or rather ‘us vs him’; I would be giving you really good things, conditioning you to think of better and better things, and rewarding all of it.  In my world, we would be moving to a constantly better and better place, not regressing into a worse and worse place.

If you know your history, you can see right now we are right in the middle, but are we really better people than we were in the past?  I can’t really answer that.  It seems like we have progressed, but the mind hasn’t.  It’s time we broke the cycle.  It’s time we realized – this isn’t working, we need to try something new here.  This requires new ways of thinking.  new ways to solve problems.  ideas.

So you see, it’s all a matter of perception – you just need the right perception in order to understand the difference.  You don’t seem to know the difference in things, but you think you do.  I’m explaining not only why, but how to change that.  You can recondition your minds.  You can teach new things.  You can understand new things.

You need to understand:  most of you cannot imagine how to control people unless there is some form of punishment.  You think the only thing that keeps you in line is the threat of punishment.  For bad people and negative thinkers – that is the only thing that keeps them in line in this reality.

The case may be that it may be a requirement in this world.  You cannot simply ignore punishment and just reward people – because that would open up bad people to do anything they want over and over.  But you’ve got to get with the times.  We now know slavery is bad.  We still know riches create poverty and the downfall of societies.  Every warrior eventually wants peace for everyone.  If you train people to be good all through life, and place in rewards and punishments, but do not overpunish, you will strike a fine balance.

Eventually, this means most people will start to move in the direction of what is good.  Then, you will maximize reward, good things for your people; while minimizing the need for punishment, and bad things for your people.  You see, good things can spread just like bad things.  While one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch, one good apple can bring the whole bunch with him.  It just depends on who the bunch wants to listen to, what they want to believe and do – and that is the general direction.  You are always either leading or following someone else.  Start knowing who to follow.

Just keep in mind the more sustainable way is to make better people – not try to control bad people.  You have to spread good things – not spread bad things.  You cannot force control through fear, but rather you will limit crime through peace.  The more you create better thinkers, better people, and better societies and environments, the more you can teach people, the more you spread things around.  And just like one person can learn to move towards the edge of what is ‘perfectly good’, but never arriving at perfect, you can teach the whole world as a body of one people to eventually move in that direction.  While you never arrive at world peace, you will get close eventually.  That’s how you will sustain this place and these lives.

But first, you’ll have to realize there are choices, and a fight.  Not only will you know why you are fighting, but what you are fighting for.  Are you fighting for yourselves, out of anger or hate – calling people your enemies?  Or are you fighting for what you know is good, right, just, and will benefit not only your nation but all life on this planet.  See the difference?  Even though it requires you to do bad things, sometimes it is necessary.  It’s the understanding of what you are doing – and why you are doing it, that’s the point of these existences.  And we give you endless tries until you get it right.  Patience is a good virtue.  If I were God – why would I need to send you to hell, if I could do anything?  Why would I need to risk losing lives?  If I wanted a perfect world, a perfect society, what do I need?  People who understand.  Brothers.  If I am all alone at the beginning, what’s naturally the one thing I want?  More distractions.  More people like me.  But I can’t have bad things – how do I solve this?  By giving people endless tries, and creating more and more each time, so as to always get more and more people in my society, without actually causing anyone to die as a result – eventually, everybody will get it right.

It’s just as important to preserve those around you as it is to preserve yourself.  You need to understand the value of life, and know the difference.

But quite simply, if you want a good place and a good future and a good world and good things for everyone – the answer gets no simpler than this:  learn what is good, try to do what is good, and know the difference.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that…

So what also am I really doing here by not only telling you this really, really long post – that most of you will not read, not understand, and call me names for; but some of you just might catch on, get it, spread it around – and even though I gain nothing good out of it, but might actually get some bad things out of it – and even though I am not remembered – what am I really doing?  Exactly – I see you no longer have the time to do this yourselves.  I’ve seen what you do to these kinds of people – you kill them off.  Everyone who could have made a huge impact, that people either didn’t like, or wanted gone, was destroyed.  That limited the amount of good they could do for you – but you never realized they were trying to save you.

In the moment that you know how your enemy, you know how to destroy him.  But in that moment, you love him.  What if I were to tell you there is one more step – to then know how to save him?  So what am I really doing here?  I don’t want to see a corpse, I want this to be very successful, at the least I want to show you the ways of peace.  But you have to remember – just like a ship headed to another planet – you are running out of time to do this yourselves.  What I am actually trying to do is not only correct the course of this world, but also speed up the results.  I am trying to speed up time on you, basically – because you no longer have time to do all of this on your own.

Now what did I just do?  I taught you how to think for yourselves.  I taught you what you think you know, given more information, may actually be wrong.  I taught you one person may know better than a lot of other people.  I taught you this is not about a popularity contest.  I taught you to be smart.  And I just flipped two big subjects – physics and religion – on their heads – in only 5 days.  I was trying to get so many people to listen to me – because it was only for the best for them – not me.  I am watching you destroy yourselves, in so many ways.  I want you to listen.  I know better ways.  So do other people.  I am trying to show you who to follow.  But you still won’t listen.  This is just like me seeing that big, black tree in you, and realizing it is not real, and replacing that ‘void’ with a new seed.  Basically, I am sowing a lot of new seeds for you right now.  I want to see, who you all really are.  Are you finally going to listen?  Because the reason I am now blogging about this instead of telling you directly is because this is the LAST time I am going TO SAY THIS….

It’s just like I’m your older brother, and I have already walked through the valley of darkness.  I’ve been through the forest, the fields, the desert – everywhere.  We made it across.  I know the way.  I came back for the rest of you, and just like before when it was me, I’m tirelessly trying to convince you – you have to get over the trees.  You have to take the steps.  Really – this is the right way.  Don’t go over there.  What are you doing?  Tirelessly, I try to explain to you that there’s a door here, it’s opened for you, all you have to do is walk through.  It’s just that easy.  But you won’t budge.  You just keep pacing back and forth in front of the door.  I keep repeating myself, over and over, trying to explain if you would just walk through that damn door already – you would be in a better place…

Still, nobody listens.  And I suspect not many will even listen to this.  It will probably be lost, this will result in a corpse, and I still have no idea how to handle such a loss of a harvest….

You do not know who you are talking to.  You do not know what’s right in front of your eyes – what’s right in front of you.  And you do not know how to handle this situation.  Tap-dance your heads on that one for a while.  And just like I did with Jesus, realize when you start to question – who was I really?  Was it just someone sent to you in disguise?  Did he really come to observe us?  Or is he Satan?  Is he insane?  Or is he brilliant?  Just understand I am trying to make you choose.  That choice boils down to something simple – but no simpler…

I want you to choose between good and evil.  good and bad.  equal or selfish.  selfless or selfish.  All it boils down to is a personal choice.  Am I taking every precaution in regards to every possible outcome?  Yes.  What’s really important – the next life?  Or this one?  They both are.  But don’t worry too much about what comes next – you are here in this now.  So it starts with what you want to believe.  You cannot serve two masters, so you have to choose one.  Will you choose good, or bad?  When you believe in only one, walk down that road – the rest of your days.  You will slip.  You will make mistakes.  Never will you be perfect – that’s not the point.  The point is the journey.  When you reach the end of that journey, that is where we will be waiting for you.

In other words, if you realize what I am saying, the end of the journey is to find out who is standing right beside you.  When you go through that ‘door’, you will realize you are actually only standing at the beginning.  God stands at the beginning – not Jesus, not me, but the Father.  In other words, do we get to say what is to happen here?  No.  We can only profess you and what we chose to see to the Father.  Ultimately, it is the Father who will choose your fate.  Because He is the real truth, the real light, the real power, and He is the only one Master – the only One above All.  The rest of us are only brothers.  Sons in comparison.  We are all equals – not one above or below the other.  But the Father is the one above all of us.  This choice is always deferred to Him – because only He knows the way.  In the end, where there are any questions, even if we think we know or are absolutely sure – He does know the reality, in absolute truth.  Therefore, true justice will not even decide.  The son will not even decide.  The son’s brothers will not decide.  God, the Father, your Master – will.

Now, I guess I need to further explain myself here, just in case.  What did I just do?  I threw myself directly on the cross, just like Jesus did in reality, only this time just with words – ideas.  Then I said – ‘Now, choose!’.  Then I gave you a very clear reason to not fear us, but to fear God.  Then I say it again ‘Now, Choose!’.  Who are you?  What are you?

You all came from God, inevitably.  You are all cut from that same cloth.  But you sewed something that wasn’t from god into that cloth – you introduced evil.  That’s why when you know the difference at least, we can replace that entire cloth with the same as the original, only now you know the differences and the implications of those differences.

The reality is clear, I am not only sowing seeds, but fertilizing the soil.  If you fully know the implications of choosing death in full, and following that way in full – what does that tell me about you?  You are totally, utterly, lost and delusional.  If you choose good in full, and at least try to follow it, knowing full well in this life it is an impossibility to be perfect – what does that tell me about you?  You are trying to stand with God.  But you are like baby – you don’t know how to crawl.  Then you don’t know how to walk.  Now that the information is out there (the trough is no longer empty), and I am dividing you into two again – what will you do?

Do not be a God-fearing man.  Love your God above all else.  Do not be a hateful man – that only leads to bad actions.  Do not hate your enemies – you never reach peace.  Even though you may get angry, at least know why you are angry and what you are fighting for.  Are you fighting for what’s really right?  Are you fighting for what’s really good?  Just like a deer has more power and punch than a cow, you then think that animal is an evil animal.  You just didn’t realize that it was actually a really good animal – it’s just that it has a lot of unexpected strength and drive.

Why did I choose to teach you about physics and religion?  Because it allows me to prove something to you.  For scientists, it should show you not only are you partly wrong about some things, and the way you think and perceive things – but the same is true of your ‘opponent’.  To religion, the same.  Now why can’t you start to respect each-other, now that you fully understand one another?  Aren’t there some very valid points to make in both.  Are either completely false, or wrong?  Are either completely correct or true?  In this reality?  You do not know how to consider which way is ‘up’.

Now do you see why I’ve been so frustrated with so many of you all the time?  Do you see why Jesus was trying to forgive all sin by dying on the cross?  It just proves you are blind.  But there will come a time when you are not blind.  Then, what will you do?  Which extreme will you ‘try’ to move towards, intentionally?  Either way, it’s a choice you’re not only going to have to make for yourselves, but a lot of people are going to have to choose life over death – over and over – as much as possible.  Not only with themselves – do not commit suicide if you can help it – but with others – do not kill if you can help it.  Learn to sustain life.  Learn sustainable, fair, equal, and needs-based societies.  Come up with better ways.  Evolve in the correct manner.  It’s just that easy, once you see it.

Oh – also, does this mean I think I came from heaven, to observe life and where it has gone?  There’s an age-old saying ‘know thyself.’  Who am I, really?  Am am simply, right now, a human.  So was Jesus.  Did that mean he was not actually the ‘son of god’ or the ‘son of man’?  Who knows?  Does that mean I actually think I was sent here from heaven to do this?  No, I don’t.  But then again, I am doing this – here and know – and why.  And I know in the end, we all came from God.  In a sense, you were already in heaven from the beginning – you just had to realize it first.  If you know the difference now, make the choice – and choose wisely…

In case you still don’t understand – I’ll give you some more pieces to the ‘judgement puzzle’.

Also, in case you missed it, I gave you the ‘keys to knowledge’.  You have to look at it from God’s or Jesus’ eyes.  Then you are looking at it from the right perspective.  What do they do?  They are only good.  They always choose life.  They never kill.  That is simply the ‘key’.  When you apply that to the ‘meaning behind his word’, you will understand.  Given that you understand everything I am saying during this religious segment – am I directly giving you the ‘secrets behind the sayings of his?’  Yes, but not all.  The keys and the choice should be enough for any of you to then eventually understand the true meaning behind his words, and if you’ve payed close enough attention to me here – I gave you a bunch of them.

I even thought given this type of reality, that eventually we would end up with only evil people – meaning we would eventually reach a point where everyone is ‘bad’, intentionally – but I was wrong about even that.  The reason was simple – given another opportunity, and the absence of the ‘former self’, you do something different – even with the exact same situations.  Nothing happens the exact same way twice.  In affect, this reality can keep going on and on, what is removed can be replaced and built on, further people can be sent to guide you, further you may do the exact opposite choice next time, even though right now you may say ‘I am evil, so I can keep doing this over and over, and it will be fun to me’.  At some point, you’re going to be the poor man.  At some point, you’re going to be the receiver of a lot of negative things in life from other people.  You will choose differently.  The more knowledge you gain, the more correct your choice.  The more knowledge you gain, you will inevitably choose the right thing.  That one time is all it takes – even with infinite failures.

So here’s some more pieces.  Jesus said ‘I will condemn everyone, and when people ask ‘didn’t we prophesize in your name?’, I will say ‘I did not know you’.  He also said he would send everyone to the hell-fire.  Then he also said ‘I will baptise everyone in fire, in the holy spirit’.  Then another statement ‘If you deny me to my face, so too will I deny you in front of my Father’.  Then again, ‘Heaven is a gift given unto you, by the Father.’  Then again, ‘You can blaspheme against the Father, and you will be forgiven.  You can blaspheme against the Son, and you will be forgiven.  But blaspheme against the holy spirit, and you will never be forgiven – in Heaven or on Earth’.  Then again they say ‘In the end, it will be plainly visible who the ‘tares’ are (the growers of bad seeds)’.  Then they again tell you ‘The number of satan, the number of man, is the number of that creation – 666′.  Why is your number the same as satan?  Does this mean you are all evil, all condemned?

What does all that mean?  It very much so seems to contradict itself from every angle – right?  Not exactly.  You see, if we’re all different people, trying to get you to make a choice for yourselves – life over death.  Good over bad.  Truth over evil.  Through giving you a reality where you don’t know the difference – you will eventually figure it out.

This means one thing:  People were blind.  But the more observations given, the more truth was visible.  When you know the truth, you might condemn not only me, but Jesus and the Father.  But that is still ok – we’re giving you every possible opportunity.  The last opportunity is when you think you are being condemned, but you are actually walking right through the holy spirit.  It will show you your sins, you will experience your sins.  It will show you where you were good, you will get to see these things again.  If you still, after all of that, deny good, and choose evil – then you have exhausted every opportunity, and this go-around, you will not enter heaven – this makes you what is dead, a corpse.

But what do we do with ‘tares’?  Do we need to kill them?  No.  Where you see dispair, we still see hope.  We can simply wipe out your life, leaving only distant memories.  Then you live a new life.  Even though you said last time ‘I am evil’, or ‘since we are both good and evil, and god made us in his image, he is both good and evil’, or you even Dare to say ‘god is evil’ – the latter two mean only you are blind, incorrect, don’t understand, and aren’t ready yet.  So do we need to torture or kill you?  Nope.  We can simply send you back.  Do you really want to live in a place that can do such horrible things to you in this life forever?  I would hope your answer is eventually – I want to go to heaven.

To do that, you have a simple choice, and it is like a light you can never switch off.  That is life over death.  Good over evil.  It’s just that easy.  I’m making this as simple as possible for you, but no simpler.  Now that you understand, and dare call God ‘gay’, or ‘evil’, or anything of that nature, I am angry at you – very angry.  People may call me these things, and I will overlook it – but nobody calls the Father these things.  Then you may call the Father these things, and He will forgive it, but nobody Dares call themselves these things after experiencing the holy spirit, and there is no further excuse – the fault is your own.

But there is still hope.  There is endless times.  Eventually, I will call you my ‘brother’….

Just some things to consider – before you blindly lead and send so many of us diving off that cliff…

End of story – end of discussion.  Good day!

Why backing the dollar with gold will have little effect…

Why do I say this?  You have to realize something – something I long ago blogged about in my other blog,

In it, I simply state that while Marx argued self-managed and participatory or employee-controlled economies are to be viewed as a transition to his endpoint communism – he is wrong.  The reason is simple.  His transitionary systems involved what is called a ‘voucher’.  A voucher is simply a form of trade that is different from money: instead of people being paid by corporations, and corporations controlling money, with a voucher – a voucher authority allocates these vouchers directly to each individual.  The company and the government stays out of it.  Recessions and depressions are therefore impossible, greed is impossible, there is not huge gap in wages or earnings, corporations do not own power, and leaders do not control power in these systems.

But what I did was a little less extraordinary: I stated ‘money is also an illusion – just like a voucher.’  What does that mean? I put it simply, if you can grasp this simple idea (the reason this will be so hard for you to grasp is because you are used to thinking of money in certain boundaries):

Money is a form of trade.  It’s value is based on an individual, community, and other communities’ perceptions of its value.  Therefore, it is not something real – it is perceived to be real, finite, and have some value.  That means something simple: what is a voucher?  It is an imaginary method of trade, just working differently than money does.

What if I said that money can be made to operate the same way as a voucher, only it is a more precise method of trading?  That is exactly what I showed in that economics-only blog.  In fact, this means that instead of self-managed, employee-controlled, or otherwise decentralized, people controlling all power in a nation – these systems are no longer necessarily ‘transition economies.’  They are, in fact, the best of socialism, and can be permanent economies of scale.  This is proven by recent developments in ’21st century socialism’, in developing nations, as well as things done in the past and ongoing in European nations.  Indeed, these forms of society work the best and can easily be implemented – even with doing it in a bad way…

So if money is imaginary – what if we back it with something real – like gold?  Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

Well, today – No.  That would be an incredibly bad idea.  Here’s why:

When the value of a currency begins do decline, the value of precious metals drastically increases.  Why?  Because people trade precious metals just like currency.  Their value is a perception, changes rapidly from time to time, and is vividly variable – just like a currency is.  Therefore – you guessed it – because precious metals are a perceived value (remember the old barter days?) – it is an imaginary thing to represent the trade for something else.  It’s just that people generally value metals more than they do paper (both can be broken down, but at least gold can’t literally be burned into nothing).

So if gold doesn’t help – what do we do?  It’s simple: when the dollar stops becoming the international trade standard, it’s time to pare down national debt.  At that time, it will matter little if we back our currency with gold – even with the fact that there is not enough gold now to do so.  We have to stop quantative easing (QE by the Fed), it doesn’t work – just like austerity measures don’t work.  We have to win this battle through smart policy – and growth – meaning the government needs to not be idiots and rather walk a tight high-wire.  There’s not too much room to be bold here.  We rather have to be careful – and the best way to do that is to learn from other societies – both in the past, present – and then look to the future.

Good luck, mortals!  Bwahahaha!!!  (greed, power grabs, lust, these things only lead to self-destruction.  Evil can only lead to self-destruction.  That should be plainly obvious to you all now.  If it isn’t, read the bible and try to figure it out).

And like they say – the rest is up to you!

What’s happening in healthcare? Where are all the mental patients going? What does that mean?

Recently, after the Sandy Hook shooting, I started seeing a sudden and gradual decline in the number of mentally ill patients I was attending to.  Where were they all going, I asked?  Had they lost interest?  Did they move somewhere else?  Was this just a bad office?  Why are all the psychiatrists getting into different positions, dumping their patients?

These weren’t that troubling at the time, until I read today’s news from CNN:

San Francisco on Wednesday threatened to sue Nevada over the practice of “patient dumping,” in which the state allegedly sent hundreds of indigent mentally ill patients on one-way trips to California.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper first reported on the practice in March when it told the story of former Rawson-Neal patient James Flavy Coy Brown, 48, who was sent on a 15-hour bus ride to Sacramento despite knowing no one in the area, never having visited, and having no arrangements for his care, housing, or medical treatment.

Rawson-Neal put Brown in a taxi to the Greyhound bus station with a one-way ticket, snacks, and a three-day supply of medication to treat his schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, the paper reported.

Brown said he was told to call 911 when he arrived. He was “completely confused” with no idea why he was sent to Sacramento, a social services worker told the Bee. Brown disappeared in Sacramento, according to the newspaper, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

In April, after reports that Rawson-Neal bused more than 1,500 psychiatric patients to locations across the United States, Herrera’s office launched an investigation to find out whether any of the 31 Greyhound bus tickets the hospital bought for trips to San Francisco were for improperly discharged patients, a statement from the city attorney said.

The standard practice in this field is, if a patient is having troubles mentally or physically through their medications – say their meds stop working or they are having severe side effects or drug interactions – all of which are common reasons – the patient is to go to the hospital to get it straightened out fast – because it requires urgent attention.  They get on different medications, and are good, if those medications do not cause them side effects, for another few years.  Until those medications stop working.  Then repeat.  You see – if their conditions were just getting worse, it would be useless to put them on some other medication – it’s not like they try people on the worst meds first and progressively up the ante.  It’s usually the opposite – they put you on the most often prescribed meds for your condition first, then you try out all the rest until you can no longer be treated – at that point, you go through head-zappings – where they use ESTs to zap your brain to submission – causing you to lose your memories and such.  That’s usually the point in time when suicide happens.

Fast forward to Sandy Hook – remember all the doctors and go-go officials saying we are going to give more access to care for the mentally ill?

Fast-forward to now – do you see how we are caring for the mentally ill?  Where have my patients been going?  Why, they have been getting shipped somewhere else – maybe to the state hospital, or to some other state, where they simply ‘vanish into thin air’ like the Brown guy in the article above.

In other words, this is the future of health care, at least for the mentally ill.  You go to the hospital.  Instead of treating you, they give you a fanny-pack and a pill pez-dispenser and tell you to call 9-11 at your final destination.  So you call 9-11.  Years later, still nobody knows where you are…

If people are going to kill people because the general public drove those people to insanity – who really has a mental problem?  I mean, I know the minds of these people broke down, usually by some life trauma along with overstressing of an enzyme in the brain linked to stress…

But I mean, it took some really crazy assholes to drive these people to insanity in the first place.  It’s just like the school shootings we used to have – like Columbine.  ‘Well, they were always picked on – we never thought they would shoot people’.  Fucking duh – you damn retards…

So you caused someone to go crazy – believe me, I’ve witnessed teachers being driven mad by their students’ spit-wads in my lifetime.  That wasn’t genetics alone.  Sorry, researchers for pointing that out.  It may be in our genes, but almost everyone has these genes – it just takes something to switch that lever…

Now given, we are almost in a boom-age in understanding this stuff.  It’s profound that a chemical in cannabis has so much theraputic affects, and also treats schizophrenia just as good as the rest of the medications – without side-effects.  We’re also just brushing the surface on actually understanding what chemically and genetically is going on with these people.  We are starting to understand that the reason medications stop working is because the brain adjusts to them chemically – and are working on ways to stop that from happening..

What I’m getting at is simple – if we were to continue treatment of these terrible, life-changing diseases that affect at least 10% of the population at some point in their lives – we can get to the point where we can find ways to permanently treat them.  We are also on the brink of reversing, genetically, the cycle of passing these diseases on to their children.  We are also working on ways to prevent people from getting such illnesses.

What I’m saying is – we are getting so close to ending this problem.  Now do you see why I have issue when I’m seeing patients just ‘disappear’?  They don’t deserve that.  Most of these patients did what they were supposed to do and what was expected of them their whole lives.  Only a tiny fraction of them, much like the general population, ever even commit a crime at all…

Yet we, as a nation, have had enough.  Now I will say this – when it’s projected that the average family income will all have to go to healthcare insurance premiums alone – meaning if you make 45,000/yr you will have to spend 45,000/yr just for insurance – by 2030…  how do you think your regular doctors, given that we are treating mental patients like this, will treat you when they know you can’t pay them?  Will they be willing to take 10,000 dollars when they are demanding from you 1,000,000? 

I think that’s a lesson to be learned here.  If the growth in cost vs. income stagnation continues, by all means we will not be able to afford health care by at most 2025-2030.  When that happens, say good-bye to everyone reliant on medicine, or who needs medicine because they get sick with the flu, or some other virus, or get food poisoning, or get in a car wreck, or anything you would normally have to go to a hospital or doctor for…

I see what is going on as a precursor to what is coming next.  Healthcare is going out of business.  We’ve already seen everything democrats are willing to do.  It doesn’t do anything to control costs, and costs are actually projected to rise faster than if we did nothing.

I also see the republican ‘solution’ – ‘privitize social security, cut funding to medicare, ration out medical care through vouchers’.  What will that do?  Why that will mean – if you can’t afford to pay for health insurance yourself, and you need medicine for a year, you may receive medicine for a few days at a time, and are forced to wait a month in-between those times.

Mental health?  Forget it!  Cancer treatment?  Nope!  Pharma?  Can’t afford it!  Hospitals’ surgery or treatment?  Can’t hope to afford it!  Doctors visits for things that don’t require a hospital?  They’re all out of business!

In other words, this is definitely a pre-cursor to what we will do – which is kill off anyone reliant on any healthcare, at any point in their lives.  Get used to it – this is a real thing that is both going on now and will spread elsewhere later – when it affects your family or yourself, I hope you finally give a fuck…

(In other posts, I gave you answers to these problems – it means and requires switching to socialist societies – not communism, not markets, but planned or self-managed ones.  When you didn’t read it or listen, I noticed.  People didn’t have to die.  People didn’t have to be killed off by the police, the doctor, the surgeon, the psychiatrist, or the power-hungry governerment go-gos or the greedy rich.  There was an answer – there were other roads we could take.  Yet the US cattle-men, always saying ‘it’s out of my control’, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong, so I have nothing to worry about’, and ‘I can’t do anything about it’ – it was you that led to all of our suffering and deaths.  Fuck it all..   I hope the US becomes a third world country once the economy has another recession.  When we all had answers that didn’t include human sacrifices, you all sure seemed to be ok with just killing people for the ‘greater good’.  Don’t worry – I won’t have to live in your world.  You’re going to like the future you end up with – you deserve it [just like your drone-citizen-striking president said to you])